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loaned By 

•Donated WfjbAO.* 

QcU Received L£j^JT-~ &&_ 

Ijetfirn To teor 



8*B a E 

If s all about You! 


What would Oakwood College be without its students? What would dorms be if there 
were no residents? What purpose would classrooms serve if there were no students? 

The Oakwood Legacy was first introduced to fewer than twenty-four students and four 
teachers in 1896. The baton has been carried through decades and is currently being 
ushered into the twenty-first century. The Oakwood vision has spread throughout the 
world into every field embracing the development of each and every one of our God- 
given faculties. This everlasting song of education has been wonderfully orchestrated by 
our great and almighty God. Our God has mercifully used people like you and me as 
instruments. He was thinking about you and your future when He divinely touched this 
land. He was thinking about you and your future when He upgraded this institution 
from a junior college to the institution it is today. 

God was thinking about you when He blessed this yearbook staff with means and 
resources. This yearbook was constructed by the students for the student. These pictorial 
memoirs depict our days and nights. This yearbook is dedicated to you, the true essence 
of Oakwood College... the student body. 




Page 7 


In loving memory of Cedric Osborne 
April 3, 1977 to January 21, 1998 

Cedric Osborne, 20, 
died in his sleep on 
Wednesday, January 
21, 1998. He his survived 
by his mother, Sharon 
Robinson, his father, Julian 
Osborne, and two younger 
brothers, Brandon and 

Cedric, or Ced as he 
was known by his 
friends, was a music 
major at Oakwood College. 
He is remembered as being 
a fun-loving guy, who 
always had a kind word and 
always wore a smile. 

Ced, this is for you. . . 

Cedric was a wonderful person to 
be around. I grew up with him 
in grade school, I also went to school 
with him throughout high school and 
of course college. The one thing that 
will stick in my mind is that he always 
made me laugh. He was pleasant 
person to be around and I always felt 
better about myself. He cheered me 
up all the time and I'm going to really 
miss him. 

— Mia McKenzie 

Cedric, he was good friend to me, 
a close pal, someone you could 
talk to. He always had a smile on his 
face and he was a ladies man. I just 
wanted to say rest in peace Cedric, 
I'm going to miss you. 
— Robin Callis 

He was my cousin. He was just a 
good person, a nice young man, 
helpful. He had a real love for music. 
He was a good friend, just very laid 
back, calm person never caused any 
trouble. He was just a good person 
to be around. 

— James Lewis 

Cedric was a friend among 
friends;he was a great guy. lam 
going to miss him a lot, but I know 
when the time comes he' 11 be up there 
in heaven. 

— Bryant Goodine 

Cedric was cool dude. Anybody 
that knew him, it wasn't like they 
could say they that whenever Cedric 
came around, that when I would leave 
or he would leave, I would always 
have a smile because he was always 
funny, a joker. That is just the way 
he was. At choir rehearsal he was 
always getting in trouble because he 
was always making people laugh. 
That is just the one the thing that I 
remember the most about him; he 
made me smile, he made my day a 
lot better. 

— Kristen Seard 

The one thing that I remember 
themost about Cedric is that he 
never cared what people thought 
about him-he was just who he was. 
For graduation he and I marched 
together, and before we went out he 
said, Mandisa, we can't go out like 
that-we have to do something 
different- we have to walk from side 
to side like we're just having the best 
time of our lives.' I said no, our 
parents were watching, but we did it 
almost the whole way down the aisle. 
It was so fun. That's onething I'll 
always remember about him, he was 
who we was. 

— Mandisa Newman 

I just wanted to say that I miss 
you Ced, and I am going to do all 
that I can to keep your memory going. 
— Darryl Hampton 

Cedric was an individual. He 
always kept it real. He'd never 
lie, he'd just be honest, no matter what 
the consequences. He was a funny 
person, he was always ready to laugh, 
but he didn't really like to make fun 
of people. He'd always say, Go head, 
go head,' 
(meaning to 
stop) when 
making fun 
of somebody. 
He was good 

— Phillip 

^ prxiul 

"Jesus said unto her, 1 am 


*=> the resurection, and the 

life: he that believeth in me, 

through he were dead, yet 


shall he live. . ." 


John 11:25 KJV 



February 26, 1998 

In JLovimg iViemory ol Rolamd ^icLauirin 

July 20, 1977 - Feb 

7, 1 

Roland "Cornbrcad" McLaurin's death 
came as a shock to many students on this 
campus. The nature of his death was a tragic 
reminder of how fragile life is. Roland's family 
and friends choose to remember him as a caring 
and considerate person. 

Roland was a sweet friend who put you 
before himself. He did not show his emotions, 
but he was sensitive person. A friend of his 
broke her finger and had to go to the hospital. 
He called all the way from New Orleans to sec 
how she was doing. He was always caring and 
willing to help someone. 

-Nadia Joseph 

Roland was a very caring, thoughtful, and 
considerate person. I could always come with 
to him with my problems. He gave excellent 
advice. I got to sec a soft side that no one ever 
saw. He was "real." 

-Mia McKenzie 

He was willing to do anything for his 
friends and give anything he had. He had a 
good sense of humor, was outgoing, friendly, 
and softhearted. People looked at the outside, 
but if you got to know him, he was a different 

-Lisa Thorn 

He was the first person I met when I got down here. He 
attempted to show me the ropes of college life before I actually 
started as a freshman. 

-Urvia McDowell 

A Message From the President 

Warm memories, lasting friendships, professional training, spiri- 
tual encounters — these are some of the elements in the Oakwood 
experience. Another year, another graduating class will now go 
down in history. 

As I reflect on the year, I offer you, the Oakwood Man and the 
Oakwood Woman, the following points to remember: 

• Remember to be a lifelong learner. Whatever the challenge, 
problem, or encounter, learn from it. Pull from it lessons for life. 

• Remember to do your best, your balanced best, in whatever you 
put your hands to do. Many people do a job: fewer people do the 
job well or excel at it. That's your challenge to go the extra mile; 
put for the extra effort. 

• Remember that this life is only preparation for the life to come — 
heaven. Therefore, make your life decision in light of eternity, not 
the convenience of the moment. 

• Finally, know God loves you; the world needs you, and 
Oakwood counts on you to serve others whenever and wherever 
you can. 

Continued blessings and success to you. 

Delbert W. Baker, Ph. D. 

Dr. Delbert W. Baker 
President of Oakwood College 


•r **g- 


Debliaire Snell 
United Student Movement Vice-President 



Jason Hawkins 
United Student Movement Spreading Oak Editor 


I want to start out by saying thank you. Thank you to all those people that 
helped me out this year. We all know the "struggles" that went on. I would like to 
thank Karen Brown for always being there. I would like to thank Cynthia Gorden 
for your constant support. Thank you for asking people to come and help me com- 
plete the book. To all those who came and volunteered: Joy Brown, Charise 
Mitchell, Asale Harris, Teayanne Tinsley, Stephen Wright, Craig Wright, Joel 
LaGuierre, Monica Phillips, Daniel Brooks, Elticia Buisson, Akuna Iheanacho, 
Camille Warren and Vinson D. Jones. 

I would also like to thank my photographers Shawn Wray, Bennett Wooley, 
Phillip Mclver. I'm sorry if I left anyone out. You are all appreciated. This year has 
been a rough one, but trials only come to make you stronger. Remember to always 
keep Him first. 


Belina Buisson, Acorn Editor 1997-98 

Belina Buisson 
Acorn Yearbook Editor 





1" &J 



# 1 '/» J: 11111 


liil& fV[ 

'J' If 


* ... 1 

If*.*:/ ' ".Xs'* ■- '■■' <#*'" <*1 :: '■ 


1 dfejg JJF^K 

J 1 1 

■ifl I, ik 


pi I 

Li fwctf 

H * 
BE*** 5 

HI i ' 

B fl V fl 

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H §p jo 

1 1 pi ^«| 


^^V** ^ % 

—^ 1. ^ 

\ ■■ s ■-,. 



ft ^■bhhs 













A Quick Look! 

The Task Force Crew. Where's Chuck? 


Smile! God loves you 
and so do we! 

V ^m 


'"". i 





jRpv JBw 



i 11M 

WM •■ ,, : U\ 

P ■ . 

[ ■"■- 9| 











■■ ■■■■ A % 




Around Campus 


Fun Pics 


about You! 



USM Sabbath Dinner 

1997-98 USM Executive Cabinet 

1997-98 USM Senate 


Top Left: Nicole Fryson is asking if anyone 
knows what's on the menu. 

Top Right: I am hungry! 

2nd Left: Jason Hawkins is expressing how he 
feels about dinner. 

3rd Left: Camille doesn't think the pose is 

Bottom Left: Silence while we eat! 

Bottom Right: What is Camille Talking about? 


Take that, and that! You will never defeat 
me! Ha ha ha! 




Oakwood College's night at the Carnival! 

Knock her out! Go for the body! 

Whoa! Bottoms up! Who is that anyway? 

I am the champion! 


OakwoocTs Talent Showcase 

A Parade of Oakwood College Talent 

Wow! They won the grand Prize 

Looks like back stage preparation to me! I think these ladies are enjoying this show- 
case a little too much! 


Oakwood College 


The Miss Oakwood College Pageant 

"It's All in Me" 

November 16, 1997 
Von Braun Center Concert Hall 

7:00 P.M 



f It * 

'■/.',.•- .. 'MM ft' • 

On November 16, 1997, seven of Oakwoods finest took center 
stage at the Von Braun Civic Center Concert Hall for the fifth 

annual Miss Oakwood College Pageant. The theme for the 

1998 Pageant was, "It's All in Me." Excitement flowed through 

the audience as each contestant made her first appearance 

while dressed in pajamas. The contestants were Heather 

Lowe, Maquisha Ford, Virginiah Douglas, Stacia Dulan, 

Monique Fields, Sobrina Thomas and Jessica Wagner. The 

talent segment included several dramatic monologues, a 

piano solo and a vocal performance. Each contestant looked 

stunning in their evening attire, and it was apparent that the 

judges would have to make a difficult decision. But in the end, 

Miss Jessica Wagner was crowned Miss Oakwood College 


Uirginiah OCferi (Doug/as 

is a 21 -year-old senior Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. She is a native of Nairobi, Kenya! 
and intends to go to medical school. 

S/ac/a 3inne£ iDuJan 

is a 20-year old junior communications Spanish major from Riverside, California. She aspires to 
become a bilingual entertainment television broadcaster and host and produce creative, positive 
television programs for youth that focus on cultivating good ideals and morals. 

jlConiyue Soli t a IJields 

is a 21 -year-old senior Social Work major from Stone Mountain, Georgia. She plans to travel to 
South America after graduation and offer help to those in need. She intends to further her studies 
by obtaining a Masters in Addictive Behaviors and Family and Child Therapy. 

is a 20-year-old senior comminications major from Phoenix, Arizona, she plans on opening her 
own business, Holistic Heath Center for Youth, which would encourage young poeple to take the 
holistic approach to living. 


jffeainer jBowe 

is a junior Accounting major and Music minor, from Hyattsville, Maryland. Her future goals 
include obtaining her master's degree in Finance and Accounting. She also wishes to become a 
Certified Public Accountant. 

'■ ■ ■ . ", VV: ■■■::!■: ::■■■■>■■■ "''' ■-."' ' '■ -.-'K-'- ■ ■ - ■■■V-:''- 




""K i 

\ L 





is a 20-year-old junior Biology major from Columbus, Ohio. Her lifelong aspiration is to open a 
dental practice and clinic and teach at a college of dentistry. 




is a sophomore English major. She is the president of the sophomore class and memeber of Phi 
Eta Sigma National Honor society. Her future goals and dreams include becoming a lawyer and 
continuing her presence in the entertainment business. As Miss Oak wood, she hopes to encour- 
age other young women to strive for excellence in academics and personal development. 

Miss Oakwood 1998: Jessica Wagner 
1st Runner-up: Monique Fields 
2nd Runner-up: Sobrina Thomas 




South Eastern Conference 

These are just some of the students that came to visit for college days. These students are iron 
Miami Union Academy in Florida. 

Lunch is served 




Food a little too spicy, 

k ' 

■ • Wf ~ 

"W dSP*. 




Bk ^B,.* 


■:%?. >:■'■:. 

Ik ' f!f- 

We're smiling because we're leaving! 

Dinner for two... Caribbean style! 


Food Fest 

Dressed just right to show culture and 
school spirit! 

Marixa brings her West Indian and Cana- 
dian spirit to the festivities. 

Forget about 
dressing up! 
These gals would 
rather taste the 






The banquet was truly a night of elegance. Our USM Social Vice President, Vincent Smith, and Student Activities Director, Theresa 
Allen, turned the Von Braun into "An Evening in Paradise." Oakwood College has a large array of talent! We heard Bemi Ukuedojor's 
sultry rendition of "Killing Me Softly." An ensemble group also performed. Aliethia Evans and Russell Puree sang a beautiful rendition 
jf "Unforgetable." The featured artists of the night were Jonathan Slocomb and Lisa Page. Jonathan Slocomb had the crowd in an 
uproar with his comic routine. Lisa Page brought the house down with her gospel stylings. 




W_ '^w. 

j^Ht- ]*H 



^fW ^ 



sdfii * 


m / 

i J \ 

f J 

1 / 


*" ! |* 1} /? 






• • 

■ "5B 

'"Wade in the 

The group Accapella perfomed for 
the Oakwood College student body. 
They sang most of their well known 
songs such as, 


"I want 
Jesus to 
walk with 



ittfli 9 

i I 


.* n^m 

"So Excited! 






Phenomenal Men 

Don't you just 
love Oakwood 



What Vinnie won't do to be purchased 

She knows exactly what she wants! 

Look! There's our yearbook editor! 


These ladies really like this guy! 

Sometimes you forget 
how much impact you 
have on the lives of 
those around you. 

Sometimes you 
wonder if you are 
still respected. 

Once in a while 
you wish some- 
one would tell 
you that you're 

Christopher Bailey III, just in case you were experiencing any 

doubt, we would like to cordially inform you that you are 

appreciated, respected and loved. 


Autographs 1998 



% >». ■ , V: ; : 

Autographs 1 998 

If s all abourttgi 

the Graduates! 

Abner, Nyre'e 
Adams, Dwayne 
Albury, Londell 

Alexander, Gamal 
Allen, Latanya 
Ambrose, Kim 


■ . i 

Anderson, Daryl 
Andrews, Sebastionne 
Arceneaux, Dana 

Archbold, Greta 
Arthurs, Barrington 
Augustine, Lysa 

Awoniyi, Adrienne 
Bailey, Stephanie 
Bandy, Lester 

Banks, Karmala 
Bartholomew, David 
Bartley, Shushana 

Batin, Jasmine 
Beris, Ulysses 
Black, Carla 

Blevins, Christopher 
Bond, Jeanna 
Brise', Ronald 


Britton, Tawanna 
Brown, Deborah 
Brown, Ester 

Brown, Sandra 
Brutus, Arly 
Burton, Roberto 

Byars, Carmen 
Caldwell, David 
Campbell, Sharon 

Carguill, Reyna 
Chunn, David 
Collins, Verdella 

Crawford, Kristen 
Crossfield, Marva 
Cush, Lisa Ann 

Daniel, Marlene 
Danielson, Kisha 
Darby, Kelly 

Davis, Gianna 
Dent, Franklin 
Deveaux, Anthone 

Deveaux, Plyllece 
Diggs, Shalondra 
Douglas, Carolyn 

Douglas, Virginiah 
Doyling, Steven 
Dwyer, Owen 

Esters, Tecelia 
Fagan, Levira 
Felix, Ronald 

Fields, Jeanette 
Florence, Marie 
Florence, Phillip 

Floyd, William 
Fontil, Magda 
Ford, Maquisha 

Francis, Analisa 
Freeman, RaShaye 
French, Devin 

Fulford, Chitina 
Fuller, Steven 
Kabongo, Veronica 

Garnett, Trisan 
Gaskins, Benjamin 
Gatson, Kenya 

Gibson, Danielle 
Gohanns, Vern 
Golson, Deirdre 




■Lj^ '**>■ V 



--^ m ~^ m 

h .»■ - ■rat 

Gonzales, April 
Gosling, Keicha 
Green, Carmalita 

Green, Jeremiah 
Gregory, Samala 
Griffin, Reuben 

Griggs, Mario 
Griffon, Carol 
Guerrier, Rachelle 

Hamilton, Kimberly 
Hamilton, Movita 
Harris, Angela 


Harris, Christopher 
Hector, Bonita 
Hector, Chemeka 

Henderson, Ceimone 
Hendrickson, Brianna 
Henriques, Trecia 

Henry, Sandhya 
Herbert, Kenya 
Hoilet, Leesha 

Holder, Sheldon 
Hollingsworth, Johanna 
Honore, Richardson 


Howell, Donita 
Hughes, Keisha 
Hughes, Lori 

Humphrey, Bianca 
Hutton, Gianna 
Iheanacho, Chioma 

■ \ 

*■*& it%t^ 


H m 

Isaac, Thelma 
Jackson, Aldwin 
Jackson, Jeneane 

Jackson, Junius Jr. 
Jake, Charles 
James, Tiffani 


Jean, Wilking 
Jefferson, Tara 
John, Valescia 

Johnson, Candace 
Jones, Russell 
Joseph, Siam 

Joyner, Phyllis 
Kendrick, Ralph 
King, Kurt 

Kinlock, Trevor 
Lafrance, Hans 
Lee, George 


Lindo, Donald 
Lindo, Fiona 
Logan, Shannon 

Louissaint, Abiguel 
Lubega,, David 
Mahoney, La Verne 

Manuel, Christopher 
Martin, Jennifer 
McAllister, Rochelle 

McCalla, Lauren 
McCarthy, Daniella 
McKinney, James 


McMeans, Ja'niza 
Merkson, Jennifer 
Milfort, Michael 

Mills, John 

Mompremier, Phillips 
Monroe, Peggy 

Monroe, Dennis 
Moore, Troy 
Murphy, Jerry, Jr. 

Nerelus, Simeon 
Newton, David 
Ngwenya, Sharon 


Nixon, Danelle 
Norris, Kyra 
Parchment, Dion 

Parris, Khalid 
Pascall, Ardis 
Patterson, Jennifer 

Patterson, Preston 
Peghee, Donald, Jr. 
Perkins, LaKeisha 

Pouchie, Ruth 
Powell, Elizabeth 
Price, Curtonia 

Rahming, Kiah 
Ramon, Dacia 
Ramon, Jeneen 

Rampersaud, Seeta 
Reid, Annie 
Robinson, Emoni 

Rodriguez, Aaron 
Rolle, Helen 
Royes, Alex 

Runcie, Marissa 
Russell, Alicia 
Sackie, Kemah 


Sanderson, Kayla 
Scott, Jewel 
Sete, Mike 

Slayton, Orazie 
Smith, Shawn 
Smith, Vincent, Jr. 

Spears, Shannon 
Sprott, Michelle 
St. Leger, Regine 

Storey, Cindy-Ann 
Strachan, Elizabeth 
Strong, Lathan 

Swan, James 
Sylvain, Martine 
Taylor, Shanique 

Taylor, Warren 
Thomas, Elizabeth 
Thomas, Harold, HI 

Thompson, Jeffery 
Timpson, James 
Tramel, Travis 

Treasure, Susan 
Vallon, Dieu Donne 
Vanterpool, Conwin 

Wade, Roger 
Weegar, Rondolphus 
Wideman, Lajuan 

Williams, Daniel, Jr. 
Williams, Precious 
Williamson, Nicole 

Wilson, Fran 
Wilson, Rose 
Winbush, Sharifa 

Wood, Shiann 
Wout, Daryl 
Wright, Bertram 


Yates, Thomas 
Young, Andrew 
Young, Tamara 

A Message 
from the Senior Class President 

Shawn Smith 

We, the graduating class of 1998, have truly experienced the sentiments ex- 
pressed by the great apostle Paul. We have been troubled on every side by the 
criticisms of friends and family, yet not distressed; we have been perplexed by 
tests, quizzes and final exams, but not in despair; persecuted with financial 
burdens and responsibilities, but not forsaken; cast down by dismal grades, but 
not destroyed. 

As a class, we have been to the mountain top and have also tarried in the depths 
of the ocean. However, as we now stand on the brink of the 21 st century and look 
beyond into the coming era, we bring with us the skills, the acumen, and the 
integrity that Oakwood College has bestowed upon us. Our class has certainly 
entered to learn, so that we may depart to serve. We look to a new century and face 
its challenges knowing that our alma mater has prepared us well. We have no 
fear of the future because we have seen how God has lead us in the past. As we 
leave this place, with heart and eyes of tears, we know that the almighty God is 
by our side to help us face the complexities of tomorrow. 

Through it all, God has brought us, with patience and perseverance, to complete 
this milestone in our lives. Now, like the apostle we can boldly say, "I have 
fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 

It's all about You! 

the LEAP Graduates 

Oakwood's Leadership Education for the Adult Professional program offers many 
advantages to professionals seeking to complete a degree or enhance their skills. 
This 18 month program provides: 

• Educational partnerships with career choices 

• Expanded learning options 

• Networking opportunities with other adults 

• Sharper interpersonal skills 

• Stronger business skills 

• Immediate use of material learned 

• The personal satisfaction of achieving a planned goal 

• Increased confidence 

• A convenient road to accredited B.S. degree 

Oakwood College is very proud of the LEAP program and the many professionals, 
even current employees, who value a good education. 

And now, presenting the 1998 graduates of the LEAP program! 


Akins-Eldridge, Vanessa 
Alexander, Ronald 
Applewhite, Willie, Jr. 

Anderson, Tawanna 
Bonds, Brenda 
Briggins, Doris 

Chester, Evelyn 
Crump, Edwin 
Davis, Tim 

Embry, Ethelyn 
Greene, William 
Henderson, Pam 


Henry, Kenneth 
Lee, Louis 
Mapumlo, Jubulani 

Milton, Carolyn 
Moore, Carolyn 
Paris, Marlon 

Ross, Gary 
Ruff, Titus 
Sanders, O'Neil 

Seltzer, Tracy 
Stewart, Fannie 
Walker, Paula 


Wallace, Clinton 
Yates, Denise 

■ . ■ ■ . 



Wm Zs^w 


■ m 

wf^faS* 1 *^ ■*&£$&. 









Alexander, Everett 
Anderson, Regina 
Armstrong, Kimberly 
Brawner, Dreidra 

Bowie, Charles 
Brown, Terrell 
Caleb, Jonice 
Charles, Lyn 

Cook, Aleshia 
Dalrymple, Jeffrey 
Dames, Barrington 
Debolote, Kathy 

Debrough, Melody 
Dudley, Albert III 
Ellis, Nicole 
Evans, Aliethia 

Fields, Monique 
Forde, Eva 
Harrison, Terrence 
Hayes, Michael 

Howard, Raymond 
Howard, Renique 
Humes, Harwood 
James, Barbara 


John Gary 

Johnson Jaquetta 

Jordan Sonya 

Knox James 

Lewis Kyra 

Lindsey Keith 

Mason Keita 

McCalla Lauren 

Nixon Danelle 

Palmer Luther III 

Parham Nicole 

Perry Lawrence 

Rolle Helen 

Samuels Saran 

Sanders Chita 

Sheppard Shana-Lee 

Simpson Lonnie 

Tanoh Isaac 

Taylor Rashid 

Ukuedajor Orishemugbemi 

Wade Roger 

Williams Audley 

Wilson James 

Wood Trishonda 


Wooley Bennette 
Wray Shawn 


Graduate's Name 

S: Subject (Major/Minor) 

E: Extracurricular Activities 

N: Nickname 

I: Interest/Hobbies 

O: Occupation 

R: Remembered Moments 

Nyree Dawn Abner 

S: Biology 
E: Science Club 
N: Nyree 
I: Racquetball 

R: Snowball fight - W93, OC Bus breaking down in Dublin, VA; spending 
all day in McDonald's 

Londell Albury 

S: Organizational Management 

E: NCAA Basketball Ref / SEC Umpire 


I: Surfing the net, working around the yard 

O: Route Salesman / Business Development Coordinator 

R: The day I moved off-campus. 

Ronald L. Alexander 

S: Organization Management 

E: NCAA Basketball Ref / SEC Umpire 


I: Surfing the net, working around the yard 

O: Route Salesman / Business Development Coordinator 

R: First night of class, feeling it would take too long... 

Sebastionne S. M. Andrews 

S: Biology 

E: Science Club 

N: Andy 

I: Travel, racquetball, research, weightlifting, and jogging 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: The last final of my senior year 

Adrienne Michelle Omotayo Awoniyi 

S: Communications / English 

E: Dynamic Praise, B.A.S.E., Drama Guild, Senior Social Coor. 
N: Adrienne 

I: Sports, Talking, Meeting People, and Singing 
O: Speech Pathologist 

R: Dynamic Praise rehearsals, going to Bermuda with D.P., snowfight 
freshman year. 

Stephanie L. Bailey 

S: Nursing 

E: Tau Lambda Nu 

N: Steff 

I: Shopping and Reading 

O: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 

R: Bahama trip with the Science Club 

Shushannah Marie Bartley 

S: Mathematics 

E: NSBE, Alpha Chi, Science Club, Orchestra 
N: Shush 

I: Logic Puzzles, Word searches, Building models 
O: College Professor 

R: Coming back to school after Christmas break, I felt like I was coming 
home rather than leaving home. 

Ronald Anthony Brise 

S: Biology Education / Biology 

E: USM, French Club, Epsilon Phi Delta, International Club, Orchestra, ' 


I: Reading, Business, Music, Basketball, Collectable automobiles 
O: Teacher 
R: B & B Drycleaners opening night (my company) 

Tawanna Lenore Britton 

S: Nursing 

E: L.E.T.C, Just Kids, Alpha Chi, Tau Lambda Nu 

N: Tawanee 

I: Piano, Colporteuring, and Horseback riding 

O: Medical Missionary 

R: Canvassing across the States, and clinicals 

Damon Kristopher Anthony 

S: Physical Therapy 

E: Intramurals 

N: DayReeze 

I: Video games, all sports, reading 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: When I first saw Oakwood's campus 

Sandra A. Brown 

S: Social Work 

E: Social Work Club, Alpha Chi 

N: Sandy 

I: Meeting new people 

O: Social Worker / Counselor 

R: My first semester at Oakwood 

Dana Nichole Arceneax 

S: Physical Therapy 

E: Positive Images, AYS Committee, Deliverance, Science Club, Allied 

Health Club, USM Music Committee, Praise Team 
N: Dana Dane 

I: Singing, Gospel music, Crochet, Travel, Talking 
O: Physical Therapist 
R: London, England 

Greta L. Archbold 

S: Communications / Nutrition 

E: Sapphires, Communications Club, Dynamic Praise 


I: Singing, Anything to do with my field of study 

O: Radio Announcer for WEUP, Trafficking for WOCG 

R: 2/26/94, 3/30/97, and the day I came to Oakwood. 

David J. Caldwell, III 

S: Computer Information Science 

E: RAW DOG, Literary Links, Computer Club, Pre-Law Club, SIFE, 

Aeolians, Positive Images 
N: Dickey 

I: Writing, Music, Singing, Reading, Comedy, Acting, Cars 
O: Entrepreneur (International Litigation) 
R: Arguments in the cafeteria 

Sharon G. Campbell 

S: Business Management 

E: WSB, Business Club, NABA 

N: Sharon 

I: Reading, Travel, Martial Arts, Aerobics, and Writing 

O: Management Consultant 

R: The happiness I feel after my last final exam is done. 

[arva Sheryl Crossfield 


Sweethearts, Choir, Canadian Club, Dietic Club, "5 Star Travel" 

Song writing, Arranging, Poetry, Sewing, African Art 
: Dietician 

Long Drive (Canada-Alabama), registration, prayer & fasting - I'm cleared!, 

classes, finals, Sabbath, Sisterhood, falling in love- Byron Green, meeting God. 

sa Ann J. Cush 

Social Work 

Social Work Club 
: Sweetness 

Photography, Reggae music, Reading, Movie, Snorkeling 
: Entrepreneur - Adult Day Care Center 

Graduation, Freshman year, Skating Rink 

RaShaye Kendria Freeman 

S: Biology / Chemistry 

E: Science Club, Alpha Chi, Biochemistry Club, Haiti Mission 

N: Shaye 

I: Reading, Poetry, Running, Hiking, Sewing, Tutoring 

O: Pediatrician 

R: Hiking at Monte Sano with O.C. Dare 

Devon-DurShrun O. French 

S: Communications 

E: Music Recording 

N: "Spirit-Eye" 

I: Music, Writing, Singing, Travel, Rock collecting 

O: Radio Announcing 

R: Traveling with friends to N.Y., Aeolians, working at WOCG 

isha C. Danielson 

Mathematics / Computer Science Minor: English 

: Kisha Dee 

Writing poetry and short stories, playing basketball 
January 18, 1997 

Jason Allen Fudge 

S: Elementary Education 

E: Dynamic Praise 

N: Fudge 

I: Drawing, Computers, Basketball, Football, Video games 

O: Teacher 

R: When my future wife, Kenyatta Tidwell, agreed to marry me! 

lalondra Bernice Diggs 

Social Work 
Social Work Club 
: LaLa 

Skating, Swimming, Travel 
Administrator of an Adoption Agency 
Long-lasting friendships, peaceful moments, and class trips. 

even Doyling 

Elementary Education 
Oakwood Fitness Club 
: Stevie 

Meeting and making friends globally, Having wonderful friends as 
teachers, especially within the Education Department. 

:celia Esters 

Social Work 



Working out, Walking, Tennis, Fishing, Enjoying nature 

Nurse Technician 

Sweating blood and tears to get out of here. 

Racquel Fagan 

Biology / Chemistry 

DP, Science Club, VOT, USM 


Singing, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Laughing, Enjoying nature 


Rield experience, DP live recording, 126 Suite, Haiti Mission 

Chitina R. Fulford 

S: Elementary Education 

E: Intramurals, USM Athletic Vice, Rubies, Lady Ambassadors, Educa- 
tion Club 
N: Chi-Chi 

I: Sports, Shopping, Community service 
O: Teacher 
R: Lady Ambassadors basketball season - 1996-1997 school year. 

Steven Jermaine Fuller 

S: Commercial Art 

E: Acrostars, Ambassadors 

N: Big Country, Ste-bow 

I: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Playing piano, Drawing 

O: Advertising 

R: The whole Oakwood experience 

Trisan Mary Garnett 

S: English / History 

E: Rubies, WSI, Lifeguard, Spreading Oak, Yearbook 
N: Tri, Ole Bird, Super "B" 

I: Swimming, Reading, Writing, Velvet Underground, Tim, recycling 
O: Professor of Literature 

R: Walking the Parkway, Cali Crew (93-94), the Ruby/ Raw Dog family, 
meeting Tim, RGIS, night life, and my summer with Tim 

Benjamin G. Gaskin 

S: Computer Information Systems / Business Management 


N: Kool-Aid, B.G. 

I: Video games, Computing Golf, Basketball, Tennis 

O: Systems Consultant 

R: Ambassadors Basketball 

agda Fontil 

Biochemistry / Medical Technology 
French Club 

Sports, Running, Weightlifting, Reading 

Kenya Lashon Gatson 

S: English Education 

E: Education Club, Communications Club, Literary Links 
N: "mama," Kizzie 

I: Cooking, Vacations, Spending timewith my son, Justin 
O: Public Health Educator / HS English Teacher 

R: Erika Maddox & the Krispy Kreme donuts during Spring '91, ATL/DC 
girls night out of Carter Hall 

Danielle C. Gibson 

S: Biology 

E: Epsilon Phi Delta, Senior Class President 
N: Danie 

I: Travel, Reading, Swimming 
O: Physician OB/GYN 

R: Spending the best ten at home (Bahamas) with my friends. B.C. NY 

Deidre Michelle Golson 

S: Psychology 

E: Dynamic Praise, SOC, B.A.S.E. 


I: Singing, Writing, Poetry, Laughing 

O: Child Psychologist 

R: Meeting my best friend, Jesus Christ. 5/25/97 

Pamela G. Henderson 

S: Organizational Management 

E: Coordinatign inform tion Technology Conferences for Government i$ 

Industry, Secretary of the ADP Council of the Southeastern States 
N: Pamela 

I: Bowling, Skating, Reading, Cruising the Internet, Walking 
O: Computer Specialist 
R: Ms. McDonald giving me "additional classes" required for graduati i 

Briana R. Hendrickson 

S: Accounting 

E: Accounting Club, Aeolians, College Bowl, NAB A, NAFE 

N: Bri 

I: Reading, Shopping, Music, Racquetball, Cultural events 

O: Self-made millionaire 


April Candice Gonzales 

S: Biology / Chemistry 

E: Science Club, Community Service 

N: Candy 

I: Singing, reading, swimming, talking on the phone 

O: Physician 

R: Holy Spirit movement my freshman year 

Leesha Kerene Hoilette 

S: Biology / Chemistry 

E: Science Club, Alpha Chi, USM, NAPS 

N: Leesha 

I: Travel, Music, Reading, Racquetball 

O: Physician 

R: Haiti Mission Trip '97 

Jeremiah L. Green 

S: Theology / Pyschology 

E: Literature Evangelism 

N: Jer-Bear 

I: Nature walks, Playing pool, Swimming 

O: Pastoral Ministry 

R: My first banquet with the group "Witness" 

Samala Alyaia Gregory 

S: Social Work 

E: USM Senator, Gymnastics Team, Senate Amenuensis 

N: Sam 

I: Music, Reading, Traveling, Creative Writing 

O: Social Worker 

R: My freshman when I met my sweetheart, Durand Carrington 

Rachelle Guerrier 

S: Nursing 

E: Tau Lambda Nu, President Assistant, French Club, Aeolians 

N: Sugar "G" 

I: Counseling, Weightlifting, Singing, Hiking 

O: Family Nurse Practitioner 

R: O.C. survival course 94-95 

Lori Michelle Hughes 

S: Communications 

E: Communications Club, Sr. Class Public Relations Coordinator 
N: Lasha 

I: Reading, Writing, Short Stories, Bowling 
O: Television Producer 
R: When I ran for Sr. Class P.R., the whole class said, "We don't know 
you! Who are you?" but I won anyway! 

Bianca Alise Humphrey 

S: Biology / Chemistry 

N: Sweetheart 

I: Giving my all to a cause, Being myself with true friends, Introspectii 
O: No idea 

R: The field experience, the Haiti experience, the 12b suite experience, 
summer experience, the Oakwood experience 

Gianna Hutton 

S: Biology /Physical Theraphy 

E: Alpha Chi, Voices of Triumph, Epsilon Phi Delta 

N: Gianna 

I: Playing the piano, Ballet, Singing, Theatrical performances 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: Spring break - walking alone, the quiet beaches of the Bahamas 

Movita Claudia Hamilton 

S: Biololgy 

E: Dynamic Praise, Epsilon Phi Delta, Science Club, Sapphires 

N: Kareen 

I: Music, Shopping, Talking on the phone 

O: Doctor, Occupational Therapist 

R: My friendliness, my New York mentality 

Thelma Deloris Isaac 

S: Psychology 

E: Aeolians, Pre- Alumni Council, Alpha Chi 

N: Pookie 

I: Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Golf 


R: Touring with Aeolians to California, First day of school! 

Chekema M. Hector 

S: Biology 

E: Red Cross, Big Brother/Big Sister 

N: Kema 

I: Meeting people, Reading, Drawing 


R: Completing all my requirements 


Aldwin Jackson 

S: Physical Education 

E: Ambassadors 


R: Just being at Oakwood 

leane Monique Jackson 

Elementary Education 

USM Senator, Gymnastics, Education Club 

Little bit 

Photography, Sign Language 

Elementary Education Teacher 

Getting caught sneaking back into Carter Hall after curfew. 

Ralph Andie Kendrick 

S: Occupational Therapy / Psychology 

E: Brothers in Unity, Allied Health Club, Psychology Club, SIFE 

N: Dre, lil fat boy 

I: Women, music, ta Hos 

O: Entrepreneur 

R: When I came and left Oakwood, skating rink 

larles E. Jake, IV 

Business Manangement 

Task Force, Quest, Inreach, Hospital Ministry 

Big Chuch 

Movies, Swimming, Concerts, Chillin' 

Corporate Attorney 

Freshman year, kickin' it at the student center and Carter Hall 

Kurt King 

S: Theology 

E: Religion and Theology Forum, WSB, Alpha Chi 

N: Kurt 

I: Reading, Basketball 

O: Pastoral Ministry 

R: When I started dating Andrea 

tiius L. Jackson, Jr. 




Stamp Collecting (yeah, right) 

Financial Manager 

The entire stay 

Marlene Julene King 

S: Psychology 

E: none 

N: Marie-Mar 

I: I enjoy playing tennis and am interested in helping adolescents 

O: none 

R: The day I got married to my husband, Curt 

ilking Jean 


French Club 


Basketball, Soccer, Reading 

Pastor / Teacher 

College Days 1996 

ra LaRon Jefferson 

Mathematics Education 

Gymnastics, Dynamic Praise, USM, Junior Class Asst. Treasurer 

Dimples, Tee 

Sewing, Reading 

High School Teacher 

Benjamin Young 

ndace S. Johnson 


USM, Psychology Club, Voices of Triumph, Alphi Chi 


Travel, Helping others, Music, Reading 

Social Psychologist 

USM meetings, VOT Spring tour, life-long friendships at Oakwood 

hyra Denise Jones 


West Side Flag Football Team, Rubies 

Shy-Shy, Momma 

Social activities, Volunteer working, Medical based activities 


My freshman year, when I and five West Coast ladies worked together 

to cross into the world of Rubies and Raw Dogs. 

im Joseph 


Theology and Religion Forum 

Music, Tennis 

Civil Rights Attorney / Pastor 

Donald Clifford Clarence Lindo 

S: Social Work 

E: Certified Nursing Assistant 

I: Fashion Consultant, Weight-training, Jogging 
O: Social Worker 

R: The first day at Oakwood, leaving old friends, being accepted into 
Dynamic Praise- the ultimate choir of the century 

Shannon Marlene Logan 

S: Social Work 

E: Aeolians, Social Work Club 

N: none 

I: Interior decorating, Cross Country driving, Wedding coordinating, 

Writing poetry 
O: Administrator of my Women's Holistic Health Center 
R: The experiences I've shared with friends 

Abiguel Louissaint 

S: Occupational Therapy 

E: International Club, French Club, Allied Health Club 

N: Abby 

I: Shopping, Aerobics, Travel, Singing, Cooking, Nature Walks 

O: Occupational Therapist 

R: Freshman Consecration, Survival course 94-95, ZAG Sweethearts, 
Registration, My sweetheart - Durand, Hiking rides, Rev. 14, 
Singspiration on Friday, Meeting God, receiving my diploma 

LaVerne Mahoney 

S: English / Political Science 

E: Sapphires, Pre-Law Society, College Choir, Voices of Triumph, SOC, 

Science Club, Honor Roll 
N: LaVerne 
I: Everything 

O: Lawyer (Corporate or Family) 
R: 5/1/76 and 3/23/96 

Christopher Manuel 

S: Theology / Correctional Science 

E: Dynamic Praise, 2nd Coordinator of Edward Hall's Worship 

N: Chris 

I: Talking to people, Having fun, Laughing 

O: Teacher, Associate Pastor, Counselor 

R: When the Lord renewed my life and gave me a second chance. 

Rochelle Jannie Marie McAllister 

S: Finance 

E: AKA, Business Society, Honors Society, USM 
N: Shelly 

I: Violin, Aerobics, Swimming, Running 
O: Financial Analyst 

R: Traveling back to Oakwood from my last NABA conference and 
realizing that my studying had not been in vain 

Simeon S. Nerelus 

S: Theology / Linguistics 

E: French Club, Religion and Theology Forum 


I: Soccer, Computer Browser 

O: Pastor / Linguist 

R: 97 OC Banquet, 97 French Club birthday "get together" 

Lauren Kim McCalla 

S: Accounting 

E: Dynamic Praise, Miss Oakwood Pageant, Accoungting Club 

N: Jamaican Queen 

I: Singing, Poetry recitation, Sports, Photography 

O: Accountant 

R: I was walking towards P.J. Bodie with my arms open wide to greet 

him, when I felt something plop on my forehead from the tree above. 

We laughed so hard. Thanks for the memory, P.J. 

David W. Newton 

S: Theology / Biblical Languages 
E: Caribbean Club, ISA, R.A./Dean 
N: Dr. Newt 

I: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Poetry, Philosophy 
O: J.D. / M.D. 

R: Gleaning from the intellectual /spiritual fields of Drs. Mulzac, Burto 
Cleveland, Barham, and Sampson; beating Jano/Kev in football 

Daniella McCarthy 

S: Business Mangement 
E: Intramurals 

N: Dan, Dee, Dan-Dan, Danny 

I: Basketball, Softball, Football, Music, Reading, Writing, Traveling 
O: Lawyer 

R: Freshman year, DP, Lady Ambassadors, Carter Hall Rm 322, my 
brother, Damian, coming to the Oaks, all the friends I've made 

LaKeisha Renee Perkins 

S: Biochemistry /PMED Minor: Music 

E: Biochemistry Club, Music Club 

N: Keish 

I: Piano, Songwriting, Poetry, Reading, Hiking, Tutoring, Singing 

O: Psychiatrist, Concert Pianist 

R: Hiking with O.C. Dare at Monte Sano 

Ja'niza N. McMeans 

S: Elementary Education 

E: Cheerleader, Aeolians, B.A.S.E., Dynamic Praise, AYS 

N: Angel "N" 

I: Shopping, Eating, Sleeping, Signing, Singing 

O: Teacher 

R: Hanging out at Al's with the angels, Big ol Pimp, Nature girl, Angel A 

Curtonia DeaSuen Price 

S: Administrative Systems Management / CIS 

E: Intramurals, SIFE, Computer Club 

N: none 

I: Reading, Tutoring, Meeting new people, Enjoying life 

O: School District Administrator 

R: Being a navigator for four years and the CAA family 

Michael Milfort 

S: Physical Therapy / Physical Education 

E: Intramurals 

N: Mike 

I: Playing video games, Meeting people (girsl) 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: When I decided to give my life to Christ 

Dacia Rachelle Ramon 

S: English / History 

E: Pre- Alumni Council, B.A.S.E., Pre-Law Club, Aeolians 
N: Shorty 

I: Singing, Travel, Socializing, Reading 
O: Corporate Lawyer 
R: Riding from Maryland to Huntsville the day before Christmas break 
on the Oakwood bus while the heater was broken. 

Carolyn J. Milton 

S: Organizational Management 

N: Co-coa 

O: Data Technician 

R: The beginning class of KAPPA I. 

Seeta Rampersaud 

S: Finance 

E: USM, FMA, WSB, Football Intramurals, Dorm Club 
N: Seeta 

I: Movies, Reading, Writing poetry, Drama, Exercising 
O: Happiness to the fullest 
R: Having the biggest water fight between Carter andPeterson Halls (94 
95). The girls won! 

Phillips Mompremier 

S: Theology / Psychology Minor: Biblical languages 

E: French Club, NLPS 

N: Phil 

I: Reading, Soccer, Computers, Research, Music Composition 

O: Pastor/ Teacher 

R: The first day of class at Oakwood 

Annie M. Reid 

S: Education 

E: Education Club 

N: Annie 

I: Reggae Music, Reading, Photography 

O: Teacher 

R: Second semester senior year, graduation, skating rink 

Jerry D. Murphy, Jr. 

S: Biology / Pre-Physical Therapy 

E: Dynamic Praise, Science Club, Allied Health Club 

N: Murphy 

I: Poetry, Art, Drawing, Painting, Track and Field 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: Baptism Sophomore Year 

Aaron Paul Micaiha Rodriguez 

S: Finance 

E: Finance Club, Intramurals 

N: A Dogg 

I: Swimming 

O: Entrepreneur 

R: I have none to mention! 

licia Catherine Eugena Russell 

Elementary Education 

Voices of Triumph, Wade Hall Club 
: Leesha 

: Teacher 

Water fight freshman year 

wel M. Scott 

Vocal Performance 

Dynamic Praise, Visual EFX, Music Club 
: none 

Reading, Playing the piano, Singing, Crochet, Crafts, Cooking 
: High School Music Teacher 

Aeolians Orlando trip, Cantata with Huntsville Symphony Orchestra 

Martine Sabine Sylvain 

S: Elementary Education 
E: WSB\ 
N: Mammie 

I: Writing, Producing, Directing, and Performing Plays 
O: Teacher 

R: "Sabine's appreciation night," Freshman year, student teaching, when 
I received my Buick, moving off-campus, the miracle of graduation 

Shanique Nicole Taylor 

S: Computer Information Systems 

E: SIFE, Aeolians, Computer Club 

N: Taylor 

I: Singing, Dancing, Reading, Dramatization, Travel 

O: Information Technology Specialist 

R: Senior Year - The End! 

lawn R. H. Smith 

English / Political Science 

Senior Class President, USM, Debate Club, Pre-Law Society 
: none that I know of 

Learning, Listening, Reading, Sports 
: Attorney 

Hmm... Wouldn't you like to know! 

incent E. Smith, Jr. 

Biology / Chemistry 

Intramurals, USM, DP, VOT, Aeolians, Science Club, OCEAL, Class 

: Vinny 

Singing, Reading, Sports, 70s Music 
: Dentist 

When I was baptised on November 2, 1994 

tiristina Sprott 


Delta, GSK, NABJ, AmeriCorps Volunteers 
: New York Undercover 

Fashion and Music industries, Helping others 
: Public Relations Specialist 

7/6/95... a lifelong dream come true 

Elizabeth Angela Thomas 

S: Biology 

E: Voices of Triumph, DP, Aeolians, Science Club, AYS, Neuroresearch, 

Drama Club, Yearbook 

I: Music, Research, Drama, Art, Reading, Friends, Dance, Hair 
O: Dentist 
R: My baptism with Vinny freshman year, 11/2/94 

Jeffrey Lamar Thompson 

S: Theology / Psychology 

E: Track 

N: Hefe 

I: Reading 

O: Preacher of Righteousness 

R: When I received my diploma 

Travis Dwayne Tramel 

S: Biology 

E: Ambassadors, Science Club, Voices fo Triumph 

N: Travis 

I: Making people smile, Meeting people, Computers, Friends 

O: Dental Hygenist / Computer Technician 

R: When I took my first trip to the Bahamas with the Biology Dept. 

indy-Ann Storey 

Mathematics / Business 

Outreach, Honor Roll, Science Club, International Club 

Leisure Gardening, Peer Counseling, Horseback Riding 
: Elementary Teacher 

Christmas '96 

Susan M. Treasure 

S: Biolgoy 

E: Science Club, DP, OCEAL, SAPPHIRES 

N: Susan 

I: anything with my sisters 

O: Pediatrician / Health Professional 

R: Chillin' with my girls - I'll never forget you all. Love ya! 

ithan B. Strong 

Elementary Education 

New Life Choir, Softball City League, Men of Distinction 
: "Late," Big Ole Pimp 

Fishing, Hunting, Softball 
: Elementary School Teacher 

Hanging out with my angels at Al's Snack Bar, Chillin' with my boy 


mes Alex Swan 

Business Management 

Intramurals, Business Club, SIFE, Pre-Law Club 
: Swann 

Computers, Music, Sports, Singing, Reading, Cars 
: Entrepreneur 

Graduation Day! 

Dieudonne Vallon 

S: Biology / Chemistry 

E: French Club 


I: Reading, Exercising 

O: Physician Assistant 

R: College Days 

Theodore Ron Weegar 

S: Ministerial Theology 

E: Religion and Theology Forum 

N: T. Ron 

I: Music, Ping Pong, Swimming, Preaching, Praying 

O: Pastor / Evangelist 

R: none 

Lajuan Wideman 

S: Finance 

E: Financial Management Association, Lords of Discipline, Intramurals 

I: Basketball, Football, Baseball 
O: Financial Consultant 

R: Freshman year, I played the freshman basketball game and put on a 
show for the crowd. 

Rose Sharon Wilson 

S: Elementary Education 

E: Senior Class Officer 

N: Grandma, Angel "H" 

I: Crafts, Sleeping 

O: Teacher 

R: Hanging out at "Arnold's" after Bobbie! 

Daniel Williams 

S: Business Management 

E: Business Club, Intramurals, Talent Show Winner 

N: Parable 

I: B-ball, Reading, Computers, HipHop 

O: none 

R: Getting kicked out of Freshman Orientation with Jason Springer 

Nicole Marie Williamson 

S: Biology 

E: DP, Voice of Triumph, B.A.S.E., Cheerleader, USM, Research 

N: BoomBoom 

I: Singing 

O: Doctor (Neonatologist) 

R: 35 girls getting caught sneaking out the Jeneane's basement window 

freshman year. Xavier James bringing me food from Lyn window 

when I was hungry. 

Sharifa H. Winbush 

S: Biology 

E: Science Club, President's Ambassadors, Senate, Tutor 

N: Sha-Sha 

I: Playing the violin 

O: Dentist 

R: 2/15/97, Tuscaloosa trips 

Daryl Anthony Wout 

S: Psychology / African-American Studies 

E: Sr. Class VP, Edwards Hall RA, Psychology Club, Alpha Chi, AeoliJ 

N: "D. Wout" 

I: Reading, Tennis, Jazz, Travel, Basketball 

O: Social Psychologist 

R: Freshman year, Leadership Conference, Y2Y Conference 

Fran Michelle Wilson 

S: Elementary Education 

E: USM, Education Club, Dynamic Praise 

N: Angel "L" 

I: Playing the piano, Singing, Working with kids 

O: Elementary School Teacher 

R: Hanging out at Al's Snack Bar with the other angels and Late. 

Andrew Benjamin Young 

S: Physical Education 

E: Dynamic Praise 

N: Benji 

I: Music, Travel, Sports, Having fun 

O: Physical Therapist 

R: Freshman Year 

Congratulations to all the 
seniors who are graduating 
and to all those who are still 

Shout out to all those who 
did not have their pictures in 
the yearbook, and to all orga- 
nizations that are trying so 
hard to be upfront and true. 
Good luck! 

If your biography does not 
appear, it is because you did 
not complete your informa- 
tion sheet. 

It's all about You! 

the Juniors 


Abney, Adrienne 
Armbrister, Tenera 
Bailey, Christopher III 

Baker, David 
Bandy, Michelle 
Bandy, Miguel 

Barnum, Ruth 
Barron, Keondra 
Beck, Danielle 

Beckford, Yaisa 
Billingy, Rhonda 
Blackburn, Keisha 

Blackwood, Andrew 
Boykin, Dionne 
Britton, Leilani 

Britton, Rayford 
Brown, Karen 
Buddy, Frenita 

Buisson, Belina 
Buisson, Elticia 
Carrington, Durand 

Claiborne, SaMonna 
Clarke, Erica 
Cochran, Chanisha 

Colbert, Maxine 
Crawford, Jason 
Davis, Chelise 

Davis, Preston 
Dean, Rachel 
Delaney, Michele 

Dulan, Stacia 
Dunkley, Duane 
Dunning, Corey 

Esteme' , Mary 
Farrior, Adaire 
Felder, Tenisha 

/"ri^^pt k 

Feilds, Russell 
Fils-Aime, Paula 
Flucas, Latrice 

Fort, Christopher 
Fryson, Nicole 
Gaskins, Samala 

Germain, Patrice 
Goodridge, David 
Gray, Stephen 

Green, Allison 
Griffith, Kareem 
Gyami, Afua-Bema 

Halsell, Tamara 
Harrigan, Caswell Jr. 
Harris, Asale 

Hawkins, Jason 
Henry, Jessica 
Hicks, Tara 

Hill, Mian 
Holder, Laurence 
Howard, Litchfield 

Hunter, Desiree' 
Hyde, Natalie 
Hygrant, Carl 

Jacob, Kareema 
Johnson, David 
Jones, Gregory 

Jones, Rakiya 
Jones, Victoria 
Julius, Helene 

Keene, Ana 
Kerr, Mario 
Lee, Princess 

LeGrand, Sybil 
Lewis, Cecil 
Lewis, Joseph, Jr. 


Lowe, Heather 
Mann, Jacqueline 
Manning, Wilfred E. 

Martin, Francine 
Mattox, Tanya 
Mclver, Phillip 

McLaurin, Roland 
Merid, Ruth 
Miller, Candace 

Miller, Jayne 
Mitchell, Charisse 
Morris, Nyasha 


Mounter, Kelly 
Mounter, Kimberly 
Murray, Oretta 

Neymour, LaVougn 
Newman, Mandisa 
Norris, Holly 

Osborne, Kareitha 
Orange, Antonio 
Person, Schennia 

Pierre, Ange 
Pollard, Erika 
Ramsey, Kyria 


Reaves, Michelle 
Reid, Natalie 
Reid, Steve 

Richard, Elizabeth 
Richardson, Daniel 
Roberts, Ayinde 

Roberts, Joseph 

Saint Jean, Gregoire, Jr 

Saintil, Cynthia 

Salter, Richard, Jr. 
Scarbrough, Michael 
Smythe, Kerrianne 

Snell, Debleaire 
Spencer, Morphia 
Stewart, Julian 

St. Juste, Stennette 
Stokes, Sherece 
Sullivan, Robert 

Taylor, Dionne 
Thomas, Sobrina 
Times, Jevon 

Tinsley, Teayann 
Tucker, Nerissa 
Tuitt, Carl 

jt ws^s to 


Trusty, Andrea 
Trusty, John, Jr. 
Wade, Erica 

Warren, Camille 
Warren, Meredith 
Washington, Khari 

Waters, Adrienne 
Wilson, Stephan 



"Remember When ...1" 

Junior Class Lock-in! 

Wait! We're not ready for the picture! 

Allison and Nyasha pose for a 
quick pic! 

Chaplain Medley offers some in- 

This time we're ready! 




■ •■ 

It's all about You! 

the Sophomores 


Adams , Kimberly 

Akande, Jolayemi 

Albury, Toni 

Alexis, Molara 
Allen, Andrea 
Allen, Miriam 

Allen, Yanis 

Ambrose, Amanda 

Ampadu, Eric 

Armstrong, Melissa 

Ashe, Stehpen 

Bailey, Colin 


v ,CW&N» 

Bailey, Nicole 
Barnum, Joy 
Bartholomew, Alannah 

Blackburn, Daneeque 
Blevins, Candice 
Boothe, Karen 

Brown, Andell 
Butler, David 
Caldwell, James 


H • ■ 

jf #{ ' 

Campbell, Shayla 
Chen, Adrian 
Cherestal, Marie 


Chisolm, Darnell 

Codling, Cassandra 

Conner, Erin 

Cooper, Dierdre 

Cort, Lee 

Cush, Yolenne 

Dehaney, Dalene 

Diggs, Elliott 

Dudley, Gilian 

Dulan, Sherian 
Dunbar, RoWandalla 
Dunning, Lashawnna 


Elliott, Olivia 
Ely, Delicia 
Fermine', Edwige 

Fields, Jeleania 
Fitzpatrick, Raimere 
Forde, Wade 

Fort, Jeremiah 
Francis, Corey 
Francis, Jared 

Francis, Kitson 
Fubler, Sharon- Anne 
Gaines, Maurice 

Gilbert, Makese 

Glen, Simone 

Goodine, Bryant 

Gosby, Dawn 
Graham, Sonjanae 
Graham, Dannitta 

Green, Michael 

Derrick-Griffin, Alan 

Grissom, Robert 

Hamilton, Nina 

Harris, Claude III 

Harris, Cory 

Harrison, Caron 
Hayes, Robert 
Henry, Nasheba 

Hodnett, Martin 
Holder, Clement 
Howard, Dorris 

Husbands, Lydia 
Iheanacho, Akunna 
Jackson, Andy 

Jackson, Erica 
Jackson, Michael 
Jasper, Michael 


Jefferson, Christina 
Jenkins, Marcell 
Jobson, Orlando 

John, Gary 

Johnson, Robert 

Jones, Graylan 

Jones, Katrina 

Jones, Kendra 

Jones, Maiah 

Jones, Vinson 

Josey, David, Jr. 

Keogh, Jeanine 


LeBlanc, Samantha 
Lee, London 
Lee, Shameaka 

Lewis, Larrye 
Liburd, Edison 
Logan, Heather 

Lovelace, David 
Louis, Rachel 
Maddox, Jerita 

McCarthy, Damian 
McMiller, Sukari 
McPherson, Llewelyn 

Miles, Melody 

Miller, Tabitha 

Modeste, Cyprian 

Moore, Eugene 

Morgan, Simone 

Mosley, Chameka 

Murphy, Sharonda 

Myers, Ivor 

Neal, Taneisha 

Nixon, John, Jr. 

O'Giste, Keotisha 

Olagundoye, Damaris 



Opoku-Boateng, Adwoa 
Orill, Loumeeka 
Paree, Tanya 

Payne, Daniella 
Pierre-Louis, Spendy 
Prescott-Crewe, Melissa 

Price, Carlton 
Reevers, Jowanna 
Reid, Natalie 

Richardson, Erik 
Rowe, Bryan 
Ryce, Samara 

Scott, Benjamin 

Smith, Dionne 

Smith, Jason 

Smith, Krystal 

Sobomehin, Olasupo 

Sovory, Baron 

Spellen, Brian 
Stewart, Natasha 
Symonds, Apryl 

Thomas, Anna 

Thomas, Tashima 

Times, Joy 


Trott, Tanya 
Tucker, Nicole 
Turnbull, Tamari 

Valcourt, Valerie 
Vaughn, Woodrow, Jr. 
Victor, John 

Walker, Lettica 
Warren, Joseph 
Washington, Donovan 

Waters, Andrea 
Wheatley, Ricardo 
White, Anissa 

White, Trina 
Williams, Audley 
Willaims, Carlton 

Williams, Kamaria 

Williams, Rashida 

Williams, Stephanie 

Wilson, Luisa 

Yeboah, Pauljr. 

Young, Vivian 



"Remember Me?" 



i*K I 

It's all about You! 


the Freshmen 


Adams, Evelyn 

Adleke, Ashley 

Alemu, Etsehiywot 

Alford, Jennifer 

Allison, Stacey-Ann 
Amponsah, Daniel 
Anderson, Chantel 

Anderson, Kimberly 

Anderson, Nick 

Arceneaux, Shanie 

Asekomeh, Victoria 

Atolagbe, Tosin 

Baker, Benjamin 

Baker, Melissa 

Baly, Usha 

Banks, Chadwick 

Banks, Keith 

Batiste, Gamaliel 

Barnes, Mellonie 

Barrow, Rene 

Bell, Tamara 

Betts, LaTasha 

Biggs, Ramona 

Bingham, Tracy-Ann 


Blanchard, La'Shanice 
Blanco, Kimberly 
Blay, Akina 
Blue, Melvin 

Blunt, Corey 
Bone, Candace 
Boney, Crystal 
Bonnick, Michelle 

Boseman, Charita 
Boyce, Joel 
Brady, Michael 
Bramble, Derrick 

Brand, Aquilla 
Brandon, Monique 
Bridgeforth, Lorian 
Bryant, Henry, Jr. 

Bryant, Tiffany 
Bulgin, Lee 
Byars, Camille 
Caise, David 

Callis, Robin 
Cameron, Richard 
Campbell, Kenneth 
Cantrell, Donald 


Chalmers, Nickeea 

Chambers, Kimberly 

Cheatham, Jonathan 

Checkley, Zoe 

Childs, DeMecia 

Christmas, Enjoli 

Clark, Victor 

Cochran, Letitia 

Colin, Johanne 

Cook, Jessica 

Cox, Karin 

Crawl, Demarest 

Cyril, George 

Daphnis, Ivan 

Davis, Amanda 

Davis, Aren 

Davis, Cedric, Jr. 

Davis, Jeremiah 

Dawkins, Cameron 

Desir, Miguelle 

Dossman, Cari 

Dottin, Garth 

Dowe, Landon 

Dudley, Nicole 


Dunchie, Charmaine 
DuPree, Anita 
Edwards, Celeste 
Edwards, Kim 

Edwards, Marcus 
Edwards, Samuel 
Edwards, Teresa 
Ellington, Mary 

Ellis, Stacey 
Evans, Juanita 
Ewing, Consuello 
Ezzard, Angela 

Fabian, DeLa 
Faulkner, Rebecca 
Feit, Jose 
Fenelon, Barbara 

Fenison, Tanisha 
Fields, Angela 
Fields, Erica 
Figueroa, Leopoldo 

Fontil, Valy 
Francis, Coretta 
Francis, Natasha 
Francois, Lemuel 


Smith, Aretha 
Franklin, Dorian 

Fraser, Trevor 
Gabriel, Monroy 

Gaiter, Julienne 

Gallon, Kristy 

Germany, Kietrich 

Glover, Terrell 

Goodridge, Alethea 

Gracia, Sandy 

Grant, Donald 

Gray, Ava 

Gray, Liana 

Green, Kristy 

Gates, Steven 

Greene, Alfonzo, III 

Gregory, Melanie 

Griffin, Amma 

Griffin, Shawanda 

Griffith, Halecia 

Griffith, Kyna 

Guy, Bruce 

Hall, Amefika 

Hall, Genevieve 


Halloway, Jerod 
Hamilton, Lisa 
Harris, Makeda 
Henry, Vanessa 

Hinds, Erika 
Holt, Shannone 
Howell, George 
Huge, Gorgette 

Humpfrey, Myla 
Hunter, Nigel 
Hutton, Antionette 
Hutton, Stephanie 

Ifill, Christopher 
Ingham, Tenaeya 
Jackson, Latoya 
Jackson, Toya 



j? '-'ASM 

it^p i 





Jacobs, Sonja 
James, Christal 
James, Ivory 
James, Prisca 

Jamuels, Andrea 
Jean-Philippe, Nathalie 
Jean-Philippe, Nathalie 
Jeffery, Ryan 


Jennett, Joanne 

Joe, Mentee 

John, Rondal, Jr. 

Johnson, Alisha 

Johnson, Jasmine 

Johnson, John 

Johnson, Juleun 

Johnson, Lindsay 

Johnson, Robert 

Jones, Darrin 

Jones, Gary, Jr. 

Jones, Keith 

Jones, Norman 

Joseph, Michael 

Joseph, Nadia 

Jumper, Sean 

Keddo, Keisha 

Kelly, Toni 

Keyser, Gina 

Klisby, Carey 

Kirkland, Rusiana 

Knight, Dejuan 

Knight, Nicole 

Knotts, Nicole 


Lackey, Enjoli 
LaCount, Shayla 
Lang, Robyn 
Lawrence, Arreasha 

Lee, Rose 
Long, Maurice 
Lopez, Owen 
Lorvil, Linda 

Lovett, Lisa 
Lowe, Derek 
Lowe, Jeremy 
Lowe, Robert 

Lowe, Ronnae 
Mallett, Melissa 
Malone, Dammeon 
Marcellin, Osmund 

Marr, Naema 
Marshall, Toney 
Martin, Sireasa 
Mason, Kienen 

Matthews, Calvert 
Maxis, Muriel 
McCleary, Douglas 
McDonald, Philip 


McLean, Jenise 

McNeil, Jonathan 

Mendinghall, April 

Merriweahter, Kandra 

Merriweather, Marcus 
Miller, Charlee 
Mills, Stephen 
Minott, Andre' 

Mitchell, Tesha 

Monroe, Candyce 

Montgomery, Deondra 

Moore, Britney 

Moore, Tovanne 

Morton, Sarah 

Murray, Meredith 

Neives, Phillip 

Nerelus, Roseline 

Neverson, David 

Newton, Shawnika 

Nicholas, Franklyn 

Nicoleau, Maurice 

Nixon, Paul 

Norris, Myisha 

Nozil, Laura 


Nurse, Tesa 
Okike, Mary 
Oliver, Tony 
Ottley, Jeuelle 

Owens, Fredrick 
Paige, Delores 
Parham, Mattisha 
Patterson, Mia 

Patton, Anna-Gayle 
Phipps, Stephen 
Pierre-Louis, Nicole 
Pitt, Kennith 

Porter, Ramon 
Posey, Shawnea 
Powell, Edwin 
Powell, Garfield, Jr. 

Powell, Joseph 
Pressley, Carolyn 
Pullins, Alysia 
Pullman, Michelle 

Quinn, Tere 
Rainey, Evette 
Rainey, Evyonne 
Ransom, Phylis 


Reid, Shorna 

Rhodes, Angela 

Rice, Marissa 

Ricketts, Ricardo 

Rios, Juan 

Roberts, Rita 

Ross, Javon 

Ross, Larissa 

Rowley, Naula 

Ruffin, John 

Russell, Courthney 

Salter, Robyn 

Salter, Tiffanie 

Samson, Chantal 

Selassie, Sirach 

Sesinye, Bame 

Shephard, Latonya 

Simon, Nicole 

Simon, Yves 

Sinclair, Jonathan 

Slosh, Tanesha 

Smith, Andre' 

Smith, Mechelle 

Smith, Stacy-Ann 


Spooner, Nataki 
St. Pierre, Natacha 
Stallworth, Shacy 
Stevenson, Kellye 

Styer, Leonard 
Swanson, Nicole 
Taylor, Estus 
Taylor, Michael, Jr. 

Taylor, Robert, III 
Taylor, Tiffany 
Thibodeaux, Jarrett 
Thomas, D'Jahna 

Thomas, Jamie 
Thomas, Jason 
Thomas, Robert, Jr. 
Thompson, Christopher 

Thurman, Jarren 
Thurman, Jerrica 
Thownsend, La'Tasser 
Troutman, April 

Tull, Reginald 
Turner, Dana 
Turner, Teressa 
Umez, Chinwe 

Univers, Milanie 

Valcin, Rachelle 

Vaught, Seneca 

Walker, Anthony 

Walker, Daniel 

Walker, Jesse, Jr. 

Wallace, Kalah 

Walters, Courtney 

Ward, Chidinma 

Ward, Erica 

Ware, Anjanene 

Warfield, Brenda 

Warfield, Melvyn, Jr. 

Washington, Collas, Jr. 

Watkins, Amy 

Watkins, Jennifer 

Watson, Tommy 

Waugh, Khandie 

Weekes, Jhamillia 

Weekes, Natalie 

Wellington, April 

Wesson, Talitha 

Whiteside, Christopher 


Wildman, Aaron 
Williams, Alicia 
Williams, Christopher 
Williams, Rogis 

Williams, Tarkyshia 
Williams, Tiffanie 
Wilson, Karis 
Wimbish, Brennan 

Word, Janika 
Word, Jose 
Wright, Craig 
Wright, Joanette 

Yelorda, Megan 


It's all about... 




s mmmt 

If s all about You! 

the V.I.P. 

"I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations...." Psalms 45:17 

We apologize that we could not list the names of the Very Important People pictured on the 
next few pages. 

Thank God He can. 







' • j ^sy hi Mj|«' >»? w Mmi|g 

'A man who has friends... 



...must show himself friendly. 



"Remember us...?" 


"Remember that time we...?" 



about You! 

the Faculty , Staff, 

& Administrators 

Thank you for the 
sleepless nights. 

Thank you for 
the encouraging 

Can we. . . 

...thank you 
enough ? 


Anderson, Kennith 

Andrews, Lena 

Armstrong, Bennye 

Bartholomew, Jorge 

Bliss, Francis 

Brade, Kesslyn 

Brigg, Briana 

Brown, Gretchen 

Carter, Leutilla 

Carter, Roland 

Chambers, Audley 

Conwell, Pattie 

Cox, Sherman 
Davis, Oliver 
Desouza, Isadore 

Dixon, Minneola 
Doctor, Rose 
Donatio, Anthony 

Donatto, Yvonne 
Dormer, Caryll 
Douglas, Leonard 

Drake, Robert 
Dulan, Stanton 
Edwards, Robert 

Evans, Lloyd 

Flemming, Belita 

Ford, Emma 

Germany, Sylvia 

Gibbons, Ashton 

Gooding, Lela 

Gunn, Ruth 
Gwebu, Ephraim 
Gwebu, Keratiloe 

Hamilton, Flore 
Hamer, James 
Hassie, Larry 


Iheanacho, Morris 
Keller, Ernest 
Laihing, Kennith 

Lany, Pattie 
Lewis, Jannith 
Lewis, Weldon 

Long, Phena 
Mallory, Lloyd 
Martin, Irene 

McClellan, Savonia 
McClure, Tim 
Medley, Anthony 


Medley, India 

Miles, Wilson 

Mims, Gregory 

Mulzac, Kennith 

Newborn, Craig 

Oler, Carlton 

Osterman, Eurydice 

Paul, Sonia 

Powell, Yvette 

Roddy, James 
Ross, Jan 
Ross, Lyn 


Rugless, Diane 
Samson, Agniel 
Sanders, Emmanuel 

Schmidt, Londa 
Selassie, Genet 
Shand, Lance 

Shaw, Stuward 
Simmons, Selina 
Spencer, Deon 

Stennis, Jody 
Thomas, Jocelyn 
Taylor, Freddie 


Watts, Anita 

Weekes, Joan 

White, Gwendolyn 

Wilson, Monica 

Wilson, Paula 

Woodbine, Fernon 

Wright, Jeannie 
Berry, Greg 

Lindsey, Ronald 
Smith, William 



t's all about You! 



Stacy T Abell 
Route 1, Box 244 
Lahoma,OK 73754 

Nyre'e Dawn Abner 
One Sunset Drive 
Bellport, NY 11718 

Adrienne Lynette Abney 
1906 Thornhill Place 
Detroit, MI 48207 

Mark C Abrams 

2165 Rolling Brook Lane 

East Lansing, MI 48823 

D. Dwayne Adams 

1822 Robert Lewis Avenue 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 

Evelyn M Adams 
181 Marshall Terrace 
Danville, VA 24541 

Kimberly A Adams 

1822 Robert Lewis Avenue 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 

Stephen Adams 

60 Mcmullen Crescent 

Brampton, Ontario, L65 3M2 Can 

Travia J Adams 
4060 Oaklawn Drive 
Jackson, MS 39206 

Ashley Nichole Adeleke 
5450 Powers Overlook Court 
Atlanta, GA 30327 

Edwin B. Akande 

7726 Maple Avenue, Apt.#12 

Takoma Park, MD 20912 

Jolayemi O Akande 

7726 Maple Avenue Apt. 12 

Takoma Park, MD 20912 

Vanessa M Akins-eldridge 
4004 Knollbrook Dr., Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kyna L Albury 
1131 N.w. 18th Court 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 

Toni D Albury 

218 S.w. 14th Avenue 

Boynton Beach, FL 33435 

Debroah A Alcime 
P.O. Box Ee-17463 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Etsehiywot H Alemu 
3659 Heritage Ridge Lane 
Marietta, GA 30060 


Everett Coit Alexander 
202 Waters Edge Lane 
Madison, AL 35758 

Gamal T Alexander 
4309 B Boxwood Court 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ronald L Alexander 
105 Centurion Drive 
Madison, AL 35758 

Gian J Alexis 

256 Old Kensico Road 

White Plains, NY 10607 

Molara N Alexis 

St. Paul's P.o. 

St. George's, Grenada 

Jennifer L Alford 
1619 Bertrand Road 
Niles, MI 49120 

Andrea A Allen 

20 W. Mosholu Pkwy, Apt 26-a 

Bronx, NY 10468 

Carlene E Allen 

1500 Sparkman Drive 1A 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Corey A Allen 

5802 Green Springs Drive 

Warrenton, VA 20157 

Cynthia R Allen 

P.O. 41 

Tanner, AL 35671 

Jaymie K Allen 
1526 Nicholas Road 
Waldorf, MD 20601 

Kevin A Allen 

5802 Green Springs Drive 

Warrenton, VA 22186 

Miriam E Allen 
1380 Cahuilla 
Colton,CA 92324 

Radiu N Allen 

3723 North 56th Street 

Tampa, FL 33619 

Yanis M Allen 

1111 Steeles Avenue, West, #10 

North York, Ontario M2R3M9 Can 

Marixa R Alleyne 
55 Bryna Avenue 
Hamilton, Ontario L9A4W9 Can 

Pamela D Alleyne 
4015 Cedar Gate Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Stacey-ann S Allison 

863 Ne 122nd Avenue #84 

Portland, OR 97230 

Aleysia' A Alves 

3508 Castle Ridge Road 

Montgomery, AL 36116 

Amanda V Ambrose 
1969 Addison Road, S. 
District Heights, MD 20747 

Michelle S Antoine 
8731 SW 127 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33176 

Kim Linda Ambrose 
6420 S.W. 64th Court 
Miami, FL 33143 

Willie L Applewhite Jr 
222 Kyser Blvd. #174 
Madison, AL 35758 

Eric Ampadu 

7612 Leclerc 

Ville Lasalle, Quebec, HBN2LN Can 

Burton T Arceneaux Jr. 
2115 Sunswept Circle 
Lancaster, CA 93536 

Daniel N Amponsah 
Alias Lalaan I, P.o. Box 38 
Silang Cavite 4118, Philippines 

Dana N Arceneaux 
1232 Grossmont Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Chantel N Anderson 
507 Forrest Hill Drive 
Goldsboro, NC 27534 

Dawn Jene'e Arceneaux 
1232 Grossmont Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Daryl Shon Anderson Sr. 
4702 Dahlia Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Denise K Arceneaux 
2115 Sunswept Circle 
Lancaster, CA 93536 


Elizabeth Dawn Anderson 

1657 West 106th Street 

Los Angeles, CA 900470000 

Shania C Arceneaux 
4047 Charleston 
Houston, TX 77021 

Keisha A Anderson 
3207 Gunther Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10469 

Greta Lynn Archbold 
82 Hendricks Avenue 
Staten Island, NY 10301 

Kimberly D Anderson 
212 Juniper Street 
Mansfield, TX 76063 

Gene J Archer 

721 Indiana Avenue 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 

Regina C Anderson 
24001 44th Avenue West 
Mount Lake Terrace, WA 98043 

Donny D Ard 

1317 E Martin Luther King Jr. 

Grambling, LA 71245 

Tawanna Anderson 
4702 Dahlia Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jeremiah Ardis 

7900 Old Madison Pike #12010 

Madison, AL 35758 

Kimberly V Anderson-blencowe 
P.o. Box 37301 -pac 303 
Washington, DC 20013 

Michael A Arison 
11 002 Rockliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Anthony D Andrews 

3907 Harwood Avenue, Apt. E-30 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Mino Antsa Arison 
11 002 Rockliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lena Coralynn Andrews 

Tenera V Armbrister 

1155 Old Monrovia #3N 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Sebastionne Saint Marcus Andre 


Huntsville, AL 35810 

Erline Anilus 
3188 Nw 41 Street 
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309 

Damon K Anthony 
5404 Signa Street 
Bakersfield, CA 93307 

Powanda Lyn Anthony 
6211 Valley Park Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

P.o. Box Gt-2052 
Malcolm Road Est. 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Kimberly Ann Armstrong 
P.O. Box 183 
Beaverton, AL 35544 

Melissa M Armstrong 
P.o. Box 183 
Beaverton, AL 35544 

Jonette N Arthur 
12237 Sw 195 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33177 

Barrington Lindsey Arthurs 
3802 Shannon Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 

hanee J Arthurs 

802 Shannon Road 

leveland Heights, OH 441 1 8 

ictoria B Asekomeh 

387 Us 31 Lot 52 

errien Springs, MI 49103 

tephen A Ashe 

617 Brook Hollow Circle 

[untsville, AL 35816 

)wayne K Ashmeade 

4 Coppard Avenue 

larkham, Ontario L3S2R2 Canada 

||ca L Ates 

205 Post Oak Lane 

)esoto,TX 75115 

osin A Atolagbe 
043 Canyon Vista Dr. 
!olton,CA 92324 

ysa Augustin 

503 Sparkman Dr. NW #L-92 

[untsville, AL 35816 

.drienne Omotayo Awoniyi 
110 Tyler Rd. NW 
[untsville, AL 35816 

lark O Awoniyi 
110 Tyler Rd. 
[untsville, AL 35816 


lien Bagley 

900 Old Madison Pike 

ladison, AL 35857 

'hristopher A Bailey III 
873 Forsythe Drive 
exington, KY 40514 

blin M Bailey 

31 Torresdale Avenue, Apt. 60 

i/illowdale, Ontario M2R3T1 Can 

'raig E Bailey 
Heydon Garden's 
andy's MA06 Bermuda 

'rystal Yvonna Bailey 

500 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 11-i 

[untsville, AL 35816 

iicole C Bailey 
38 Decatur Street 
rniondale,NY 11553 

yan O Bailey 
5 1st Avenue 
tevonshire DV03 Bermuda 

tephanie Lynne Bailey 

29-16 134th Street 

i. Ozone Park, Queens, NY 1 1 420 

ikena M Baker 

124 Downview Place 

ios Angeles, CA 90043 

Benjamin J Baker 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

David M Baker 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Nichola Ashanti Baker 
1601 Seven Pines Drive #108 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Marsha Patricia Baly 

P.O. Box 8836 

St. Thomas, 00801 U.S.V. I. 

Usha P Baly 

P.O. Box 8836 

St. Thomas, 00801 U.S.V.I. 

Lester Gene Bandy 
P.O. Box 50 
Oakland, TN 38060 

Michelle L Bandy 
821 Revere Court 
Westmont, IL 60559 

Miguel A Bandy 
821 Revere Ct. 
Westmont, IL 60559 

Karmala LaTaria Banks 
805 Falcon Drive 
Largo, MD 20772 

Keith T Banks 

10709 Featherstone Drive 

Ft. Washington, MD 20744 

Wichado C Banks 
1770 Iola Street 
Aurora, CO 80010 

Roger L Barker Jr. 

4411 Northside Drive, Apt. 19C 

Macon, GA 31210 

Mellonie R Barnes 
24091 Madeiros Avenue 
Hayward,CA 94541 

Sherrene Marvellette Barnes 
178-24 Anderson Road 
St. Albans, NY 11434 

Trudy E Barnes 

50 Carabob Court #912 

Toronto, Ontario, MIT3L9 Canada 

Joy T Barnum 

3 Loyalty Drive 

Sandy's, MA01 Bermuda 

Ruth G Barnum 

P.O. Box 106 

Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Keondra L Barron 
1779 Madiona Street 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Rene C Barrow 
4903-d Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Delicia L Barrows 

3601 -c Patton Road, Southwest 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Alannah Bartholomew 

266 Badessa Circle 

Thornhill, Ontario, L4J6C5 Canada 

David L Bartholomew 

P. O. Box 487,1144 Hickory Tra 

Avon Park, FL 33825 

Dexter B Bartholomew 

P.O. Box 487, 1144 Hickory Tra 

Avon Park, FL 33825 

Shushannah Marie Bartley 
6228 Rime Village Dr. #103 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Pamela Maurice Bates 
3166 Redbird Lane 
Keithville, LA 71047 

Sharita Renee Bates 
15394 Rolling Ridge Drive 
Chino Hills, CA 91709 

Lilian E Batista 

614 West 157th Street #4e 

New York, NY 10032 

Gamaliel S Batiste 
2417 Stephen Lee Drive 
Ft. Worth, TX 76119 

Keith D Batiste 
5670 Argyle Way 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Jasmine M Batth 
3513 Parkview Drive 
Marietta, GA 30062 

Lavinia A Baxter 
226 Vine Street 
Harrisburg, PA 17104 

Jessie L Beard 

3784 University Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Patricia A Beard 
Family Housing, Apt. 8 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Tracey S Beason 

4726 Blood Hound Street 

Orlando, FL 32818 

Andrew E Beaumont 
Oakwood College Box 57 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Suzette Elise Beaumont 
110 Lazy Willow Way 
Madison, AL 35758 

Danielle K Beck 

P.O. Box 254 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Peter B Beckford 
16545 S.W. 103 Court 
Miami, FL 33157 

Yaisa A Beckford 
5837 Milladorn Avenue 
Marrero, LA 70072 

Stephen Beckham 
26977 Mary Sue Lane 
Athens, AL 35613 

Matilda A Bediako 
7807 Wildwood Drive 
Takoma Park, MD 20912 

Douglas J Bell 

2212 Fitchard Avenue 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Tamara A Bell 

27 Linden Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 

Jomaine Bellamy 

8253 Portharrelson Road 

Conway, SC 29526 

Jomar Bellamy 

8253 Port Harrelson Road 

Bucksport, SC 29527 

Jason W Bennett 

73 Ashridge Drive 

Toronto, Ontario M1V1P1 Can 

Woodley D Benoit 
90-60 Francis Lewis Blvd. 
Queens Village, NY 11428 

Jimmy D Benson 
2004 Dogwood Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kyra Melissa Beris 
2711 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ulysses Beris 

2711 Trailbridge Road 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Ernest L Bess 

4300 Mrytlewood Drive Apt. A 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Margaret A Best 

320 Beverley Street 

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 1T7 Can 

Latasha L Betts 
1811 Jefferson Ave. 
South Boston, VA 24592 

Abdul K Bilal 

2520 Greenhill Road 

Huntsville, AL 35810 


Rhonda D Billingy 
17936 Pond Road 
Ashton, MD 20861 

Tracy-ann L Bingham 

11 Blue Grassway Apt. 102 

Toronto, Ontario M3N-2W7 Can 

Carla Nicole Black 
650 Wynn Dr. #291 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Paul Jason Bodie 
912 Causez Avenue 
Claymont, DE 19703 

Tamara S Bodie 
912 Causez Avenue 
Claymont, DE 19703 

Andrew C Bonaparte 
6444 Jackwood Court 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Eric David Boyd 

2733 31st Avenue South 

Seattle, WA 98144 

Jamelle E Boyd 
3113 Reiner Court 
Temple Hills, MD 20748 

Dionne L Boykin 

128 Manhattan Avenue 

Buffalo, NY 14215 

Josette Brignolle 
12341 S.W. 252 Terrace 
Princeton, FL 33032 

Ronald Anthony Brise' 
540 NW 119th Street 
Miami, FL 331680000 

Earline T Britton 

131 R. Hammond Court 

Madison, AL 35757 

Terverius Ranard Black 
60 Highland Avenue 
Sumter, SC 29150 

Daneeque J Blackburn 
1203 Regants Park Ct. 
Desoto, TX 75115 

Keisha D Blackburn 
1203 Regents Park Ct. 
Desoto, TX 75115 

Rebecca D Blackmon 
1435 Broad Street 
Oriental, NC 28571 

Andrew L Blackwood 

45 Elsa Vineway 

Toronto, Ontario M2J4H8 Can 

Malissa H Blake 

135 Angela Drive #1204 

Madison, AL 35758 

Eric Tremaine Blakely 
53 Gail Street 
Springfield, MA 01108 

La'shanice L Blanchard 
11007 Rockcliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jeanna Estelle Bond 
3474 Evans Mill Rd. 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Brenda M Bonds 
2706 Hilltop Terrace 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Candace J Bone 
2710 West Mcnichols 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Cleveland M Boney 
2347 Hillwood Drive 
Maplewood, MN 55119 

Crystal D Boney 
2347 Hillwood Drive 
Maplewood, MN 55119 

Michelle E Bonnick 
5 Nw 195th Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Karen O Boothe 
16111 S.w. 102 Avenue 
Miami, FL 33157 

Marc-Yriane Borieux 
3518 Brookfield Lane 
Decatur, GA 30032 

Samuel J Boynton 

16143 Regency Ranch Road 

Riverside, CA 92504 

Lourie A Bradley 
261 Zierdt Road 
Madison, AL 35756 

Michael D Brady 
3056 S. Chicago 
Seattle, WA 98108 

Derrick F Bramble 
4044 Dereimer Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

De'La Fabian Branch 
4643 N.E. 25th 
Portland, OR 97211 

Aquilla B Brand 
45 Smithridge 
Reno, NV 89506 

Devon M Brandon 
6204 Cedar Point Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tiffani Khyel Brandon 
7703 Westport Rd 
Louisville, KY 40241 

Leilani M Britton 
3 Andover Lane 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 

Rayford L Britton 
P.O. Box 101 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae, Cayman Islands 

Tawanna Lenore Britton 
3 Andover Lane 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 

Neilla H Brizard 

1061 Sw Alexandria Avenue 

Port St. Lucie, FL 34953 

Eric S Brock 

3205 Petting Road, Apt. 11 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Daniel E Brooks 

3443 Oakglade Crescent 

Mississauga, Ontario L5C1X4 C 

Erinn J Brooks 

1104 Seminole Gardens 

Ambler, PA 19002 

Patrick L Brooks 
805-A Mobile Street 
Dothan, AL 36301 

Karen A Blankenfeldt 

1 Hickory Tree Road, Suite 711 

Weston, Ontario M9N3W4 Can 

Claudine Cantrell Blankinchip 
2808 Claiborne Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kykinda N Blay 

257 Washington Drive 

Camden, AL 36726 

Charita R Boseman 

1068 Oxford Road 

Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 

Remelus D Bowden 

5543 Adobe Falls Road, Apt. #1 

San Diego, CA 92120 

Portia Althea Bowen- Allen 
606 Marquerite Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Valerie C Branham 
Route 1 Box 149-C 
Adrian, GA 31002 

Neil S Brantley 
8858 Pioneer Ct 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Dreidra M Brawner 
3207 Ackhen Drive, S.w. 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Sharon N Brooks 
4438 Bonnell Dr. Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Venetta A Brooks 

2412 Augustin Cantin Apt. 1 

Montreal, Quebec H3K 1C8 Can 

Andell K Brown 
80 Riverdale Ave. 
Yonkers,NY 10705 

Candice Lefaye Blevins 
729 Sherwood Rd. 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Christopher Dewaine Blevins 
729 Sherwood Rd. 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Elicia M Blucher 

18216 Mediterraneon Blvd. #190 

Miami Lakes, FL 33015 

Melvin J Blue 

17553 El Camino Road 

Madera, CA 93638 

Charles E Bowie 
4930 Catalina Circle 
Pensacola, FL 32506 

Cornelius M Bowie 

4524 Bonnell Drive, Apt. A 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Joel C Boyce 

63 Golf Club Drive 

Langhorne, PA 19047 

Stephen Allen Boyce II 
1308 Apt. H Boxwood Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Troylando T Brewer 
8710 N. Hamlin 
Portland, OR 97217 

Lorian L Bridgeforth 
17491 Bridgeforth Avenue 
Tanner, AL 35671 

Doris A Briggins 
3100 Delia Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Troy R Bright 
3401 Gaylord Street 
Denver, CO 80205 

Andrea D Brown 
5041 Galaxy Way #208 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Deborah E Brown 

16 Chaff ord Way 

Stifford Clays, Essex RM162EB 

Esther Risa Brown 

16 Chaff ord Way 

Stifford Clays, Essex RM162EB 

Garfield Hugh Brown 

649 Empire Boulevard, Apt. 49 

Brooklyn, NY 11213 


jarnette Rupert Brown 

i49 Empire Boulevard, Apt. 49 

3rooklyn,NY 11213 

ayson S Brown 
.2 Catlin Avenue 
toosevelt, NY 11575 

onathan S Brown 
7700 N.W. 20th Avenue 
vGami, FL 33056 

oycelyn Anitra Brown 
[7700 N.w. 20th Avenue 
vliami, FL 33056 

Caren L Brown 

>01 Merchant Street 

Zherry Hill, NJ 08002 

Cevin Emmanuel Brown 
!37 Sterling Street 
3rooklyn,NY 11225 

^JaTasha Brown 

Sandra A Brown 

1041 Galaxy Way #208 

iuntsville, AL 35816 

Sarah-marie M Brown 
.32-3 Golden Rod Lane 
Rochester, NY 14623 

ferrell F Brown 

'900 Old Madison Pike #14002 

vladison, AL 35958 

/elexia E Brown 

500 Sparkman Dr. NW Apt. 37-F 

iuntsville, AL 35816 

/enique E Brown 

500 Sparkman Drive 37-F 

iuntsville, AL 35816 

vlurvin E Browne 
107 Cooper Ave. 
reaneck, NJ 07666 

lacquel D Browne 

1020 - #3 Greystone Walk Drive 

Scarborough, Ontario, M1K5J4 Can 

)aniealle C Browning 

•355 Springtrail 

Hack Jack, MO 63033 

^.rly Brutus 

'160 Nw 179 Street, Apt. 104 

diami Lakes, FL 33015 

ilizabeth Brutus 

160 NW 179th Street #109 

diami, FL 33015 

Qossmeryl S Bryan 
441 N.W. 13th Street 
.auderhill, FL 33313 

Henry H Bryant II 

7900 Old Madison Pike Apt. 130 

Madison, AL 35758 

R Kollette Bryant 

3631 Greenbriar Drive Nw 

Huntsville, AL 358102500 

Tiffany L Bryant 

3631 Greenbriar Dr. NW 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Simone Bucknor 

5367 Randall Street 

Montreal, Quebec, 84Z 2Z6 Canada 

Frenita N Buddy 

3222 Wyndham Park Court 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Renida Denise Bufkin 
1901 Sparkman Dr. #802 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Belina L Buisson 
2990 N.w. 11th Street 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 

Elticia R Buisson 

2990 North West 11th Street 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 

Lee S Bulgin 

5 California Road 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

Dave K Bullen 

4908 Cotton Row Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Marrion E Burden 
2424 Maryland Ave. 
Roanoke, VA 24017 

David Burkett 

9016 B Mahogany Row 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Iris Burks 

4802 Shawmont Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Andrea T Burton 

405 Grenock Drive 

Maple, Ontario, L6A1M6 Canada 

Dale M Burton 

4201 N.e. 19th Avenue 

Portland, OR 97211 

Denoris Burton 
2604 Mt. Park Cir. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Liza J Burton 

152 Suburban Terrace 

Stratford, NJ 08084 

Noelle E Burton 
4082 Amundson Ave. 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Roberto Leonell Burton 
6237 Rime Village Drive, #101 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Frederick Douglas Bussey 
4420-9 Torrance Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Anthony R Butler 

3406 Elizabeth Street Apt C-8 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

David M Butler 
5225 Bickneil Road 
Marbury, MD 20658 

Camille L Byars 
1234 Greenbriar Street 
Jackson, MS 39211 

Carmen B Byars 
1234 Greenbriar Street 
Jackson, MS 39211 

Maya P Byfield 
142-11 130 Ave 
Jamaica, NY 11436 

LaToya H Bynum 
2229 41st Avenue 
Oakland, CA 94601 

Mary S Byrd 

161 Derwent Lane 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Calbert R Caesar 
4524 Bonnell Drive, #d 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Travis D Caines 
Shelton Road 
Cavendish Heights 
Pembroke, HM20 Bermuda 

David L Caise III 
729 Heathcliff Lane 
Everman, TX 76140 

Khymberli D Caise 
729 Heathcliff Lane 
Everman, TX 76140 

Chris Caldwell 
2219 Euclid Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

David Caldwell III 
5129 Seven Pines Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

James Louis Caldwell 

4122 S. Memorial Pkwy., Apt. H 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Andrea D Caleb 
9463 Dunkirk Road 
Springhill, FL 34608 

Jonise M Caleb 

45 Kingston Ave 2R 
Brooklyn, NY 11213 

Alan Darnell Calhoun 
3609 Kenard Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Robin H Callis 

13207 Bermondsey Court 

Mitchellville, MD 20721 

Kevin D Cameron 

17 Quaker Ridge Road 

Concord, Ontario L4K2E5 Canada 

Orville D Cameron 

2 Rockwood Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J7T2 Canada 

Richard Dale Cameron 

2 Rockwood Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J7T2 Canada 

Bradford E Campbell 
233 South Speer Road 
Stockbridge, GA 30281 

Kenneth W Campbell 
8817 Blue Smoke Dr. 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

Kenroy Anthony Campbell 
3382 Nutcracker Dr. 
Mississauga, Ontario L5N6E6 Can 

Patrick Samuel Campbell Jr 
4303-C Boxwood 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Sharon G Campbell 
11894 S.W. 12th Place 
Davie, FL 33325 

Shayla L Campbell 
6002 Spanish Oak Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27409 

Valene P Campbell 
3205 Colonial Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L5L5K9 Can 

Donald F Cantrell 

3773 Walnut Creek Drive 

Columbus, OH 43224 

Kevin S Cargill 
2205 Apache Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nulma B Carguill 
6107 Jeffferson Drive 
Reading, PA 19606 

Reyna R Carguill 
6107 Jefferson Drive 
Reading, PA 19606 

Bernard C Carlisle Jr. 
1098 Congress Avenue 
Teaneck,NJ 07666 


Anthony R Carmona 
978 N. Riverside Avenue 
Rialto,CA 92376 

Durand Carrington 
691 Julia Street Apt. 4 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Karen N Carrington 
3856 Parkdale Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 

Sheldon L Carrington 
2429 Maplewood Dr. 
Chattanooga, TN 37421 

Casey D Carroll 
16685 Bonanza Drive 
Woodcrest, CA 92504 

Jennifer Irene Carruthe 


Christine M Carter 
1433 Chandler Road 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

McCants L Carter 
15027 Cherry wood Dr. 
Laurel, MD 20707 

Luke Carthen 
10924 Griffith Road 
Tanner, AL 35071 

Cheyenne M Cartwright 
Sea Breeze Estates 
Nassau, N9722 Bahamas 

Hopefull M Carty 

148-169 Lime Street 

St. Thomas, 00803 U.S.V.I. 

Winfield A Castello Jr. 
1407 River Rock Drive 
Missouri City, TX 77489 

Karen L Celestine 

Jose Lake Sr. Rd. 

Ebenezer Housing #9 

St. Maarten, Netherlands, Antilles 

Nickeea J Chalmers 

155 Godfrey Ave. Apt.k205 

Philadelphia, PA 19120 

Kimberly M Chambers 
3320 Barnes Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10467 

Damian M Chandler 
100 Spencerwood Court 
Scarborough, Ontario, M1W2PL Can 

Jabari M Chapman 
801 Julia St. Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bernadin Charles 

240 North West 41th Street 

Pompano Beach, FL 33064 


Kenny B Charles 

1010 Henderson Rd., Apt-9f 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Lyn M Charles 
35 Green Acres 
Devonshire, DV08 Bermuda 

Marie S Charles 

31 Chestnut St. 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Oscar Z Charles 

1908 Kent Village Drive 

Landover, MD 20785 

Toya N Charles 

32 Pine Street Studios Apt.#26 
Norwalk,CT 06854 

Jonathan L Cheatham 
6218 Black Cherry Cirle 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Joseph G Cheatham 
6218 Black Cherry Circle 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Zoe S Checkley 
1644 Ellington Rd. 
Conyers,GA 30208 

Adrian O Chen 
7784 Kittridge Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario, L4T3J6 Can 

Marie G Cherestal 

15241 N.e. 11th Court 

N. Miami Beach, FL 33162 

Latita R Chess 

205 Haversham Drive 

Birmingham, AL 35215 

Emanuel Chester Jr 
7011 Windscape Drive 
Madison, AL 35757 

Evelyn Eugene Chester 
3208 Uvalde Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Demecia L Childs 
4384 Hemingway Dr. 
Grand Prairie, TX 95053 

Donnell L Chisholm 
Savannah, GA 31401 

Alicia R Christian 

524 South Grand Avenue 

Evansville, IN 47713 

Harolyn A Christian 
31 Coomer Crescent 
Ajax, Ontario LIT3C2 Canada 

Enjoli L Christmas 
76 Johnson Avenue 
Hackensack, NJ 07601 

David C.A. Chunn 
1324 Wellington Avenue 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

Deborah A Claborn 
3706 McEwen Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Samonna L Claiborne 
12208 Mccullagh Court 
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 

Elta Clairvil 

4251 Nw 5 Street #20 

Plantation, FL 33317 

Bessie E Clark 

1816 Kendall Terrace 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

James C Clark 

1530 Gary wood Avenue 

Columbus, OH 43227 

Joyce L Clark 
1502 Trinity Road 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Priscilla R Clark 

Carter Hall 116, Oakwood College 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Terry T Clark 
18437 Wisconsin 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Victor J Clark 
6819 Flame St. 
Orlando, FL 32807 

David Anthony Clarke 
315 Chauncey St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11233 

Erica Clarke 
6408 Flo Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Marvin G Clarke 
4908 Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Michele Clarke 
4980 Lake Road 
Dollard-des-ormeaux, Quebec 
H9G1G8 Canada 

Paulette P Clarke 
2529 Leston Court 
Orlando, FL 32817 

Rosey A Clarke 
97-04 34th Avenue 
Corona, NY 11368 

Tamara A Clarke 
278 Oak Park Court 
Tallahasse, FL 32308 

Jamie (UAH) Clay 

3709 South Westdale Court SW 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Denise J Clayton 

1422 Carmowa Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90019 

Margarita E Clifford 
106 Tiffany Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Kerry L Clisby 
40 Wood Street 
Sylacauga, AL 35150 

Rhonda Coachman 


Chanisha R Cochran 
3 Luckie Street 
Newnan, GA 30263 

Letitia R Cochran 
2865 Lakeland Drive 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Cassandra R Codling 

6123 85th Avenue 

New Carrollton, MD 20784 

Cherie' A Colbert 

2058 Country Club Drive 

Woodridge, IL 60517 

Maxine L Colbert 
240 Martin Rd. #707 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Kimberley D Coleman 
P.O. Box 493 
Clarksville, VA 23927 

Johanne Colin 

20 East 18 StreetApt.Cll 

Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Bryan L Collick 
4362 Gun & Rod Rd. 
Houston, DE 19954 

Rhonda F Collins 
10903 El Nopal Street 
Lakeside, CA 92040 

Verdella L Collins 

8705 Queensmere Place #1 

Richmond, VA 23294 

Erin N Conner 
750 Via Concepcion 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Jessica T Cook 
P.O. Box 278 
Ferrum,VA 24088 

Tamara L Cook 
170 West Street 
Oneonta, NY 13820 

Aleshia M Cook-Estes 

1200 S. Monaco Parkway, Apt-13 

Denver, CO 80224 

jssica O Coombs 
13 Glenrock PI. 
Kington, TX 76014 

Merdre D Cooper 
269 Edwards St. #12 
:edlands,CA 92374 

Mckinley N Crockett 
2756 Whitney Drive North 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Marva Sheryl Crossfield 
34 Coppard Avenue 
Ontario L352M5 Canada 

Jeffrey A Dalrymple 
3784 University Dr. 1711 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Barrington L Dames 
1585 W. 35th Street 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 

Cedric E Davis II 
15823 N. 57th St. 
Phoenix, AZ 85254 

Chelise M Davis 

10617 Nebraska Avenue 

Omaha, NE 68134 

)onville Cooper 

202 Yorkmills Road 

forth York, Ontario, M3A1Y1 Can 

Edwin Richard Crump 

3907 Harwood Avenue SW #F9 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Jennifer Dammier 
1701 Yellowstone Street 
Cocoa, FL 32922 

Don E Davis 

4156 South Memorial Parkway,# 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

jista Cooper 
Chatham Street 
lartford,CT 06112 

Vickie R Crumsey 
145 Harris Road Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

John R Damon Jr 

241 3- A Mastin Lake Road 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Gianna Elizabeth Davis 
730 Dickinson Street 
Flint, MI 48507 

lasakela R Cooper 
38 Lozier Street 
ochester, NY 14611 

Marissa Cummings 

555 Elmira Road, Apt. #70 

Vacaville, CA 95687 

Juan Romero Damon 
3809 Vogel Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jeneen T Davis 

5014 Oakwood Road, Apt. 

Huntsville, AL 35896 


teven Baron Cooper 

014 Oakwood Rd, Apt. 14 

luntsville, AL 35896 

iathy Camille Cornelius 
2 Park Avenue 
oosevelt, NY 11575 

Natasha S Cunningham 
1116 Brewer Drive 
Dallas, TX 75104 

Lisa Ann J Cush 

4049 Braeswood Drive #5 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Christian M O Daniel 


Juliette Loretta Daniel 

3784 University Drive, Apt. 61 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jeremiah A Davis 
8411 N. 9th Street 
Tampa, FL 33604 

Jeremy L Davis 

5442 Laurel Trail 

St. Leonard, MD 20685 

•avid A Cort 
5571 Princeton 
•etroit, MI 48221 

ee R Cort 
5571 Princeton 
•etroit, MI 48221 

lelvin R Cowan 
46 Neptune Drive 
£rab,AL 35016 

hivonne L Cowie 

5 Ridware Crescent 

carborough, Ontario M1C3S2 Can 

!arin N Cox 

24 Rolling Oaks Ridge 

edarhilLTX 75104 

andice D Crarey 

9313 Cypress Hill Way 

laithersburg, MD 20879 

ison A Crawford 

260 West Kemper Apt. 2 

incinnati, OH 45240 

Yolenne D Cush 

9414 Van Nuys Blvd., Apt. 110 

Panorama City, CA 91402 

Yonelle A Cush 

4049 Braeswood Drive, Apt. #5 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

George T Cyril 
P.o. Box 581 
Castries, St. Lucia 

Sabrina L Cyril 

20057 North West 85th Avenue 

Miami, FL 33015 

Natasha S Cyrus 
3018 Ernest Drive #1 
Auburndale, FL 33823 

Sophya A Cyrus 

3018 Ernest Drive Apt. 1 

Auburndale, FL 33823 

Olufemi Moses Dada 
5022 Kyle Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Roy Emerson Daniels 
4606 Grizzard Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tanisha E Daniels 
19141 Harlow 
Detroit, MI 48235 

Kisha Chanell Danielson 
2021 Kewannee Trail 
Casselberry, FL 32707 

Ivan J Daphnis 
1320 Nw 200th St. 
Miami, FL 33169 

Kelly Diane Darby 
231 Pine Forge Road 
Douglassville, PA 19518 

Krystal D Darby 
231 Pine Forge Road 
Douglassville, PA 19518 

Larry D Davenport 
1615 Alabama Drive 
Greenville, MS 38701 

John E Davis 

8411 North 9th Street 

Tampa, FL 33604 

Latoya T Davis 

3270 Monica Drive 

Mississauga, Ontario L4T3E7 Can 

Maisha N Davis 
15582 Pine Avenue 
Fontana,CA 92335 

Michael Richeea Davis 
5014 Oakwood Road #16 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Preston E Davis 
7400 Trimble Drive 
Fort Worth, TX 76134 

Primitivo R Davis 
157 Pelham Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19119 

Rebekah R Davis 
485 County Road 433 
Hillsboro,AL 35643 

listen Celeste Crawford 
144 Sherbrook Drive 
•eltona, FL 32725 

'emarest D Crawl 
447 N. 56th Street 
hiladelphia, PA 19131 

iallo M Crichton 
V Main Blvd. 
Sirewsbury, MA 01545 

ejan S Crichton 
)7 Main Boulevard 
irewsburg, MA 01545 


Joseph Dailey 

2603 Dry Creek Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sherine C Daley 

28 Hendricks Crescent 

Brampton, Ontario L6Y4L2 Canada 

Jahmela R Dalrymple 
5009 Galaxy Apt. 1010 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Julie S Davidson 
5428 Farmhill Road 
Flint, MI 48505 

Yasmin N Davidson 
100-24 221st Street 
Queens, NY 11429 

Amanda L Davis 
53 Sand Street 
Massapequa, NY 11758 

Aren D Davis 

623 East 35th Street 

Savannah, GA 31401 

Rochelle L Davis 

4201 Boxwood Ct. Apt. B 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Shiraz Pierre Davis 
7 Mossbrook Crescent 
Scarborough, Ontario M1W2W8 Can 

Timothy M Davis 

602 Nelson Hollow Road 

Somerville, AL 35670 

Frankyann R Dawkins 
450 Neeses Highway 
Orangeburg, SC 29115 


Ralph C Dawkins 
35 Cedar Street 
Clinton, MA 01510 

Cheryl E Dawson 

12 Madron Crescent 

North York, Ontario M3J1H9 Can 

Shantel L Daye 

4912 Cotton Row Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Rachel A Dean 

117 North Delaware, Apt. B 

San Mateo, CA 94401 

Antony J Debardelaben 
3241 1/2 Baltimore 
Indianapolis, IN 46218 

Kathyann D Debellotte 
447 Schuykill Avenue 
Reading, PA 19601 

Melody Lynn Debrough 
309 North Street Apt.#3 
Portsmouth, VA 23704 

Franz Chalver Defreitas 
4033 Hunters Ridge Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Ronald Wendell Degale 
3415 Darlene Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Dalene R Dehaney 

35 Lake Shore Drive Apt. #ld 

Watervliet, NY 12189 

Michele P Delaney 
5838 Hutton Drive 
Orlando, FL 32808 

Shavon M Denard 
P. O. Box 2224 
Whiteville, NC 28472 

Andre R Denham 
139-41 254 Street 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Marva S Dennis-drigo 
4917 Cotton Row Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Franklyn Charles Dent 
12101 Woodwind Lane 
Mitchelville, MD 20712 

Ayodele K dept 
2713 Garvin Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Alan A Derrick-griffith 

L.p. #31 Piarlo Old Road 

Red Hill D'abadie Trinidad & Tobago 

Patricia G Deshommes 


B.p. 401, Yaounde, Central Africa, 


Thamar Desilier 
170 Southfield Drive 
Brockton, MA 02402 

Miguelle C Desir 
1835 NW 187 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33056 

AnthoneL Deveaux 
P.O. Box N10058 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Phyllece J Deveaux 
P.O. Box SS-4344 
Nassau, SS6344 Bahamas 

Marlyse Gilda Dholah 

Wade Hall #107B Oakwood College 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Elliott Dewayne Diggs 

8 Shepard Court 

New Orleans, LA 701 1 4 

Shalondra B Diggs 

8 Shepard Court 

New Orleans, LA 70114 

Nita Ditele 

7 Hilltop Lane 

Wheatly Heights, NY 1 1 798 

Ewan A Dixon 

4135 Baychester Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10466 

Ryan S Dixon 

8000 East 118th Terri 

Kansas City, MO 64134 

Erica J Dizard 
23 Sharrow Court 
Baltimore, MD 21244 

Shawn D Doggette 
103 Windingham 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Johnny E Dollar 
3605 C.R. #62 
Dawson, AL 35963 

Jouviole Dominique 
1500 Sparkman Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Yvonne H Donatto 
11027 Rockcliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Handel Dormus 
101 Nw 106 Street 
Miami Shores, FL 33150 

Lawrence Steven Dorsey 
3010 A Autumnwood Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Cari R Dossman 
5150 Inwood Drive 
Jackson, MS 39206 

Craig A Dossman Jr. 

3224 Westheimer Dr. Apt, 2 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Petra M Dotson 

4510 Mastin Lake Road 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Garth E Dottin 

49 Peterborough Ave. 

Toronto, Ontario M6H2K9 Can 

Carolyn Patricia Douglas 
1625 Plantation 
Garland, TX 75044 

Virginiah Njeri Douglas 
13940 Sherman Way Apt. 11 
VanNuys, CA 91405 

Landon J Dowe 

1765 Laurel Brook Lane 

Birmingham, AL 35215 

Monet N Dowrich 
170 S. Portland Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11217 

Loretta Doxon 
1624 Redwood Drive 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Steven A Doyling 

51 Cedar Hill 

Warwick, WK05 Bermuda 

Caron R Drake 

240 Martin Rd. #1908 

Huntsville, AL 35824 

Delphia D Drake 
104 Blackberry Lane 
Birmingham, AL 35214 

Dawn N Drakeford 
1433 Vivian Street 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Steven P Drakes 

7003 Southwark Terrace 

Hyattsville, MD 20782 

Lacresha T Drew 
1186 Creston Street 
Muskegon, MI 49442 

Nelly S Duarte 
715 Dry Creek Road 
Lacey's Spring, AL 35754 

Albert L Dudley II 
12005 Ishtar Street 
Ft. Washington, MD 20744 

Gian K Dudley 

5682 Baldwin Avenue 

Riverside, CA 92509 

Gilian F Dudley 
5682 Baldwin Avenue 
Riverside, CA 92509 

Kahlima N Dudley 
5009 Pasture Court 
Ellicott City, MD 21043 

Sherian J Dulan 

1020 Clearwood Avenue 

Riverside, CA 92506 

Stacia G Dulan 

1020 Clearwood Avenue 

Riverside, CA 92506 

Stanton Cavell Dulan 
1020 Clearwood Ave. 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Rowandalla Y Dunbar 

4207 Confederate Point Road, 1 

Jacksonville, FL 32210 

Kay Silvina Duncan 

P.O. Box 4365 

Kingshill, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 

Teresa N Duncan 
1904 Hauser Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90016 

Charmaine N Dunchie 
77 Ashurst Crescent 
Brampton, Ontario L6V3N7 Can 

Duane A Dunkley 
1025 East 224th Street 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Corey J Dunning 

1710 N. Ashburton Street 

Baltimore, MD 21216 

Lashawnna R Dunning 
1710 Ashburton Street 
Baltimore, MD 21216 

Anita R Dupree 
95 El Molino Drive 
Sparks, NV 89436 

Owen R Dwyer 
493 East 51st. Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Charlene E. Eason 
P.O. Box 11291 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Cory D Edmonds 

8010 Patuxent Landing Loop 

Laurel, MD 20724 

Myron P Edmonds 

8010 Patuxent Landing Coop 

Laurel, MD 20724 

Arlene A Edwards 
5938 Greensboro Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L5M5S5 Ca: 

Celeste I Edwards 

116-32 132 Street 

South Ozone Park, NY 1 1420 

lyce D Edwards Ms. 

124 Torrance Drive Apt. 14 

untsville, AL 35816 

imberly M Edwards 
)06 8th Street 
jscaloosa, AL 35401 

[arcus L Edwards 
)09 58th Circle South 
. Petersburg, FL 33712 

imuel L Edwards 
.6-32 132nd Street 
rnth Ozone Park, NY 11420 

?resa A Edwards 

'aterloo Lane 

. George, GE03 Bermuda 

tad S El-amin II 
i First Street 
Ibany,NY 12210 

lelton M Ellerbe 
•9 Atwood Street 
tlanta, GA 30310 

ary L Ellington 
10 Gibson St. 
tlanta, GA 30316 

;sley S Elliott 

404 Carpathia Road 

innipeg, Manitoba R3N1Y4 Can 

livia R Elliott 
105 Camden Rd. 
adesboro,NC 28170 

Kirestin T Esters 
631501d Madison Pike, #F 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Tecelia Esters 
6623 Hopper Road 
Houston, TX 77016 

Mary C Estime 

4419 Bonnell Drive #5 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Troy D Evangelista 
4912 Cotton Row #d 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Aliethia N Evans 

6646 Willow Ponte Drive #C 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Christopher A Evans 

13426 Dupree Worthey Road 

Harvest, AL 35749 

Juanita S Evans 
1013 Belwood Circle 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Lucille F Evans 

13426 Dupree Worthey Road 

Harvest, AL 35749 

Ricky H Evans 
5014 Oakwood Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Rikesa M Evans 

4269 Briargreen Drive Apt. 11 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Enaame L Farrell 

67 Secroft Crescent 

Downsview, Ontario M3N1R5 Can 

Tisa P Farrell-Banks 

67 Secroft Crescent 

Downsview, Ontario M3N1R5 Can 

Adaire M Farrior 
5020 Kingsley Street 
Montclair, CA 91763 

Rebecca J Faulkner 

P.O. Box 3102 

Charlotte Amalie, St. Croix 00803 

Jose' F Feit 

1816 Cromwell Drive 

Akron, OH 44313 

Tenisha M Felder 
3 Andover Court 
North Augusta, SC 29841 

Gailann N Felix 

5014 Oakwood Rd. Nw Apt. 22 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ronald Berge' Felix 
194 Shelton Road #190 
Madison, AL 35758 

Barbara J Fenelon 
9314 Jonathan Rd. 
Woodbury, MN 55125 

Herman Fenison 

7900 Old Madison Pike Apt. 400 

Madison, CA 35758 

Angela T Fields 

4885 Wedgewood Way 

Stone Mountain, GA 30088 

Erica D Fields 

1739 East G Street #14 

Ontario, CA 91764 

Jeanette Sharice Fields 
435 Beatty Road 
Mmroeville, PA 19056 

Jeleania O Fields 

7241 Paseo 

Kansas City, MO 64132 

Monique L Fields 

7396 Harbor Cove Court 

Stone Mountain, GA 30087 

Russell M Fields 
435 Beatty Road 
Monroeville, PA 15146 

Sirius T Fields 

413 Price Avenue 

North Braddock, PA 15104 

Leopoldo I Figueroa 

3132 Clyde Park 

Grand Rapids, MI 49509 

Mauricio Figueroa 
11430 Doverwood Drive 
Riverside, CA 92505 

Brian K Fike 

107 Copperrun Court 

Harvest, AL 35749 

iifford H Ellis 

i04 Red Oak Drive 

lver Spring, MD 20910 

icole A. Ellis 

115 Bonnell Drive Apt. 27-E 

untsville, AL 35816 

acey T Ellis 

i69N.w. 111th Avenue 

antation, FL 33322 

helyn E Embry 
9 Portal Lane 
adison, AL 35758 

7 erton A Ennis 

05 Old Madison Pike Nw Apt. 
Untsville, AL 35806 

rena E Enniss 

6 Varsity Road 

luth Orange, NJ 07079 

Irian L Epps 

1 Wilson Hill Drive 

adison, AL 35758 

etha A Ergus 

Jamestown Cr. 

xdale, Ontario M9V3M6 Can 

Rupert E Evans II 
6209 Dryads Court 
Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Herman J Eve 
109 South Seas 

Hallington Hundreds, Smiths 
FL08 Bermuda 

Consuelo M Ewing 
3600 Kodiak Way 
Antelope, CA 95843 

Angela F Ezzard 
1684 Lee Street 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Eileen P Fabian 

219 Monte Vista Road 

Candler, NC 28715 

Levira Racquel Fagan 
17800 E. Colima #371 
Rowland Heights, CA 91748 

Patricia R Fair 

6727 Raunier Avenue #326 

Seattle, WA 98118 

Shalotta R Faniel 
6023 Pachappa Dr. 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Patrick N Fenison 
2715 West 116th Street 
Hawthorne, CA 90250 

Tanisha P Fenison 
2715 West 116th Street 
Hawthorne, CA 90250 

Jason M Ferdinand 
Caribbean Union College 
P.O. Box 175 Port-of-spain, 
Trinidad And Tobago 

Joel A Ferebee 

36 Courtland Circle 

Bear, DE 19701 

Hermena M Ferguson 
809-10 Tapscott Road 
Scarborough, Ontario M1B3L9 Can 

Suzette M Ferguson 
1810 W. 42nd Place 
Los Angeles, CA 90062 

Milton Fermine 

Box 45 Oakwood College 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Edwige Fermine' 
104 Linden Blvd. 
Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Paula Fils-Aime 

10745 South West 146th Street 

Miami, FL 33176 

Gretchen N Finn 
783 Line Street 
Evansville, IN 47713 

Raimeca Delene Fitzpatrick 
P.O. Box 32315 
Columbus, OH 43232 

Raimere S Fitzpatrick 
P.o. Box 32315 
Columbus, OH 43232 

Cathy A Fletcher 

190 Butter & Eggs Road 

Hazel Green, AL 35750 

Janice Fletcher 
1901 Catchings Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Marie Helen Florence 
106 Indian Creek Trail 
Aiken, SC 29803 

Philip Marvan Florence 
100 Shawn Drive 
MauldimSC 29662 


William Leevon Floyd 
2760 Browns Mill Road 
Atlanta, GA 30354 

Latrice A Flucas 

436 East Tamarack Avenue 

Inglewood, CA 90301 

Sara Y Flynn 

3815 S.w. 10th Street 

Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 

Joseph L Follette Jr 
Oakwood College Box 32 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Magda Fontil 
5441 SW 20th Street 
Hollywood, FL 33023 

Valy Fontil 

H37 Los Altos Way Apt. 104 

Altamore Springs, FL 32714 

Maquisha D Ford 
16606 South 38th Way 
Phoenix, AZ 85044 

Emma C Forde 
135 Harris Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Eva W Forde 

2713 Trail Ridge Rd. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Wade F Forde 
10589 Poplar Street 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Priscilla D Foreman-nesbit 
400-b Dallas Avenue Northwest 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

LaTanya D Forest 
1045 Derousse Avenue 
Pennsaulien, NJ 08110 

Christopher J Fort 
3580 Steamtown Road 
Ashley, OH 43003 

Jeremiah I Fort 
3580 Steamtown Rd 
Ashley, OH 43003 

Brian D Foster 
6914 Nashville Road 
Lanham, MD 20706 

Karen D Foster 

8718 N.e. 29th Avenue 

Vancouver, WA 98665 

Eric B Fountain 
3461 MW 183 Street 
Miami, FL 33056 

Tykisha O Fountain Powell 
405 Eggerts Crossing Rd. 
Ewing, NJ 08638 


Tameka N Foust 
19723 Harlow 
Detroit, MI 48235 

Theresa Tianai Fox 

3 Anchorage View Lane 

St. George's, GE01 Bermuda 

nalisa L Francis 
11738 Mosscrest Road 
Houston, TX 77048 

Coretta S Francis 

568 Silver Course Circle 

Ocala, FL 34472 

Corey R Francis 

568 Silver Course Cicle 

Ocala, FL 34472 

Ferron F Francis 
794 East 56 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11234 

Jared D Francis 

100 Spurcewood Ct. Apt-1412 

Scarborough, Ontario M1W2P2 Can 

Kitson M Francis 
2203 Apache Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Natasha U Francis 
11738 Mosscrest Drive 
Houston, TX 77048 

Esther Francois 

900-39th Street 

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Jacques S Francois 

1500 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 8- A 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jaime R Francois 
2045 Saulet Place 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Lemuel L Francois 
1183 N.e. 91 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33138 

Dorian Faye Franklin 
3902 Mcewen Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lisa R Franklin 

5806 Windermere Court 

Lithonia, GA 30038 

Tiffany A Franklin 
10521 Carriage Road 
Spotsylvania, VA 22553 

Michael W Franks 
9424 Sgt Helden Lane 
Athens, AL 35614 

Trevor V Fraser 
12104 Chicamauga Tr. 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Patrick Dwayne Freeman 
1409 East Leonard Street 
Pensacola, FL 32503 

RaShaye K Freeman 

2187 North Connell Avenue 

Simi Valley, CA 93063 

Raymond Lister Freeman 
2187 North Connell Avenue 
Simi Valley, CA 930630000 

Devin O French 
601 Milan Road 
Charlotte, NC 28216 

Tasha (UAH) French 
1505 Sparkman Drive #148 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Marshall C Frett Jr. 

1010 Henderson Road, Apt. #16- 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Maurice D Frye 

2891 Wyatt Street 

Colorado Springs, CO 80916 

Amber K Fryson 
110 Mar-Jo Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Nicole S Fryson 
110 Mar-jo Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Chima W Fubler 
22 Mountview Road 
Pembroke, Bermuda 

Sharon-anne Lesline Fubler 

P.O. Box 579 

Muristin Villa, Warwick WK10 


Talitha L Fubler 

48 Par-la-ville Rd., Suite 129 

Hamilton, HM11 Bermuda 

Trenton S Fubler 
5 Heathcote Hill 
Soundview Road, 
Somerset MA06 Bermuda 

Jason Allen Fudge 
2000 Peaches Place #B 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Chitina R Fulford 
1117 Harvey Avenue 
Cleveland, OH 44104 

Steven Jermaine Fuller 
208 Doris Drive 
Grand Cane, LA 71032 

Rickey E Fuqua 
105 Windmill Rd 
Madison, AL 35758 

Monroy F Gabriel 
311 Wesley Club Dr. 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Sean A Gage 

7900 Old Madison Pike, Apt. 13 

Madison, AL 35758 

Shana J Gage 

923 East 102nd Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Maurice L Gaines 

4920 La Roche Avenue #43 

Savannah, GA 31404 

Julienne E Gaiter 
595 Bobwhite Drive 
Pensacola, FL 32514 

Matthew Gallien 
1809 Wisperwood Way 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Kristy R Gallon 
6 Price Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

William L Gallon 
105 Granby Street 
Hartford, CT 06112 

Matthew Michael Gardner 
4424 McClain Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Natasha D Gardner 

6511 North Kings Highway 

Texarkana, TX 75503 

Traci L Gardner 

5014 Oakwood Road #23 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Tiffany M Garnett 
37617 Simi Street 
Palmdale, CA 93552 

Tina Michelle Garnett 
650 Wynn Drive, Apt. 274 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Trisan Mary Garnett 
18150 S. Grameray Place 
Torrance, CA 90504 

Sheryl D Garrison 
107 Bitterweed Court 
Madison, AL 35758 

Lequitta M Gaskin 
100 Candlewick Road 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Benjamin Gregory Gaskins 
11749 KennRd 
Cincinnati, OH 45240 

Samala R Gaskins 
11749 Kenn Road 
Cincinnati, OH 45240 

Steven L Gates 
3611 21st Street 
Gulfport, MS 39501 

Cenya LaShon Gatson 
39 Azalea Drive 
itockbridge, GA 30281 

'arrish J Geary 
002 Post Street 
Ledlands,CA 92374 

'atrice Germain 
801 N.e 4th Ave. 
'ompano Beach, FL 33064 

jetrich B Germany 

010 Rutland Dr. Apt. #117 

larmicheal, CA 95608 

Garcia Doreen Getfield 
28 Little Lones Road 
luntsville, AL 35811 

Valtie V Getfield 
28 Little Lones Road 
luntsville, AL 35811 

evonne L Gibbons 
6 Cavendish Road 
embroke, HM19 Bermuda 

)anielle Cleopatra Gibson 
010 Henderson Rd. #9-E 
luntsville, AL 35816 

)avid D Gibson 

610 Warrenville Center Apt. 15B 

haker Heights, OH 44122 

)elois A Gibson 

155 Old Monrovia Road, 5-B 

luntsville, AL 35806 

lakese F Gilbert 

1 Sousa Estate 

)evonshire, FL01 Bermuda 

reddie Gilchrist 
.o. Box 610736 
irmingham, AL 35261 

Crystal Joy Giles 

19-20 Springfield Blvd. 

lambria Heights, NY 11411 

yna L Giles 

19-20 Springfield Blvd. 

ambria Heights, NY 11411 

ernon Giles III 

19-20 Springfield Blvd. 

ambria Heights, NY 11411 

arlee Donielle Gillum 
334 Monteith Drive 
ios Angeles, CA 90043 

aula M Glass 

7 12 Westwood Drive 

untsville, AL 35810 

mone O Glen 

>77 Kipling Avenue Apt #1103 

:obicoke, Ontario M9V4P1 Can 

Carolyn Louise Glover 
125 East 18 Street 1-c 
Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Sharanda M Glover 

1300 Cynwyd Club Drive Apt 6 

Wilmington, DE 19802 

Terrell J Glover 
102-45 62 Rd #2-b 
Forest Hills, NY 11375 

Vern E Gohanna 

4731 Blue Haven Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Deirdre Michelle Golson 
8447 Creekbed Court 
Huber Heights, OH 45424 

Kyle Aaron Golson 
3267 Atlin Avenue 
Dublin, OH 43017 

Meshay L Gomes 
22 Town Hill Rd. 
Flatts, Smith's, FL07 Bermuda 

April Candice Gonzales 
191-48 116th Avenue 
St. Albans, NY 11412 

Shani L Gonzalez 

2501 Westland Drive #44 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Bryant L Goodine 
6014 Griffith Drive 
Camp Springs, MD 70746 

Alethea M Goodridge 
308-10756 138th Street 
Surrey, B.C. V3T 4K5 Can 

David Franklin Goodridge 
4116 Newson Rd., Apt. #80 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Joel Lamal Goodwin 
3801 Sparkman Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Cynthia Elaine Gordon 

407 Fernside Place 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Devonda Delecia Gordon 
934 Woodrow Avenue 
Avon Park, FL 33825 

Natalie C Gordon 

78 Ayers Court Apt. 2a 

Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Gary M Gorham 
1260-b Hermes Road 
Huntsville, AL 35808 

Dawn Sheena Gosby 

10640 Steppington Dr., Apt 221 

Dallas, TX 75230 

Keicha Simone Gosling 
1061 Nw 195 Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Sandy K Gracia 
14225 Nw 3rd 
Miami, FL 33618 

Dannitta L Graham 
2012 24th Avenue North 
Nashville, TN 37208 

Sonjanae Devonna Graham 
221 Siegel Street 
Westbury, NY 11590 

Donald L Grant 
1914 Matthew Way 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Ava D Gray 

1301 Blount Avenue S.W. 

Cleveland, TN 37311 

Gary N Gray 

184 Wellington Street 

Hempstead, NY 11550 

Jessica Ann Gray 
650 Wynn Dr. 242 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kenyatta S Gray 

2125 Simpson Road #13a 

Atlanta, GA 30314 

Liana N Gray 

615 Glenmore Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11207 

Nicholas Wayne Gray 
61 Silver Oak Circle 
Kissimmee, FL 34743 

Stephen H Gray 

4168 East Shawnee Road 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Allison R Green 
12300 Galway Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 

Carissa Dione Green 
3511 Alpine Place 
Indianapolis, IN 46226 

Carmalita Amadell Green 
9519 Windward Road 
Baton Rouge, LA 70810 

Dwayne M Green 
21 1 Federal Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Jeremiah L Green 
943 County Road 150 
Marbury, AL 36051 

Kristy W Green 

P.O. Box 351 

South Boston, VA 24592 

Laura V Green 
3409-a Glen Park 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Michael T Green 
230 N.e. 5th Street 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Yvonne Green 

4524 Bonnell Drive Apt. B 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Alfonzo Greene III 
5860 Grand Canyon Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Michelle S Greenidge 

32 William Honey Crescent 

Markham, Ontario, L352K1 Can 

Richard G Gregg 
502 Clift Drive 
Madison, AL 35758 

Melainie T Gregory 
104-25-195 Street Apt. 5-a 
St. Albans, NY 11412 

Samala A Gregory 

2105 South 5th Street, Apt. 1 

Phenix City, AL 36869 

Amma R Griffin 
31 Topcliff Ave. 
Downsview, Ontario M3N1L6 Can 

Brenya A Griffin 

31 Topcliff Avenue 

Downsview, Ontario M3N-1L6 Can 

Reuben Benjamin Griffin Jr 
11025 Rockcliff 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Shawanda F Griffin 
5050 Kennedy Street 
Columbus, GA 31907 

Vandeon D Griffin 

318 E. Orlando St. Apt. E 

Greenville, MS 38701 

Elisa D Griffith 

1777 Grandconcourse, Apt. G 

Bronx, NY 10453 

Halecia K Griffith 
2156 Anne PL 
Pomona, CA 91767 

Kareem J Griffith 
1002 Woodall 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kyna D Griffith 
5024 Brettshire Way 
Oklahoma City, OK 73142 

Chevon A Griffiths 
54 John Stoner Drive 
Scarborough, Ontario M1B3A3 Can 


Erik R Griggs 
24681 Bamboo Ct. 
Moreno Valley, CA 92553 

Mario T Griggs 
5184 Laurelwood Ln. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Robert A Grissom 

1108 Main Stn-#12, P.O. Box 40 

Buffalo, NY 14211 

Carol A Gritton 

400 Mississauga Valley Blvd #2 

Mississauga,Ontario L5A 3N6 Can 

Scott A Grover 

601 South High Street 

Winchester, TN 37398 

Rachelle Guerrier 
167 Aurora Street 
Port Charlotte, FL 33948 

Elaine A Guiness 
229-14 144th Ave 
Rosedale,NY 11413 

Eugene J Hall 

29824 Matthew Drive 

Westland,MI 48185 

James C Hall 

2808 Longfellow Drive SW 

Decatur, AL 35603 

Jennifer E Hall 

4134 Memorial Parkway 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Linda S Hall 

12308 Chicamauga Trail 

Huntsville, AL 35803 

Marc F Hall 

3936 West 168th Place 

Country Club Hills, IL 60478 

Sharlene Z Hall 

1510 Medland Road, Apt. C 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Sherry L Hall 
Route 1, Box 196 
Aulander,NC 21805 

Darryl L Hampton 

P.O. Box 172 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Nikkia K Hampton 
4101 Main Street 
Brighton, AL 35020 

Victoria J Hannah 

Route 6 Box 26 

West Point, MS 39773 

Janet L Harden 

119 Champions Green Drive 

Madison, AL 35758 

Daquisha N Harper 
780 Lower Boston Rd. 
Thomasville, GA 31757 

Ian Javon Harper 
382 Martina Drive 
Spring Hall, FL 34609 

Caswall Codner Harrigan II 
105 Clearbrook Court 
Madison, AL 35758 

Anthony D Harvey Jr. 
122 Wintish Road 
Ellenville, NY 12428 

Demetria Hatch 
8048 S. Woodlawn 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Brianne N Hatcher 
215 Hunters Road 
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 

Honore A Haughton 
8 Crystal Ct. 
Sickleville, NJ 19020 

Jason J Hawkins 
1912 Vineyard Way 
Tallahassee, FL 32311 

Kimberley S Hawkins 
4419 Bonnell Drive #3 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Demetrious A Hawthorne 

7815 Green Street 

New Orleans, LA 70118 

Paul L Gunn Jr. 

107 Deer Meadow Circle 

Toney, AL 357736944 

Ruth L Gunn 
6407 Matic Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Desiree' Jenee' Gunn-price 
640 Julia Street, Apt C 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Owen L Guthrie 

2434 Running Oak Court 

Spring Hill, FL 34608 

Bruce J Guy 

1332 South 9th Street 

Noblesville, IN 46060 

Nomalanga T Gwebu 
103 Foxboro Place 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Afua-Bema I Gyaami 
355 Spindrift Way 
VacaVille, CA 95896 


Gerard A Hairston 
2609 West 134th Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90059 

Amefika A Hall 

3354 Willow Lane Drive 

Montgomery, AL 36109 

Denise M Hall 

149 Apache Trail 

North York, Ontario M2H2J1 Can 

Stacy L Hall 
6871 S.e. Madison 
Hillsboro,OR 97123 

Syrita D Hall 
1043 Wagner Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Tamara A Halsell 

129-133 West 147th Street #11- 

NewYork, NY 10039 

Crystal A Hamel 
6007 Carmel Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Genevieve K Hamer 
188 B Poorhouse Road 
Taft,TN 38488 

Flore Marcelle Hamilton 
1202 Rustic Circle, Se 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Kimberly R Hamilton 

1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 4C 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Lisa M Hamilton 

702 West Maple Avenue 

Sterling, VA 20164 

Michael A Hamilton 
5563 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Movita C Hamilton 
702 West Maple Avenue 
Sterling, VA 20164 

Nina J Hamilton 
12180 Westerly Terrace 
Moreno Valley, CA 92557 

Velia M Harrigan 

1503 Sparkman Drive, #T153 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Angela T Harris 
2950 NW 208 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33050 

Asale M Harris 

90 Glenshepherd Drive 

Scarborough, Ontario M1K4N3 Can 

Claude Harris II 

P.O. Box 64 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Cory L Harris 
3629 N. 12th Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53206 

Makeda Harris 
16612 SW. 101 Ave. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Caron O Harrison 
17 Hallbank Terrace 
Scarborough, Ontario M1S2V8 Can 

Tasheima K Harrison 
227-16 139th Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Terrence A Harrison 
17 Hallbank Terrace 
Toronto, Ontario M1S2Y8 Can 

Bertrand O Harry 

1505 Sparkman Drive #126 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Junie Honore Harry 

3201 Westheimer Drive #10 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Alison Y Hayes 
P.O. Box 631 
Hurtsboro, AL 36860 

Michael I Hayes 

7900 Old Madison Pike #15022 

Madison, AL 35758 

Robert L Hayes Jr. 
15800 Burche Park E.d 
Miami, FL 33054 

Marsha Regina Hayle 
3289 Waxwing Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L5N5Y6 Can 

Natalie L Hayle 
3289 Waxwing Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L5N5Y6 Can 

Kara J Haynes 
1800 Carson Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Donna Arlene Haywood 
2100 Linde Street NW 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Reynold Hazelwood 
3582 Queenston Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L5C2G6 Car 


Amber R Head 
2600 Odessa #139 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Valerie V Heath 
1203 Troy Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Bonita N Hector 

1601 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 201 

Huntsville, AL 35816 


Melissa E Hedman-baker 

(09 Dufferin Street 

jronto, Ontario M3H5S3 Can 

eimone Chjarles Henderson 
582 Grey Fox Chase 
Ithonia, GA 30058 

jmela G Henderson 

16 N. Rock Hampton Drive 

[adison,AL 35758 

Decordever Hendricks 

)12 Newson Road, SW, Apt. 10 

untsville, AL 35805 

riana Rhesa Hendrickson 
18 Barbey Street 
rooklyn, NY 11207 

laronica Laraine Hendrieth 
)438 Waterford Drive 
snsacola, FL 32514 

wayne E Hendrix 
14 East 60th 
ivannah, GA 31405 

Lavar S Hickerson 
301 North Alves 
Henderson, KY 42420 

Michael Deval Hickman 
200 Burington 
Greenville, SC 27834 

Obie Jon Hicks IV 

1066 Tuttle Ave 

Simi Valley, CA 93065 

Tara T Hicks 
121 Way Circle 
Canton, MS 39046 

Tori B Hicks- 

787 Florecita Lane 

Altadena,CA 91001 

Kina D Hill 

4 Knapton Estate Road 

Smith's FL08 Bermuda 

Marius Deandre Hill 
4428 Bonnell Drive Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Surbhi. A Hodge-stoutt 
P.O. Box 591 West End 
Tortola, British Virgin Islands 

Shanika P Hodgson 

4 Olive Bank Drive, Apt. #35 

Warwick WK07 Bermuda 

Loren Richard Hodnett 

7900 Old Madison Pike Road #50 

Madison, AL 35758 

Martin C Hodnett 

1444 North Chestnut Avenue 

Rialto,CA 92376 

Samanthia Hoffman 
555 Executive Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Leesha K Hoilette 
6719 Hunter Court 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Clement Holder 
2009 Colony Drive #p 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Shannone O Holt 
526 Manor Place 
Birdsboro, PA 19508 

Richardson Honore 

120 Prince George Drive Apt. 3 

Huntsville, AL 35801 

David S Hood 


Alunda N Hopkins 
63 Slatton Way, Apt. D 
Roxbury, MA 02119 

Kiesha LaVern Hopson 
2227 Airport Road 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Jerry G Horton 

3121 Crepe Myrtle Court 

Albany, GA 31707 

Lisa Faye Houchin 
3317 Delia Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

recia Ann-Marie Henriques 
) Havenbrook Court 
fiornhill, Ontario L4J7K1 Can 

ssica A Henry 

yerton House, Yallaas 

O. Box 165 

:. Thomas, Jamaica, West Indies 

enneth Henry 
7 10 Crouse Drive 
untsville, AL 35810 

?slie Orville Henry 

1 Fig Street 

entral Islip, NY 11722 

[ichelle Lynn Henry 

542 South Fountain Avenue 

)ringfield, OH 45506 

asheba W Henry 

>3 Luzon Crescent 

[ississauga, Ontario L5B3W9 Can 

mdhya Marie Henry 
100 North Shore Drive 
r est Palm Beach, FL 33407 

anessa A Henry 

!5 Silverstone Drive #20 

exdale, Ontario M9V3K7 Canada 

enya Monique Herbert 
502 Green Meadow Road 
untsville, AL 35810 

lawn L Hervey-jumper 
5 Chester Street 
Winchester, MA 01890 

ndre' O Hewitt 
)-c Dubois Court 
nglewood, NJ 07631 

Mian R Hill 
Po Box 133 
Keene,TX 76059 

Sonia J Hill 
600 Lewis Lane 
Keene,TX 76059 

Phyllis L Hill-dew 

4624 Broadmeadow Lane 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Orlando Qulandu Hillard 
284 Lucy Avenue 
Memphis, TN 38106 

Erika N Hinds 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit, MI 48227 

Evelie G Hinds II 
147 Drift Ave 
Trenton, NJ 08648 

Kareem W Hinds 
147 Drift Avenue 
Trenton, NJ 08648 

Rosalia Dolores Hinds 
2520 Aspen Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Angelia L Hines 

P.O. Box 367 

Stewart Road, Tanner, AL 35671 

Jahdai K Hines 

5311 South Shields Avenue 

Chicago, IL 60609 

Renetta L Hobson 
136 52nd Street 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 

Laurence L Holder 
5 Cottage Hill Lane 
Hamilton Parish CR02 Bermuda 

Sheldon Levon Holder 
4 Second Avenue 
Pembroke, HM19 Bermuda 

Tracey Scott Holiday 
1106 Julia Street 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Genevieve M Holl 
44 South Ridgeway 
Highlands, Harare, 
Zimbabwe, Southern Africa 

Bobby Scott Holley 
1080 Spruce Street #6F 
Riverside, CA 92507 

Carolyn Y Holley-Peoples 
340 Gillespie Road #160 
Madison, AL 35758 

Johanna Dorothy Hollingsworth 
104 Goodwood Park Ct. Apt. 310 
East York, Ontario M4C2G9 Can 

Shelley-ann A Hollingsworth 
104 Goodwood Park Court, Apt 3 
East York, Ontario M4C2G9 Can 

Jerod J Holloway 

Rt 14 Box 200 

Lake City, FL 32055 

Chantel L Holt 

1426 Ascent Trail Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Nadine Antoinette Holt 
4446 Charlotte Ann Drive 
Louisville, KY 40216 

Theresa W Hoult 
104 Belle Meade St 
Hartselle, AL 35640 

Klevon M Houston Jr. 
1466 rue Marie-Claire 
LaSalle, Quebec, H8N1R9 Canada 

Don Howard 
1829 Rideout Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Dorris J Howard 
3229 Jamaica Road 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Litchfield J Howard 
1609 Brooklyn Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Margaret Deloris Howard 
1828 Rideout Drive, N.w. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Mary E Howard 

340 Gillespie Rd. #161 

Madison, AL 35758 

George Douglas Howell 
619 Caleb Street 
Glendale, CA 91202 

Lara K Hoyle 
414 Farrar Street 
Murfreesboro, TN 37129 

Chericia N Hughes 

P.O. Box 426 

South Hill, Anguilla 

Georgette Hughes 
7838 Dalton Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90047 


Keisha Reshon Hughes 
4765 Russwood Avenue 
Stone Mountain, GA 30083 

Lori M Hughes 
4204 McClain Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Harwood Burket Humes 
Golden Gates #2 
P.O. Box N-10244 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Bianca Alise Humphrey 
1902 Alabaster Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 

Myla M Humphrey 
1902 Alabaster Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 

Desiree Hunter 

1023 West H Street Apt A 

Ontario, CA 91762 

Nigel G Hunter 

4 Litchfield Ct. Unit 102 

Rexdale, Ontario M9V2A8 Canada 

Candace P Hurlock 

1 14 Jamie Rd. 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J6A5 Canada 

Lydia-anne L Husbands 

65 Littleleaf Drive 

Scarborough, Ontario M1B147 Can 

Michelle Renee Husbands 
320 Empire Blvd. Apt. 1-h 
Brooklyn, NY 11225 

Antionette E Hutton 

3935 North West 176th Street 

Miami, FL 33055 

Gianna L Hutton 
4814 East Atchison 
Fresno, CA 93725 

Stephanie J Hutton 
348 W. Sheilds Avenue 
Fresno, CA 93705 

Natalie A Hyde 
915 NW 199 Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Carl Hygrant 
1393 E. 52nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11234 


Christopher L Ifill 
3259 Green Lakes Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Akunna M Iheanacho 
2608 Rita Lane Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Chioma Katrina Iheanacho 
P.O. Box 11011 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Shirley C Iheanacho 
2608 Rita Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mfon Ikoli 

1600 Sedgwick Avenue, Apt. 18c 

Bronx, NY 10453 

Fern B Illidge 
75 Garman Lane 
Midway, GA 31320 

Tanaeya C Ingham 
20 Ingham's Vale 
Pembroke, HM04 Bermuda 

Devon Noel Irvin 
5047 Seven Pines Cr 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Thelma Deloris Isaac 
30 Chandler Street 
Sumter, SC 29150 


Aldwin A Jackson 

1735 Purdy Street, Apt. #2a 

Bronx, NY 10462 

Andy D Jackson 

4428 Torrence Drive #16 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Barbara Ann Jackson 
4418 Mcclain Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brandon L Jackson 

145 Bolduc Ct. 

San Pablo, CA 94806 

Damon F Jackson 

1686 Metropolitan Avenue Apt-5 

Bronx, NY 10462 

Erica D Jackson 
1255 Gulledge Circle 
Wedgefield, SC 29168 

Fabrienne Lavonne Jackson 
3930 Pulaski Pike #312 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ilori M Jackson 

1711 West Creeke Way #8 

Louisville, KY 40242 

Jeneane Monique Jackson 
1601 Roberts Dr., S.E. 
Mabelton, GA 30059 

Jocelyn Louise Jackson 
5443 Brookwood Lane 
Richmond, CA 94803 

Juli Ann Jackson 
26419 Avenue 18 1/2 
Madera, CA 93638 

Junius L Jackson Jr. 
277 Fox Street 
Buffalo, NY 14211 

Kelly D Jackson 
2172 Georgia Street 
Riverside, CA 92507 

Latoya N Jackson 
1813 Somerset Ave. 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Marcus Antron Jackson 
3632 Windy Trail 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Michael A Jackson 
2722 Tremont Avenue 
Roanoke, VA 24019 

Robert A Jackson 
1732 Purdy St. Apt. 2- A 
Bronx, NY 10462 

Robert J Jackson 
1813 Somerset 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Ronald U Jackson 
206 B Binford Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Sharon Jackson 
4218 Eastland Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kareema Ijeoma Jacob 
315 68th Street Apt. B-3 
Brooklyn, NY 11220 

Bron V Jacobs 

2901 Falling Waters Way 

Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Sonja D Jacobs 
51864 Portage Rd. 
South Bend, IN 46628 

Joel K Jagan 

4027 Huntersridge, Apt. #7 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Charles E Jake 

1649 East 50th Street Apt.#20B 

Chicago, IL 60615 

Christal A James 

929 Crestview Avenue 

Ada, OK 74820 

Glenette B James 

544 Kay Street 

Forest Park, GA 30050 

Ivory James 
1942 King Jr. 
Los Angeles, CA 90062 

Leora N James 
P.O. Box 10624 
St. Thomas, 00801 U.S.V.I. 

Lloyd W James Jr. 
3340 Hyder Avenue 
Deltona, FL 32738 

Prisca M James 
2411 Cardinal Ave. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Tanish L James 

233 Robert Hicks Drive 

North York, Ontario M2R3R3 Can 

Tiffanie L James 

6233 Rime Village Dr. #202 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Michael E Jasper 
3102 East 34th Street 
Tulsa, OK 74110 

Wilking Jean 

820 Dogwood Road 

West Palm Beach, FL 33409 

Joel I Jean-jules 

3406 Elizabeth Street Apt. C-8 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nathalie Jean-philippe 
2315 18th Street South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Tahisha Jean-philippe 
3185 Clopton Street, Apt. 171 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Marc-aurele Jeanty 
1446 East 55th St. 
Chicago, IL 60615 

Christina Jefferson 

1101 Buckhorn Bend Rd. Apt. #1 

Monroe, LA 71202 

Tara LaRon Jefferson 
2700 Oliver Road 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Ryan L Jeffery 

9121 Helaine Hamlet Way 

Columbia, MD 21045 

Aunya D Jemison 
6412 Mil Mar Blvd. 
P.O. Box 5681 
Alexandria, LA 71307 

D'juan J Jenkins 
12088 Auburn 
Detroit, MI 48228 

Daniel S Jenkins 
7975 siskin 
Jacksonville, FL 32219 

Larry T Jenkins 

1332 Went worth Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

vlarcell Jenkins 

.2501 - 69th Avenue, S, #22 

Seattle, WA 98178 

vlichael Samuel Jenkins Jr. 
1540 Pontiac 
Denver, CO 80207 

oanne K Jennett 
4615 London Lane 
Jowie, MD 20715 

Tinity Kayshaun Jessup 
208 Newpond Trail, Ne 
Cennesaw, GA 30144 

Mando M Jobson 

1010 North West 86th Street 

4iami,FL 33147 

Aentee M Joe 

i555 Redwine Court 

iast Point, GA 30344 

3ary S John 

1 Little Leaf Drive 

Jcarborough, Ontario M1B1Y6 Can 

Cent John 

!501 Trail Ridge Road 

iuntsville, AL 35810 

.auren J John 

!516 Cortelyou Road 

Srooklyn,NY 11226 

londal S John Jr. 
9698 Hathaway Lane 
Varrensville, OH 44122 

/alescia Xenobia John 

!201 Caton Avenue Apt. 4-E 

3rooklyn,NY 11226 

)alila John-lewis 
(500 Nw 83rd St. 
vliami, FL 33147 

Alexander B Johnson 
[428 Bonnell Drive Apt. B 
iuntsville, AL 35816 

Uisha G Johnson 
512 Woodside Ave. 
3aldwin, NY 11510 

Vudraetta Rainesa Johnson 
18 Pangborn Blvd. 
lagerstown, MD 21740 

Jrian J Johnson 
^904 Vallery St. 
liiverdale,MD 20737 

landace Sheree Johnson 
■629 Hidden Valley Road 
Iharlotte,NC 28213 

)avid Johnson 

025 Bluespring Road, #1 

luntsville, AL 35810 

David L Johnson Jr. 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale, MD 20737 

Dwain Eliot Johnson (UAH) 
4224 East 189th Street 
Cleveland, OH 44122 

Gregory B Johnson 
291 East Scott Street 
Rialto,CA 92376 

Hugh Edwards Johnson Jr 
1007 Danmann Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Jaquetta J Johnson 

3254 Covered Bridge Road 

Montgomery, AL 36116 

Jasmine C Johnson 

8312 Kiawah Ct. 

Elk Grove, CA 95758 

John-michael J Johnson 
1239 Ellis Road 
Hogansville, GA 30230 

Juleun A Johnson 
9 Oak Run Road 
Laurel, MD 20724 

Kamil N Johnson 
4519 Chantilly Way 
Pensacola, FL 32505 

Lindsay K Johnson 
8336 S. Throop 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Marcus W Johnson 

8705 Lilac Lane 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Marcus Wayne Johnson 
127 Turney Lane 
Toney, AL 35773 

Melissa Nanette Johnson 
Oakwood College Box 18 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Michelle A Johnson 

2 Fallway Road 

Brampton, Ontario L6V3H2 Can 

Rhonda L Johnson 
30241 Liberty Street 
Inkster, MI 48141 

Robert Johnson 

110 Cobblestone Street 

Dothan, AL 36501 

Robert M Johnson 

3254 Covered Bridge Drive 

Montgomery, AL 36116 

Sandra Johnson 
5014 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Shauwnn D Johnson 

7900 Old Madision Pike, #6008 

Madison, AL 35758 

Vern Johnson 

1724 Cummings Avenue 

Willow Grove, PA 19090 

Wanda L Young Johnson 

5025 Blue Springs Road, Apt. #1 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Leah J Jolly 

8680 East Alameda Avenue, #162 

Denver, CO 80231 

Anisa L Jones 

23602 CoachLight Drive 

Southfield, MI 480750000 

Ashley L Jones 
1540 Becky Lane 
Lancaster, TX 75134 

Brenda W Jones 
100 Cheyenne Trail 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Chadwick A Jones 
89 Faywood Drive 
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4L9 Can 

Darrin C Jones 

20215 Amantha Avenue 

Carson, GA 90746 

Desmond D Jones 
14715 Wexhall Terrace 
Burtonsville, MD 20866 

Gary L Jones Jr. 
76 Azalea Dr. 
Columbus, MS 39701 

Graylan L Jones 

4418 Angeles Vista Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90043 

James Darrell Jones 
1420 B Ascent Trail 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jamila LaShawn Jones 
3022 A Autumn Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

John D Jones 

3315 Dunn Street, Apt-38 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Julian J Jones 

360 Pitfield Road, Unit-1003 

Scarborough, Ontario MIS 3E6 Can 

Katrina L Jones 

7107 Wessynton Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28226 

Keith D Jones 

212 North Plymouth Rd. Nw 

Huntsville, AL 35811 

Kendra G Jones 
7441 Maywood 
Detroit, MI 48213 

Maiah B Jones 

1608-C Quail Ridge Road 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Melany M Jones 

3024-A Autumn Wood Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Michael A Jones 

P.O. Box 285 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Michael D Jones 
2335 Palm Drive 
Florrissant, MO 63031 

Norman J Jones 
2692 Harrison St. 
Gary, IN 46407 

Pshyra D Jones 
20213 Amantha Ave. 
Carson, CA 90746 

Rakiya L Jones 

4418 Angeles Vista Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90043 

Ramoan Duval Jones 

400 Swan Creek Rd 

Ft. Washington, MD 20744 

Robert Greg Jones 
2908 Mallory Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ronald L Jones 
400 Swan Creek Rd 
Ft.Washington, MD 20744 

Russell Mario Jones 
1200 Raydale Court 
Hyattsville, MD 20783 

Victoria D Jones 
3402A Venona Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Vinson David Jones 
2261 West Lake Miramar 
Miramar, FL 33025 

William L Jones 
441 East 35th Street 
Wilmington, DE 19802 

Isariah J Jordan 
105 Donegal Lane 
Summerville, SC 29483 

Sheldon Dwayne Jordan 
14381 SW 153rd Terrace 
Miami, FL 33177 

Sonya S Jordan 
1505 Sparkman Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 


Kervin D Joseph 

1357 Westchester Dr. W 

West Palm Beach, FL 33417 

Michael A Joseph 
112-28 E. 128th Street 
New York, NY 10035 

Nadia L Joseph 

161 South Elliot Place Apt. 12 

Brooklyn, NY 11217 

Siam Jade Joseph 
P.O. Box 22625 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Toni Michelle Kelly 

3 Fern Crescent Cobb's Hill 

Paget, PG03 Bermuda 

Latashia Marie Kendrick 
2110 Red Bud Court 
Marietta, GA 30008 

Ralph Andre Kendrick 
2110 Red Bud Court 
Marietta, GA 30060 

Carlton Kennedy 


Sharita Vonee' Kinley 
2518 12th Street Sw #e 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Kamillah Theola Kinlock 
717 Stonebridge Park Circle 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Trevor H Kinlock 

717 Stonebridge Pk. Circle 

Lithonia, GA 30058 

Rusiana Marnice Kirkland 
2040 Spring-end Ct. 
Lawerence, GA 30044 

Shayla M Lacount 
P.O. Box 1112 
Chandler, AZ 85244 

Hans Lafrance 

405 Southwest 13th Place #120 

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Clifford E Laguerre 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami, FL 33157 

Joelle P Laguerre 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami, FL 33157 

Sophia Joseph 

9570 Work & Rest, Plot 570 

Christiansted, 00820 U.S.V.I. 

Waking Joseph 

131 Exchange Avenue 

Medford, MA 02155 

Jeanine Yvette Keogh 
999 Nottingham Drive 
Corona, CA 91720 

Anthony Sylvester Kerr 
9924 South West 156 Court 
Miami, FL 33196 

Julian S Kitching 
5100 Linden Street 
Lincoln, NE 68516 

Dejuan N Knight 

9030 Hawley Gibson Road 

Crestwood, KY 40014 

George M Lamand 

1752 North East 144th Street 

Miami, FL 33181 

Lee L Lamb 

141 Angela Drive, Apt. C 

Madison, AL 35758 

David Josey Jr 
19 Garden Street 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Adoraeu L Jouett 
4412 Birmingham Way 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Phyllis Anita Joyner 

220 East Mermaid Lane, Apt. Tl 

Philadelphia, PA 19118 

Cleveland S Julien 
13000 Percivale Drive 
Huntville, AL 35803 

Helene J Julius 
824 Lawson Street 
Chattanooga, TN 37415 


Veronica A Kabongo 
P.O. Box 1141 
Normal, AL 35762 

Keisha Karen Keddo 
3220 Lurting Ave 
Bronx, NY 10469 

Pamela Elaine Keels 
1071 W. 25th Street 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 

Ana Carmela Keene 

628 Nosby Place 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Andria Janae Kelly 
109 Central Lake Drive 
Griffin, GA 30223 

Shaunda Elyse Kelly 
5920 Long Peak Drive 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Benjamin M Kerr 

18 Rockwood Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J7T2 Canada 

Mario Leon Kerr 

18 Rockwood Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J7T2 Canada 

Sabreena Kerr 

18 Rockwood Crescent 

Thornhill, Ontario L4J7T2 Canada 

Gina Marie Keyser 
607 S. Rivershire 
Conroe, TX 77304 

Nadia Marie Kidd 

2628 Brookline Drive N.w 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Anthony Arthur King Jr. 
9300 Walnut St. #2 
Oakland, CA 94608 

Dwain H King 

4962 Seven Pine Circle 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Errol Stephen King 
312 NW 11th Ave. 
Delray Beach, FL 33444 

Kurt Derwin King 
1226 Tolkien Road 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Marlene Julene King 

3784 University Drive, Apt. 61 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Natesha S King 
3627 N. 60th Ave. 
Phoenix, AZ 85033 

Aginah Islah King-Sharif 
3610 Ayers Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nicole Y Knight 

161 Cartmel Drive 

Markham, Ontario L3S1W6 Canada 

Shaldea Autherine Knight 
1256 Colfax Ct 
Pomona, CA 92324 

Siraaj R Knight 
1325 Glenn Street 
Vallejo,CA 94590 

Warren W Knight 
Sandhurst Circle Apt. 1501 
Scarborough, Ontario M1V2L3 Can 

Nicole V Knotts 
3038 Canyon Vista Dr. 
Colton, CA 92324 

James A Knox IV 

5587 Apt. F Oakwood Rd 

Huntsville, AL 35208 

Phillip Knox 
133 East Drive 
Mobile, AL 36605 

Kanyeba E Kutebwa 
4113 Nelson Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

James L Kyle III 

1900 E. Ocean Blvd. #718 

Long Beach, CA 90082 

Michael A Laborde 
3204 Millbrook Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Enjoli C Lackey 
3379 Flatshoals Rd 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Raymond Lambert 
5027 Wane Ct 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Robyn T Lang 

6507 Greenmeadow Road N.w. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Carlyle G Langhorn 
1035 Catalpa Drive 
O'Fallon, IL 62269 

Henrietta P Lathon 
1058 Sandy Springs Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Rachel K Lavender 
2301 Nick Fitchard Road 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Arreasha Z Lawrence 
15 Sunset Drive 
Hatchechubbee, AL 36858 

Douglas A Lawson Jr. 
P.O. Box 339 
Nelson, GA 30151 

Gerome Edwardo Leacock 
4700 Calvert 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Chrissie N Leavy 
16685 Bonanza Drive 
Riverside, CA 92504 

Samantha C Leblanc 
P.O. Box 1767 
Kankakee, IL 60901 

Barbara A Lee 
4308 Chalet Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Craig A Lee 
4308 Chalet Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 


Deborah J Lee 

1542 Basswood Court 

3ecatur,GA 30032 

George Gabriel Lee 

•177 Newson Road, Apt. 403 

luntsville, AL 35805 

Celly D Lee 

308 Chalet Circle 

luntsville, AL 35810 

,arry E Lee 

403 W. Jefferson Street 

iouisville, KY 40212 

.ondon L Lee 

1868 Arliss Drive 

irand Terrace, CA 92313 

,ouis Michael Lee 
319 Maywick Drive 
luntsville, AL 35810 

'rincess A Lee 

61 1 Kingsport Drive 

Riverside, CA 92506 

Lose M Lee II 

203 North Paulsen Avenue 

:ompton, CA 90222 

hameaka M Lee 
03 Carmelita Drive 
kand Carie, LA 71032 

'ue-Guey Laura Lee 
124 Highland Plaza 
luntsville, AL 35801 

)on E Leftwich 

401 Spartacus Drive SW #88 

luntsville, AL 35805 

)amon Keith Legette 

478 University Dr. Apt. 722 

luntsville, AL 35816 

ybil H LeGrand 
138 Falkner Rd 
)rlando, FL 32810 

mdrea L Lennard 

Humberline Dr. #1205 

Itobicoke, Ontario M9W6J5 Can 

lerve' H Leonard 
0278 Avon Street 
)etroit,MI 48219 

hawne M Lester 

291 Buckskin Lake Drive 

lllicott City, MD 21042 

shepo S Lethola 

.O. Box 15 

>tse, Botswana, Southern Africa 

fcaul V Leuthold 

75 Roberts Drive 

edstone Arsenal, AL 35808 

Lisa S Levett 

3031 Greenwood Avenue #6 

Louisville, KY 40211 

Cecil E Lewis 

1330 Trowbridge Drive, #69 

Oshawa, Ontario L1G7R1 Canada 

Eugene J Lewis 

346 South 302nd Place 

Federal Way, WA 98003 

Henry Lewis III 
2409 Saint Clair Road 
Louisville, GA 30434 

James L Lewis III 

210 Quail Haven Drive 

Columbus, OH 43235 

Jasmine C Lewis 
101 Springview Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Joseph P Lewis II 
105 St. Johns Drive 
Lynchburg, VA 

Kami C Lewis 
10 Bon Accord Road 
Petrotrin, Pointe-a-pierre, 
Trinidad And Tobago 

Larrye J Lewis 
P.O. Box 1617 
Gonzales, LA 70707 

Nigel Audley Lewis 
West Bay Street 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Prince A Lewis Jr 
3430 NW 176th Street 
Miami, FL 33056 

Yuki Sauri Lewis 

3800 Squaw Valley Drive, Apt. 9H 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Xernona I Lezama 
17444 Sw 108th Court 
Miami, FL 33157 

Edison C Liburd 
255 E 176 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 10450 

Marie Celelia Lightbourne 
368 Little Lones Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Donald C Lindo 
5553-B Oakwood Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Fiona M Lindo 
5401 Kinglet Avenue 
Mississauga, Ontario L5V2C8 Can 

Keith E Lindsey 
41-13 10th Street 
Long Island, NY 11101 

Loleeta J Linston 
240 Le Ann Drive 
Athens, GA 30601 

Latesha T Little 
Route 4, Box 49 
Quitman, GA 31643 

Triciana M Loftman 
4340 N.w. 5th Place 
Planation, FL 33317 

Heather M Logan 
23441 Sussex Avenue 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Shannon M Logan 
23441 Sussex Ave. 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Andrew O Loiten 
P.O. Box 22304 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Linda Agboka Lokko 
2801 Academy Drive #h 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Alison N Loney 

40 Panorama Court, Apt. 809 

Etobicoke, Ontario M9V4M1 Can 

Maurice D Long II 
3760 N.w. 197 Street 
Miami, FL 33055 

Zsa-nai C Long 

3760 North West 197 Street 

Miami, FL 33055 

Linda R Lorvil 
26 Seabring Street 
Spring Valley, NY 10977 

Michela Lorvil 

1255 Sw 101 Terr Apt 112 

Penbroke Pines, FL 33025 

Christina M Lottie 

930 N. Niles 

South Bend, IN 46617 

Juliette D Louis 

9e-2 St. Joseph 

St. Thomas, 00802 U.S.V.I. 

Abiguel Louissaint 

5485 Redmond Street 

Saint Hubert, Quebec J3Y2C9 Can 

Frank W Love 

1923 Blake Bottom Road 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

David S Lovelace 
1 William Place 
Bridgeport, CT 06608 

Derek L Lowe 

14979 Alabama Hwy. 51 

Opelika,AL 36801 

Heather M Lowe 
818 Rittenhouse Street 
Hyattsville, MD 20783 

Jeremy G Lowe 

18685 South Grasle Road 

Oregon City, OR 97045 

Randy Ronnae Lowe 
24 Fork Lane Camp Hill 
Southampton, SN04 Bermuda 

Robert D Lowe 

14979 Alabama Highway 51 

Opelika, AL 36801 

Tina S Lowe 

24 Fork Lane 

Camp Hill, Southampton SN04 


Daniel T Lubega 
2720 Monticello Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

David Kamara Lubega 
2720 Monticello Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Chandler L Lucas 
17806 Pebblewood Lane 
Hazel Crest, IL 60429 

Raquel A Luciano 
1997 Grasmere Dr. 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Eddison R Lucombe 
4923 D Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Edward J. Lynch 

8010 Patuxent Landing Loop 

Laurel, MD 20724 

Andrea C Lyons 

40 Pressed Brick Drive 

Brampton, Ontario L6V 4K3 Can 


Kyle D Mackey 
1254 West 84th Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90044 

Rochelle M Maddix 
3018 Apt. 1 Ernest Drive 
Auburndale, FL 33823 

Jerita M Maddox 
16145 Sw 107 Ct. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Laverne Amida Mahoney 
131-34-224 Street 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Marisa S Major 
4206 Norene Lane 
Louisville, KY 40219 

Royce Edward Malcolm 
12006 West Ridge Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Melissa N Mallett 

2088 Martingrove Rd. #52 

Etobicoke, Ontario M9V3T3 Can 

Natalie A Marshall 
10956 142nd Street 
Surrey, B. C. V3R9S3 Can 

Ruby M Marshall 
1101 South Edith #102 
Alhambra, CA 91803 

Jitaun Halaine Massey 

Rte. 1, Box 948 

St. Matthews, SC 29135 

Roderick T Massey 
2605 Westland Drive #5 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Barbara J McCalla 
3223 Weshiemer Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Lauren K McCalla 

11319 South West 167 Terrace 

Miami, FL 33157 

John E Mallory 
45 Ann Avenue 
Dover, DE 19901 

Toney E Marshall Jr. 
5081 Laurelwood La. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Dwayne Mathis Jr. 
105 W. Inwood Circle 
Madison, AL 35758 

Damian L McCarthy 
4280 Nw 3rd Street 
Gresham, OR 97030 

Bonnia Malone 

109 Mossy Spring Trail 

Madison, AL 35758 

Yohance A Marshall 

17 Delburn Drive 

Toronto, Ontario M1V1A8 Canada 

Shavonne M Mathis 

17647 Southwest 32nd Street 

Miami, FL 33029 

Daniella Judith McCarthy 
4280 NW 3rd Street 
Gresham, OR 97030 

Dammeon L Malone 
20154 Northwest 12th Place 
Miami, FL 33169 

Calvin D Manley 
P.O. Box 51502 
Durham, NC 27717 

Cassandra L Mann 
343 Phillips Street 
Jackson, TN 38301 

Jacqueline S Mann 
343 Phillips Street 
Jackson, TN 38301 

Danielle C Martin 
7520 Tillman Ct. 
Pickerington, OH 35816 

Deborah E Martin 
476 Comet Drive 
Toney, AL 35773 

Edward H Martin II 
5025 54th Place 
Hyattsville, MD 20781 

Francine D Martin 

8735 Rivard Blvd. 

Brossard, Quebec JA4X1W2 Can 

Calvert H Matthews 
115 Fairington Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Coretta Fae Matthews 
630 Spring Oak Blvd. 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Tanya R Mattox 
9457 Amorite Court 
Springhill, FL 34608 

Aswad D Maundy 

3032 Autumnwood Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Douglas T McCleary 
7427 Kathydale Rd. 
Pikesville, MD 21208 

Derek Mohammad McCrary 
217 Case Road 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Jack McCrary 
505 Church Street 
Verona, PA 15147 

Mykeetah D McCullough 

16840 Stout 

Old Redford, MI 48219 

Robert L Mann 
1411 Buxton Drive 
Knoxville, TN 37922 

Irene M Martin 
3603 Nathalee Ave. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Muriel Maxis 
1851 19th Street 
Sarasota, FL 34234 

Rachel T McDaniel 
4315 Columbine #2 
Denver, CO 80216 

Wilfred E Manning 

Thrush Road #1, Pointe Blanche 

St. Maarten, Netherlands, Antilles 

Christopher Manuel 
1405 Langston Street 
Fort Worth, TX 76105 

Jennifer E Martin 
5025 54th Place 
Hyattsville, MD 20781 

Lamont L Martin 
3100 Buttrey 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sophie Maxis 
1851 19th Street 
Sarasota, FL 34234 

Emmanuela M Mayard 

36 Echo Avenue 

New Rochelle, NY 10801 

Willa D McDaniel 
512 Patterson Ln. 
Meridianville, AL 35759 

Brenee Monique McDole 
5585 Royal Hill Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Janelle Lakeshia Mapp 

18006 W. Danielson, Apt. #201 

Santa Clarita, CA 91351 

Jabulani Mapumulo 

930 Old Monrovia Rd. Suite 7-1 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Francis B Marcellin 
22 Keeble Crescent 
Ajax, Ontario L1T3R7 Canada 

Osmund J Marcellin 

22 Keeble Crescent 

Aja, Ontario L1T3R7 Canada 

Nidia M Maria 
114-38 127th Street 
Jamaica, NY 11420 

Naema L Marr 
2272 Pipestone Ct. 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Villot Jean Mars 
1752 Ne 144th Street 
Miami, FL 33181 

Sireasa Y Martin 
3840 West 178 St. 
C.c. Hills, IL 60478 

Nthabiseng M Mashele 
2803 Academy Drive, Apt. F 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Judith A Masinjila 

P.O. Box 1958 

Kakamega, Kenya, East Africa 

Keita O Mason 

P.O. Box 739 

Upper Gambles, St. John's, Antigua 

Kienen J Mason 

157 S. Augusta Avenue 

Baltimore, MD 21229 

Jana O Massenburg 
805 Hill Avenue 
Glencoe, AL 35905 

Devaki A Massey 
2615 Helen Place, N.w. 
Canton, OH 33708 

Antoine J Maycock 
2613 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Constance Maycock 
2613 Trail Ridge 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Charles L Mayes 
6404 Cedar Point Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Seth G Mayne 
3010 Jacktar Ave. 
Oxnard, CA 93035 

Chanda L Mays 
4406 Oak Brook Ct. 
Arlington, TX 76016 

Rochelle J McAllister 
1222 Thomas Street 
South Bend, IN 46601 

Tamara R McCall 
123 Maverick Dr. 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Lisa K McDonald 

10 Humberline Dr. #704 

Etobicoke, Ontario M9W6J5 Can 

Philip B McDonald 

74 Forster Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

Urvia V McDowell 
220 Lisbon Avenue 
Buffalo, NY 14215 

Vivian P McDuffy 

5014 Faculty Road, Apt. 19 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ingrid N McFarlane 
3201 Gayhart Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Rowan M McGann 
320 Horsham Avenue 
Willowdale, Ontario M2R1G6 Car 

Mary E McGauley 
3705 Grizzard Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 


rdis Wanda Garrett McGill 
)09 Galaxy Way NW #1014 
untsville, AL 358161945 

obyn D Mcintosh 
O. Box EE, 17357 
assau, Bahamas 

lillip S Mclver 
'.07 Kempton Road 
inham, MD 20706 

harles O McKenzie 

!6 Conley Street 

lornhill, Ontario L4J2S6 Canada 

eather R McKenzie 
.7 Remberton Road 
ichmond Hill, Ontario L4C3T6 Can 

hnny L McKenzie 
104 W. 24th Street 
ne Bluff, AR 71603 

m D McKenzie 

00 Fox Falley Dr. 

'est Friendship, MD 31794 

ilton O McKenzie II 

!6 Conley St. 

lornhill, Ontario L4J226 Canada 

ennis R McKinney 
16 Stevenson Road 
rdmore, TN 38449 

eorzette R McKinney 
115 Beasley Avenue NW 
untsville, AL 35816 

mes D McKinney 
68 Quail Court 
ecatur, GA 30034 

liver J McKinney III 
68 Quail Court 
ecatur, GA 30034 

jland L McLaurin Jr. 

» BrownLee Court 

ew Orleans, LA 70128 

arry S McLean 
' Cardinal Drive 
mghkeepsie, NY 12601 

nise E McLean 

'91 1 Gatlinburg Drive 

ouston,TX 77031 

ly-ann N McLean 
850 S.w. 175 Terrace 
iami, FL 33157 

ridel N McLean 
Morado Court 
>ampton, Ontario L6S4H7 Canada 

erri Nydia McLean 
02 Lumary Drive 
.mtsville, AL 35810 

Ja'niza N McMeans 
209-B Binford Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Sukari J McMiller 
3743 N.w. 207 Drive 
Miami, FL 33055 

Jonathan J McNeil 
512 Portchester Court 
Columbia, SC 29203 

Melissa J McNeil 
512 Portchester Court 
Columbia, SC 29203 

Llewelyn A McPherson 
5040 Faculty Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Sherard R McQueen 

18 Nickel Cres 

Brampton, Ontario, Canada 

Derrick A Meadow 
3762 Maulden Drive 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Gerald T Meadows 
3033 Wenonah Circle 
Birmingham, AL 35211 

Larry N Meadows III 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 23-F 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Craig C Mejias 

18-B Spruce Street 

Toronto, Ontario M5A2H7 Canada 

Marc A Melton 
95 N.E. 70 St. 
Miami, FL 33138 

April V Mendinghall 
5344 St. Martins Ct. 
Mableton, GA 30059 

Franz W Mentor 
24081 Jerome Street 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Ruth L Merid 
236 S. Avon Place 
Anaheim, CA 92802 

Jennifer Merkson 
624 Pawnee Street 
Memphis, TN 38109 

Kandra A Merriweather 
2604 51st Ave. 
Sacramento, CA 95823 

Marcus J Merriweather 

808 N. Merrimac Dr.,apt. #14 

Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Helen W Merriwether 
3210 Cove Lake Road 
Owens Cross Roads, AL 


Ronald Michel 
4908 Cotton Apt. A 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Sandra Michel 
4421 Bonnell Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Dawn K Miles 

2810 Broadview Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Demedro E Miles 
2810 Broadview Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jerome A Miles 

2810 Broadview Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Melody A Miles 
3812 Cedar Drive 
Baltimore, MD 21207 

Michael V Milfort 
17620 Nw 17th Avenue 
Miami, FL 33056 

Russell David Miliner-Purce II 
1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 35h 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Brian S Miller 
P.o. Box 398149 
Dallas, TX 75339 

Candace J Miller 
11784 Mt. Wilson Ct. 
AltaLoma, CA 91737 

Charlese F Miller 
5874 Washington Street 
Romulus, MI 48174 

Gayon R Miller 

221 Frederick Avenue 

Rockville,MD 20850 

Jayne J Miller 

1549 Robinson Road 

Shady Side, MD 20764 

Liza Mitchele Miller 
8076 Riviera Ct. 
Fontana, CA 92336 

Ophelia E Miller 
130-07 Sutter Avenue 
Queens, NY 11420 

Sylvia K Miller 
P.O. Box 727 
Huntsville, AL 35804 

Tabitha L Miller 

11784 Mount Wilson Court 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701 

John J Mills 
6820 Dove Court 
Tampa, FL 33634 

Stephen A Mills 
200 Angelo Circle 
Whiteville, NC 28472 

Carolyn Milton 
607 Dawson Terrace 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Archibald Lowell Minnis Jr 
P.O. Box N3429 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Andre' N Minott 
49 Tamarack Drive 
Windsor, CT 06095 

Charisse A Mitchell 

3206 Baywater Ct. 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Lisa M Mitchell 

P.o. Box 10693 

St. Petersburg, FL 33733 

Lisa P Mitchell 
224 East 37th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Michelle A Mitchell 
P.o. Box 339 Hillside St. 
Nelson, GA 30151 

Mirthell L Mitchell 
45 Rosegreen Drive 
Thornhill, Ontario L4J4R8 Can 

Rosia B Mitchell 
45 Rosegreen Drive 
Thornhill, Ontario L454RB Can 

Teasha M Mitchell 
2195 Morris Avenue 
Clovis, CA 93611 

Cyprian L Modeste 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32805 

Martina L Modeste 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32805 

Philips Mompremier 
1051 NW 198th Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Edhyson C Mondesir 
57 Ford Street, Apt-1 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Jacqueline Mondestin 
96 Torrey Avenue 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Elsie Monestime 
311 Buffalo Creek Dr. 
Toney,AL 35773 

Nasya M Monk 
4931 Cedar Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 


Candyce E Monroe 
404 South Park Rd Sw 
Birmingham, AL 35211 

Dennis L Monroe 
P.O. Box 824 

Thomasville, GA 31792 

Donald W Monroe III 
3201 Rita Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Irene D Monroe 

120 Jenni Leigh Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Jerry A Monroe Jr. 
118 Crestwood Dr. 
Thomasville, GA 31792 

Mariana C Monroe 
15 Cornutt Court 
Sacramento, CA 95833 

Peggi Jenyll Monroe 
Oakwood Collge Box 21 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Tina M Monroe 

235 South Adams Street 

Daytona Beach, FL 32114 

Deondra L Montgomery 
2120 Wedgewood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Mirlene Montour 

1010 Henderson Rd. #3-E 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Myrnelle S Montoute 

1503 Sparkman Drive, Apt T-153 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bradley M Moore 
690 Julia St. Apt. 7 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Britney Y Moore 

233 Day Drive 

St. Louis, MO 63135 

Carolyn M Moore 
6104 Valley Park Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Douglas E Moore 

3018 Hampton Cove Way 

Hampton Cove, AL 35763 

Eugene J Moore 
912 Ragland Drive 
Cedar Hill, TX 75104 

Jamar K Moore 

200 East Schuykill Road H-10 

Pottstown, PA 19465 

Kenneth S Moore 

3022 Cheltenham Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 19150 


Sidney K Moore 

12044 Preston Rd. 

Grand Terrace, CA 92313 

Tovanne A Moore 

200 East Schuykill Road, H-10 

Pottstown, PA 19465 

Yolanda D Moore 
1412 Rangewood Blvd. 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Charles R Morgan 
3606 Chasewood Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Craig R Morgan 
3175 Clopten St. #128 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Simone Angeline Morgan 
811-25 Martha Eaton Way 
Toronto, Ontario M6M5B7 Canada 

Ophenide Moricin 
567 Jefferson Avenue 
Elizabeth, NJ 07201 

Nyasha M Morris 

206 Court Of The Royal Arms 

South Bend, IN 46637 

Vonnelle A Morris 

612 North Rodney Street 

Wilmington, DE 19805 

Melissa R Morrison 
7765 Wildfern Drive 
Mississauga, Ontario L4T3P8 Can 

Sarah O Morton 

P.O. Box 2488 

Kingshill, St. Croix 00851 U.S.V.I. 

Nicole D Moseley 
2430 Vining Ave. NW 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Chameka L Mosley 
3648 N Delaware Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46205 

Kelli D Mosley 
5717 Pratt Street 
Omaha, NE 68104 

Sandria Marcia Mosley 
6136 Marlowe Drive 
Columbus, GA 31904 

Sherri L Mosley 
6136 Marlowe Drive 
Columbus, GA 31904 

Tania A Motiki 

75 Thorncliffe Pk Dr., #1610 

Toronto, Ontario M4H1L4 Canada 

Marc A Mould 

5256 Laurelwood Lane 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kelly Ann Mounter 
103 Bitterweed Ct. 
Madison, AL 35758 

Kimberly Renee' Mounter 
103 Bitterweed Ct. 
Madison, AL 35758 

Vernell Troncoso Mueller 
2021 -B First 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Liston Edward Munroe 
1010 Henderson Rd #4-K 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Claudette U Munyabera 
116 South Cottage Avenue 
Goshen, IN 46526 

Claudine U Munyabera 
116 South Cottage Avenue 
Goshen, IN 46526 

Jerry D Murphy Jr 
7336 Mossy Brink Court 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Sharonda S Murphy 
421 South Blvd. 
Blakely,GA 31723 

Alicia Rachelle Murray 
135 Angela Drive 
Madison, AL 35758 

Kendra L Murray 
1132 East Main St. 
Albemarle, NC 28001 

Meredith E Murray 
3354 Monaco Pkwy. 
Denver, CO 80207 

Oretta A Murray 

1290 Rathburn Road West, #222 

Mississauga, Ontario L5C4E4 Can 

Russell B Murray 
14310 Bow Sprit La. #11 
Lauren, MD 20707 

Mario E Murray-jackson 
8 Lindenwood Lane 
Littleton, CO 80127 

Bernardo Lamon Musgrove 
1010 Henderson Rd. 
Huntsville, CA 35816 

Michael Mwasumbi 
2816 Cora Hill Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

John Mwesigwa 
4419 A Torrance 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Ivor A Myers 
12009 Big Ben Blvd. 
Fredericksburg, VA 22407 

Sean S Myers 

12009 Big Ben Boulevard 

Frederickburg, VA 22407 

Duvaughn D Myrie 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt 6E 

Huntsville, AL 35816 


Tequira K Natt 

103 Sonnet Street 

Hot Springs, AR 71913 

Judith Nazaire 

491 Huntington Avenue Apt. 19 

Boston, MA 02136 

Cheryl D Neal 

2815 Hilltop Terrace NW 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tanisha Y Neal 
6125 Karen Davie Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Phillip Neives 
109-21 213 St. 
Jamaica, NY 11429 

Angela R Nelson 
615 15th Place N.w. 
Decatur, AL 35601 

Roseline Nerelus 

623 33rd Street 

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Simeon Nerelus 

623 33rd Street 

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Vibert D Neverson 
736 Rutland Road 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Diana Lee Newman 

725 Mt. Lebanon Road, Lot #20 

Toney, AL 35773 

Mandisa A Newman 
43 Orchard Drive 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

David Wilkenson Newton 
3226 Westheimer Drive #7 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Leonard G Newton 
4541 N.w. 12 Ct. 
Lauderhill, FL 33313 

Shawnika N Newton 
24115 Citrus Avenue 
Perris, CA 92570 

Lavaughn R Neymour 
West Bay Street 
P.O. Box-n4164 
Nassau, Bahamas 

haron K Ngwenya 
12 E Beckwith Courts 
tlanta,GA 30314 

ranklin O Nicholas 
HI Foxglove Avenue 
ighlands,TX 77562 

[aurice A Nicoleau 
i0 Cramer Court 
aldwin,NY 11510 

nthony M Nixon 
>07 Oak Glen Terrace 
untsville, AL 35805 

anelle Delta Nixon 
r emyss Bight 
leuthera, Bahamas 

ihn S Nixon II 
)29 Gawain Road 
untsville, AL 35803 

ml D Nixon 

>29 Gawain Road 

untsville, AL 35803 

aria Noel 

)02 Lenox Road 

:ooklyn,NY 11212 

iarence T Norman 
»13 Talwell Drive #1 
untsville, AL 35805 

oily E Norris 

!5-t Rinbio Vista Rd. 

ltadina, CA 91001 

evin L Norris 

149 Chariot, Apt 2046 

alias, TX 75227 

yra T Norris 

.53 Palisade Blvd. 

upont,WA 98327 

yisha K Norris 

.00 South 260th Street, #B202 

es Moines, WA 98198 

son C North 

'69 N. Buffview Dr. 

>rrien Springs, MI 49103 

mra A Nozil 
o. Box 102 
auregan, CT 06387 

;sa N Nurse 

I Kendal Hill Park 

irist Church, Barbados, W. Indies 

nda N Nwaneri 

II Westwind Cir. 
untsville, AL 35805 


:otisha Aundra O'Giste 
9 Beau Tree Drive 
ilmington, DE 19810 

Jevon S Oakman 

2020 Golf Road, Apt. 323 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Sandra Regina Oakman-Griffin 


Huntsville, AL 35810 

Susan N Ogbonna 
2728 Holland Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10467 

Tochi M Okike 

645 Willood Ave. 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32716 

Damaris M Olagundoye 
733 East 42nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Giselle S Oliver 
54 Oakland Terrace 
Hartford, CT 06112 

Tony D Oliver 
106 Park Circle 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Christopher K Onwere 
1296 Prospect Drive 
Pomona, CA 91766 

Adwoa S Opoku-boateng 
2918 West Locust Avenue 
Fresno, CA 93711 

Loumeeka A Orgill 

28 Railway Trail 

Loyal Hill, Devonshire DV01 


Joyce A Ortiz 

3417 Mimosa Lane N.W. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Cedric S Osborne 
5716 Lakefield Ct. 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Kareitha A Osborne 

16283 79a Avenue 

Surrey, .B. C. V3S7C9 Canada 

Keziah M Osborne 
704 Bartlett Avenue 
Hayward,CA 94541 

Cheryl Y Osbourne 

78 Cortland 

Chateauguay, Quebec J6J1V4 Can 

Bramwell Osula 
3709 Mastin Lk. Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jeuelle M Ottley 
9613 Riggs Road 
AdelphLMD 20783 

Natasha Otto 

19 Peachtree Path 

Etobicoke, Ontario M9P3T6 Can 

Denielle R Outerbridge 
4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 20-e 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Sam Outlaw 

3368 Grandaddy Road 

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 

Charles L Owens 
2514 Scenic View 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Frederick W Owens 
174 Moosup Pond Rd. 
Danielson, CT 06239 

Tanya L Pace 

1705 West 14th Place 

Chicago, IL 60608 

Ajamu A Page 
P.O. Box 1471 
Braithwaite, LA 70040 

Delores Annette Paige 
1412 Arcadian Street 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Fredrick Leon Palm 
2240 Edison Street 
Santa Ynez, CA 93460 

Tamar N Palmer 
242 E. Palmer Road 
Detroit, MI 45229 

Dion W Parchment 

24 Oban Court 

Courtice, Ontario L1E1Z6 Canada 

Mattisha Marie Parham 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester, NY 14606 

Nicole M Parham 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester, NY 14606 

Marlon R Paris 

452 Englebrook Drive 

Knoxville,TN 37923 

Audri Lanee Parker 
18675 South GrasleRd 
Oregon City, OR 97045 

James E Parker 
3803 Kenwood Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jillian M Parris 

46 Panama Crt. 207 

Etobicoke, Ontario M9R4A4 Can 

Khalid J Parris 

485 Schenectady Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Andre' K Parrish 
1440 Fawn Court 
Redlands,CA 92373 

John M Parshall 
902 Jessie Drive 
Dectur, AL 35603 

Paula D Parson 

4515 Hillside Village Apt.l-G 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Ardis Darla Pascall 
754 Willow Run Lane 
Winter Springs, FL 32708 

Brandon R Patterson 
3007 Shoreline Blvd. 
Laurel, MD 20724 

Esther R Patterson 
9405 Walhampton Drive 
Louisville, KY 40242 

Jennifer E Patterson 
2612 Laverne Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mia-liana C Patterson 

642 Elder Court 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Anna-gayle N Patton 
1347 Marlborough Ave 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Elisia Y Patton 
4007 Offult Court 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mytonia H Paul 
699 Carters Gin Road 
Toney, AL 35773 

Shalewa E Paul 

570 Saint Marks Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11216 

Daniella A Payne 
58 Wegman Parkway 
Jersey City, NJ 07305 

Bernard L Pean 

3308 Charleston Avenue 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nadia C Pearce 

2209 Main St. Apt. C52 

Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Donald G Peghee Jr. 
7062 Waverly Court 
Kansas City, KS 66109 

Falisia S Pelote 
36 Red Barn Road 
Hyde Park, NY 12538 

Hugh E Percy 
1830 W Finland Dr 
Deltona, FL 32725 

Allen M Perkins 

1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 9h 

Huntsville, AL 35816 


Annette V Perkins 

1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt-9H 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

LaKeisha Renee Perkins 
1443 West 81st Street, Apt-1 
Los Angeles, CA 90047 

Kenton C Perrin 

404 Driftwood Avenue Unit 5 

Toronto, Ontario M3N2P8 Canada 

Lawrence P Perry III 

P.O. Box 214 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Shirley Danielle Perry- Austin 
4927-A Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Schennia M Person 

1505 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 177 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Markie L Petrie 

914 South West 101 Way 

Hollywood, FL 33025 

Jerry C Pettitt 
4407 Danville Road 
Decatur, AL 35603 

LaToya M Phang 
200 Landscape Dr. 
Wheatley Heights, NY 1 1 798 

Kezia T Phillip 

226 Hidden Valley 

St. Thomas 00802 U.S.V. I. 

Debra Phillips 
3500 N.W. 8rdStreet 
Miami, FL 33147 

Monica Z Phillips 
1379 N.w. 34th Street 
Miami, FL 33142 

Denise Phillips-Finley 

7900 Old Madison Pike #2015 

Madison, AL 35758 

Shauna O Phipps 
448 Simpson Drive 
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35808 

Stephen L Phipps 
375 Winthrop Ave. 
New Haven, CT 06511 

Ange Pierre 

208 Monitor Street 

Westbury, NY 11590 

Jerrald Pierre Jr. 

3751 Mansfield Avenue 

New Orleans, LA 70131 

Nicole A Pierre-louis 
245 Locust Drive 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Spendy Pierre-louis 

8060 Louis-lumiere 

Montreal, Quebec H1E1K9 Canada 

Marvin C Pitcher 

#4 Olive Lane, Cooks Hill Road 

Sandys, MA05 Bermuda 

Kenneth E Pitt 

6570 Clarksville Highway 

Joelton,TN 37080 

Valerie S Pitter 

5014 Oakwood Road, Apt. 4 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ivy O Pitts 

8800 Baring Cross 

Los Angeles, CA 90044 

Judith L Poey 
8602 Cory Drive 
Bowie, MD 20720 

Sharon Polk 

218 8th Street Sw #2 

Decatur, AL 35601 

Erika Y Pollard 
15 Wilson Avenue 
Deer Park, NY 11729 

Joyceline R Poole 
588 Fremont Avenue 
Daytona Beach, FL 32114 

Melvin L Poole Jr. 
652 Clinton Street 
Buffalo, NY 14210 

Ramon G Porter 

9125 North Vassar Road 

Mt. Morris, MI 48458 

Leesha J Posey 
117 N.E.Stanton 
Portland, OR 97212 

Shawnea M Posey 
117 Ne Stanton 
Portland, OR 97212 

Ruth R Pouchie 

1023 Park Place Avenue 

Middleothien, TX 76065 

Edwin S Powell 
4203 Interlake Drive 
Tampa, FL 33624 

Elizabeth A Powell 
1305 Bluebird Lane 
Midlothian, TX 76065 

Garfield T Powell Jr. 

P. O. Box 3667 

Phenix City, AL 36868 

James A Powell 

3501 NW 33rd Terrace 

Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309 

Joseph W Powell 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

Melissa G Prescott-crewe 
4983 Rathkeale Rd. Unit 312 
Mississauga, Ontario L5V2B3 Can 

Carolyn M Pressley 
4516 23rd Avenue South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33711 

Kimberly A Pressley 
1425 34th Street, Se 
Washington, DC 20020 

Beverly Jeanne Preston 
6215 Cedar Point Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 358100000 

Gilbert M Preston Jr. 
6215 Cedar Point Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jamile F Prezeau 

11 West Funston Ave. 

Spring Valley, NY 10977 

Carlton E Price 

4900 11th Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90043 

Corey D Price 

5420 N.W. 197th Lane 

Miami, FL 33055 

Curtonia D Price 

72 Treeview Drive Apt. D 

Lithonia, GA 30038 

Tiffany C Prince 

2624 Embarcarcadero Blvd, Apt2 

Lithonia, GA 30058 

Glenn O Pringle 

1500 Sparkman Dr. Apt 18h 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Deandre' Michelle Proctor 
30 Spring Benny Road 
Sandy's, SB03 Bermuda 

Levy H Pryer 

1166 Burke Ave #6-C 

Bronx, NY 10469 

Alysia L Pullins 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Michelle D Pullman 
14415 E. 47th Ave. 
Denver, CO 80239 

Andrea Venice Pusey 
120 N.W. 189 St. 
Miami, FL 33169 

Tere M Quinn 
1970 Glendale 
Kansas City, KS 66104 

Donald Quinnonez 
1847 Fox Wood Cr. 
Mitchelleville, MD 20721 


Kiah B Rahming 
910 Thomas Street 
Key West, FL 33040 

Evette L Rainey 
7062 Waverly Court 
Kansas City, KS 66109 

Evyonne M Rainey 
7062 Waverly Court 
Kansas City, KS 66109 

Dacia Rachelle Ramon 
3885 Old Fairburn Road, SW 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Jeneen N Ramon 

3885 Old Fairburn Road S.W. 

Atlanta, GA 30331 

Seeta Rampersaud 
205 Julia Street 
Key West, FL 33040 

Dayanand P Ramphal 
6933 Cottonwood Trail 
Riverdale,GA 30296 

Allister M Ramrattan 

435 West Diamond Ave. #301 

Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Kyria M Ramsey 
7312 Radiant Circle 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Philis D Ransom 
2533 Hale Avenue 
Memphis, TN 38112 

Jaymee A Ray 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 1-E 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Michele D Reaves 
7456 Akron Road 
Lockport, NY 14094 

Ebony M Reece 
4601 Rousillon Place 
Fremont, CA 94555 

Shalon K Reed 

1242 East Mckool Circle 

Carson, CA 90746 

Brenard Reel 
3333 Fish Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10469 


fowanna M Reevers 
1128 Fourth Court West 
Birmingham, AL 35204 

Annie M Reid 

4033 Hunters Ridge Drive, Apt. 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Handel H Reid 

12 Street Dennis Drive 

Ontario, Canada 

Matalee D Reid 
540 Barretto Street 
Bronx, NY 10474 

Raimundo R Ricketts 
140 Southeast 27th Place 
Boynton Beach, FL 33435 

Mark J Rideout 
1815 Bethany Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Juan A Rios 

368 Wilmot Rd. 

New Haven, CT 06515 

Bryan K Rivers 

3015 Sunlake Blvd, Apt. 2302 

Huntsville, AL 35824 

Kellie S Robinson 
9 Caldwell Court 
Saint Louis, MO 63135 

Kimberly A Robinson 
650 Central Ave., Apt-226 
Jefferson, LA 70121 

Kyaani A Robinson 
5007 ClarDy Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Marquida R. Robinson 
3421 Angora Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Melvin B Rowe 
16444 Water Gap Road 
Williams, OR 97544 

Nawla R Rowley 

9802 Forum Park Dr. #3216 

Houston, TX 77036 

Alex B Royes 

8866 North West 21 Court 

Coral Springs, FL 33071 

Hananiah Ruff 
9549 Eastview Drive 
Hanford, CA 93230 

3horna A Reid 
350-g Mickley Run 
Allentown, PA 18052 

Tanquerey J Roach 
4946 Seven Pine Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Mary-ann C Robinson 

2051 Clifton Avenue 

Montreal, Quebec H4A2N3 Canada 

Titus William Ruff 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Vlarsha Althea Remy 

3025 Credit Woodlands #147 

Vlississauga, Ontario L5C2V3 Can 

eanelle T Rey 

3 .o. Box 8576 

1. Thomas 00801 U.S.V.I. 

Ayinde E Roberts 

115 Dunsfold Drive 

Toronto, Ontario M1B1T5 Canada 

Joseph A Roberts 
2019 Suzanne Terrace 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ronnie P Rochester 

1579 Metropolitan Avenue, #6G 

Bronx, NY 10462 

Jamie B Roddy 
140 Baker Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

John P Ruffin 

623 Applewood 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Marissa A Runcie 

415 Woodlake Manor Drive 

Lakewood, NJ 08701 

Nfyzia N Reynolds 

3732 Herbert Ave. Apt. A 

Pennsauken, NJ 08109 

Kevin A Roberts 

4504 Medley 

Montreal, Quebec H9G2N8 Canada 

Sandra Rodrigue 
15237 Grant 
Dohon, IL 60419 

Iva Champagne Rushing 
5642 Elm Tree 
Houston, TX 70848 

Angela C Rhodes 
5730 NW 54th Terrace 
jainsville, FL 32653 

Vlarissa G Rice 
33 Fairview Ave. 
reaneck, NJ 07666 

ilizabeth J Richard 

311 Cortelyou Road #ln 

3rooklyn,NY 11218 

Afinston R Richards 
311 Via Concepcion 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Daniel T Richardson 

lox 181 

"ort Resolution 

N.W.Territories, XOEOMO Canada 

irik S Richardson 
18 Hill Farm Road 
31oomfield, CT 06002 

Cen C Richardson Jr. 
.48 Melrose Street 
Providence, RI 02907 

tosemarie A Richardson 

1 Sugarapple Rd. 

>t. Peters, St. Martin, West Indies 

ielwyn S Richardson 
48 Melrose Street 
providence, RI 02907 

Villiam G Richardson 
(i081 Battin Howell Road 
iouth Charlston, OH 45368 

Phil L Roberts 
53 Hoisted Street 
Newark, NJ 07016 

Rita M Roberts 
17510 Mayall Street 
Northridge, CA 91325 

Steven V Roberts 
102 Turtle Bend 
Toney, AL 35773 

Tionnae S Roberts 
7 Bushy Park Drive 
Sandys, MA02 Bermuda 

Calvin A Robinson 
231 Wright Street 
Westbury, NY 11590 

Christina L Robinson 
3409A Elizabeth Street 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Emoni A Robinson 
Havelock,NC 28532 

Jeremy D Robinson 
2225 Golf Road, Apt. 414 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Johnny Robinson 

2225 Golf Road, Apt. 414 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Johnny NMN Robinson 
2225 Golf Rd., Apt. 414 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Aaron P Rodriguez 
1015 Columbia Blue 
Messouri City, TX 77489 

LaChia V Rodriguez 
1505 Sparkman Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Linda-mae A Rodriguez 
2100 Linde Street 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Bethina M Rodwell 

75 Frome Street 

Port Murray, NJ 07865 

Helen N Rolle 
P.O. Box N-7647 
Nassau, N7647 Bahamas 

Janice Lee Rollins 
1404-b Yukon Street Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Steven E Rosemond 
143-63 249th Street 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Javon T Ross 

2951 Oakwood Avenue 

Lynwood, CA 90262 

Larissa J Ross 
Jacksonville, FL 32222 

Tammy B Rowan 
2004-d Reaches Place 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Alicia C Russell 
P.O. Box MA39 
Sandy's, MA03 Bermuda 

Angela Faye Russell 
4931 -d Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Courthney F Russell 
1512 Foxhall Lane 
Atlanta, GA 30316 

Samara S Ryce 

2889 Knollview Drive 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Kemah G Sackie 
4401 Spartacus Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Gregoire J Saint-jean 
260 Ne 41st Street 
Pompano Beach, FL 33064 

Frantzo Saint-val 
5587 Oakwood Rd. #a 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Cynthia Saintil 
2337 Montrose Drive 
East Point, GA 30344 

Richard D'arcy Salter Jr 
178 Grand view Avenue 
Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Robyn D Salter 

178 Grand view Ave. 

Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Tiffanie C Salter 

4121 Newson Road, Apt. D-7 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Anika J Sampson 
8841 Young Sea Drive 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Chantal A Samson 
6015 Rickwood Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Benjamin N Scott Jr. 
101 W. 123rd St. 
New York, NY 

Jewel Melissa Scott 
40 Virgilwood Drive 
Willowdale, Ontario M2R2B2 Can 

Keturah C Scott 

12 Stonehaven Drive 

Newnan, GA 30265 

Michelle Manteneese Scott 
3112 Lewisburg Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Marvin Sheppard Jr. 
1279 Simpsontown Rd. 
Newington, GA 30446 

Shanna-lee M Sheppard 
Bostock Hill West 
Warwick PG03 Bermuda 

LeVar L Shuler 

109-20 221 Street 

Queen Village, NY 11429 

Yves R Simeon 
730 N.W. 145 St. 
Miami, FL 33168 

Andre' L Smith 

208 N. Cottonwood Drive 

Goldsboro,NC 27530 

Aretha C Smith 

2542 Argyle Rd. Apt. 606 

Mississauga, Ontario L582H5 Can! 

Augustine D Smith 

1505 Sparkman Drive Apt. 109 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Cecil W Smith Jr 
13225 US Highway 231 
Union Grove, AL 35175 

Angelique S Samuel 
245-37 149th Rd. 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Laquita M Samuel 

814 Admiral Gravely Blvd. 

Richmond, VA 23231 

ReNeita M Samuel 

814 Admiral Gravely Blvd. 

Richmond, VA 23231 

Nathan J Scott 

825 South 15th Avenue 

Maywood, IL 60153 

David Alwyn Seale 

1540 Kirkrow Cres 

Mississauga, Ontario L5M3Y8 Can 

Kristen E Seard 
165 East Dr. 
Hendersonville, TN 37075 

Sean A Simmonds 

103 Weldrick Road E. Th8 

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C9Y8 

Shane K Simmons 

5 Fork Lane 

Southampton SN04 Bermuda 

Carol M Simon 

73 Ashby Street S.w. 

Atlanta, GA 30314 

Celecia C Smith 
P.O. Box 26 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Chichota Cheri Smith 
1113 North 6th Street 
Atchison, KS 66002 

Christina L Smith 

1208 Southeast 19th Street 

Ocala, FL 34471 

Vernon E Samuel 
109-57 213th Street 
Queen Village, NY 11429 

Andrea E Samuels 
2039 Sturgeon Street 
Springfield, OH 45506 

Saran J Samuels 

58 Bruce Beer Drive 

Brampton, Ontario L6V2W9 Can 

O'neal Sander's 
1017 Shiloh Street Se 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Charles E Sanders 
2348 Westmere Street 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Chita R Sanders 
6 Briarwood Lane 
Jackson, TN 38301 

Kayla L Sanderson 
3989 Island Club Cir. 
Lantana, FL 33462 

Jeffrey S Saunders 

1109 East Helmick Street 

Carson, CA 90746 

Lonnie Scales 
3798 Pryor Road 
Madison, AL 35756 

Michael A Scarbrough 
25092 Starr Street 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Janella P Scobie 

9 Evans Ave. 

Garston, Herts WD26EX England 

Michael Moges Selassie 
3722 Battlefield Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sirach M Selassie 
3722 Battlefield Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Maria D Sellers 
50 Sixth Ave S. 
Birmingham, AL 35205 

Tracy A Seltzer 
6113 Belgrade Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Katherine M Semakula 
6001 North 41st Street 
Tacoma, WA 98407 

Christine Semerzier 
9 Exchange Avenue 
Medford, MA 02155 

Baraka K Senzira 

4917 Cotton Row, Apt. C 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bame M Sesinye 

P.O. Box 2346 

Gaborone, Botswana, S. Africa 

Mike K Sete 
P.O. Box 34 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Charlotte A Sharpe 
P.O. Box 585 
Madison, AL 35758 

Latonya C Shepherd 

Lot 2 Lodge Road 

Christ Church, Barbados, W. Indies 

Erica J Simon 

4702 Carolwood Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27407 

Maurice William Simon Jr. 
640 East 86th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Nicole C Simon 

588 Oakwood Avenue 

Toronto, Ontario M6E2X8 Canada 

Jesse Simpson Jr. 
3100 Buttrey Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lonnie B Simpson 

2699 Hedgewood Ln. N.W. 

Atlanta, G A 30311 

Vinita S Simpson 
4417 Roundtree Lane 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Telisa D Sims 
701 Arthur Street 
Gary, IN 46404 

Jonathan L Sinclair 
4156 Breezewood Ave. 
Dayton, OH 45406 

Orazie D Slayton 
180 Oak Drive 
Atlanta, GA 30354 

Uschett T Slosh 
4840 Kimber Lane #2 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Jnocka I Small (UAH) 
2503 Roanoke Drive #205 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Claude B Smith 
2810 Broadview Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Colleen Nichola Smith 

7187 Madiera Rd. 

Malton, Ontario L4T 3A7 Canada 

Cynthia J Smith 
3512 Glendale 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Dionne M Smith 
153-20 109th Road 
Jamaica, NY 11433 

Jason E Smith 
2 Evans Lane 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Joyce A Smith 
7501 Doane Drive 
Madison, AL 35758 

Kenneth M Smith Jr. 
1113 North 6th Street 
Atchison, KS 66002 

Krystal E Smith 

P.O. Box SN63 

Southampton, SNBX Bermuda 

Latelia D Smith 
7373 Jiri Woods Ct. 
Springfield, VA 22153 

Lincoln M Smith 
1529 Morris Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10457 

Mechelle S Smith 
9 Temple Court NW 
Washington, DC 20001 


Melvic M Smith 

125 E. 156th Street Apt. #301 

Cleveland, OH 44110 

Matasha L Smith 
100 E. 96th St. 
Chicago, IL 60628 

Matashia Kaye Smith 
3017 Teton Circle 
rhmtsville, AL 35810 

lenee N Smith 
[6200 SW 107th Ave. 
Vfiami, FL 33157 

Jhawn R.H. Smith 

S60 Wesley Circle, Apt. 100 

\popka, FL 32703 

>tacy-Ann S Smith 
;3131 52nd Court North 
loyal Palm Beach, FL 33411 

[raci Alicia Smith 
5 .0. Box 268 
Jellflower, CA 90707 

[reamae Veronica Smith 
4-a Foot Hills Road 
Devonshire, DV05 Bermuda 

/incent E Smith Jr. 

1602 Russell Ave 

vlt. Rainier, MD 20712 

Donna Rita Smith-Manning 
1606 Chasewood Drive #8 
iuntsville, AL 35805 

^Jikisha A Smothers 
ill 87th Street #4 
Daly City, CA 94015 

Cerryann M Smythe 
iOO Woodland Street 
iartford,CT 06105 

Debleaire K Snell 
1905 Oakwood Drive 
n allahassee, FL 32304 

Iherise C Snowden 
.825 S.w. 153rd PI Rd. 
)cala,FL 34473 

elge' Angela B Sobers 
017 East 214th Street 
*ronx,NY 104690000 

)lakemi R Sobomehin 

19 Loretta Court 

frssssauga, Ontario L5B3S2 Can 

)lasupo K Sobomehin 

19 Loretta Court 

lississauga, Ontario L5B3S2 Can 

)lawunmi T Sobomehin 

19 Loretta Court 

lississauga, Ontario L5B3S2 Can 

Baron A Sovory 

5995 Hudson Avenue 

San Bernardino, CA 92404 

Shannon D Spears 
3100 Buttrey Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brian L Spellen 

4295 Harvest Hill Court 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Morphia Y Spencer 
3906 Harper Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Altovese C Spivey 

13 Midland Lane 

Wheatley Heights, NY 1 1 798 

Nataki A Spooner 
225 Col. Douglas Crest 
Brockville, Ontario K6V6M1 Can 

Christina A Sprott 
1423C Ascent Trail 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Michelle U Sprott 
940 East 46 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Stennette St. Juste 
548 Lightfoot Place 
Pickering, Ontario L1V6A1 Canada 

Regine St. Leger 
217-16 104th Avenue 
Queens Village, NY 11429 

Monique T St. Louis 
223-06 133rd Ave. 
Laurelton,NY 11413 

Sean A St. Louis 
4840 Lake Road 
Dollard Des Ormeaux 
Montreal, Quebec H9G1GB Can 

Natacha L St. Pierre 

116-10 205 Street 

St. Albans, NY 11412 

John St. Rose II 

5415 Oakwood Road #28 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Camilla C Stafford 
88 Harbin Road 
Fayettteville, TN 37334 

Kim Stallworth 
903 Parrish Lane 
Albany, GA 31705 

Shacy E Stallworth 
535 Jefferson Street 
Westbury,NY 11590 

Donnie C Stanley Jr 
2904 Garvin Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Reuben A Steele 
26262 Hopkins St. 
Inkster,MI 48141 

Milton W Sterling II 
8600 N.w. 54th Street 
Lauderhill, FL 33351 

Todd H Sterling 
7830 Quill Point Drive 
Bowie, MD 20720 

Kellye L Stevenson 
100 Circlewood Court 
Slidell, LA 70461 

Fannie G Steward 
124 County Road #528 
Town Creek, AL 35672 

Anitra C Stewart 
2306 Driftwood Drive 
Fern Park, FL 32730 

Julian S Stewart 

6108 Sharon Woods Boulevard 

Columbus, OH 43229 

Ken H Stewart 
5652 Kings Highway 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Natasha C Stewart 

2387 Nikanna Road 

Mississauga, Ontario L5C2WB Can 

Sean V Stewart 

506 Lightwood Street 

Durham, NC 27703 

Rebecca J (UAH) Stitt 

4611 Gov House Drive #704 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Sherece P Stokes 
183-45 Elmira Avenue 
St. Albans, NY 11412 

Cindy- Ann P Storey 
3311 Mcdow Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Danielle P Storey 

4 Palanga Road 
Northford,CT 06472 

Elizabeth Sharon Strachan 
720 Maplewood Avenue 
Takoma Park, MD 20912 

Susan Strauther 
P.O. Box 4656 
Huntsville, AL 35815 

Lathan Bernard Strong 
4113 Blue Spring Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Leonard D Styer 

5 Johnson Avenue 
Coatesville, PA 19320 

Lisa A Suggs 

148 Raspberry Way 

Madison, AL 35757 

Robert Earl Sullivan Jr 
972 Charlie Patterson Road 
New Market, AL 35761 

Shana T Sullivan 
936 Brown Ave 
Westfield,NJ 07090 

Tamarion Sullivan 
4286 Briar Green #4 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Theresa M Sutherland 
2007 E. North Bay St. 
Tampa, FL 33610 

James A Swan 
1510 Ashmore Drive 
Missouri City, TX 77489 

Karlecia S Swan 
1510 Ashmore Drive 
Missouri City, TX 77489 

Yvette V Swan 

P.O. Box 825 

Kingshill, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 

Nicole M Swanston 

P.O. Box 172 

South Lancaster, MA 01561 

Martine S Sylvain 
11346 SW166TH Terrace 
Miami, FL 33157 

Vanessa N Sylvan 

12216-140a Avenue 

Edmonton, Alberta T5X5J4 Canada 

Apryl L Symonds 
24 Warwick Lane 
Warwick WK02 Bermuda 

Sheldon E Taffe 
8404 11th Ave. 
Silverspring, MD 20903 

Isaac B Tanoh 

14765 Chef Menteur Hwy. #23 

New Orleans, LA 70129 

Alexandria Tate 

3208 Westheimer Drive, Apt. #4 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Demetria D Taylor 
1607 2nd Avenue 
Leavenworth, KS 66048 

Dion C Taylor 

4515 Bonnell Drive #4-d 

Huntsville, AL 35816 


Estus L Taylor 
15 First St. Unit 9 
Stamford, CT 06905 

George A Taylor VII 
286 Southridge Drive 
Rochester, NY 14626 

Larry S Taylor 
P.O. Box 0361 
Fayetteville, TN 37334 

Michael W Taylor II 
1023 Bellemeade Ave. 
Evansville, IN 47714 

Rashid R Taylor 
6941 Shull Road 
Huber Heights, OH 45424 

Rhonda R Taylor 

29 Alderbury Drive 

Markham, Ontario L3S2V2 Canada 

Robert E Taylor III 
1140 Ansley Circle #212 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Shanique Nicole Taylor 
P.O. Box CB-13213 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Shawanna L Taylor 
2219 Baker Terrace N.w. 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Tiffany S Taylor 

P.O. Box 10543 

San Bernardino, CA 92423 

Todd Taylor 
3402 Grote Street 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Warren S Taylor 
181 Oakvale Dr. 
Piedmont, SC 29673 

Josie C Teague 
P.O. Box 122 
Scottsboro, AL 35768 

Joyce M Terrell 
2112 Euclid Rd. N.W. 
Huntsville, AL 40211 

Jarrett V Thibodeaux 
2804 Claremont Drive 
Grand Prairie, TX 75052 

Alicia R Thomas 
1647 Dawns Drive 
Calmet, IL 60409 

Angela R Thomas 

4105 Hunter's Ridge Dr. #7 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Anna E Thomas 

478 McMchan Mill Road 

Piedmont, SC 29673 

Carlos L Thomas Jr. 
150-39 113th Ave. 
Jamaica, NY 11433 

D'jahna Thomas 
520 South Lasalle St. 
Aurora, IL 60505 

Duane E Thomas 
805 Price Street 
Dothan, AL 363030000 

Elizabeth A Thomas 

3034 Autumnwood NW #D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Harold Thomas III 
240 Martin Rd. #807 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Jamie L Thomas 

14544 Newbys Shop Rd. 

Elkwood,VA 22718 

Jason M Thomas 
61590 Brittany Dr. 
Lacombe, LA 70445 

Latrice Camille Thomas 
7514 South Constance Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60649 

Michelle T Thomas 

161 Laura Rd. 

Toronto, Ontario M3N1Z8 Canada 

Robert B Thomas Jr. 
P.O. Box 2287 
Orangeburg, SC 29116 

Sobrina A Thomas 
366 Amesbury Court 
Westerville, OH 43081 

Taisha T Thomas 
8345 Bannard Avenue 
Delair, NJ 08110 

Tashima T Thomas 
3 Woodland Ave. 
BuddLake,NJ 07882 

William G Thomas 
61590 Brittany Drive 
Lacombe, LA 70445 

Yarona V Thomas 
14955 Satioy Street, #249 
VanNuys,CA 91405 

Christopher H Thompson 

50 Herkley Drive 

Brampton, Ontario L6V2E8 Canada 

Derek S Thompson 
20067 Crescent Avenue 
Lynwood, IL 60411 

Immanuel K Thompson 
2028 McCalla Avenue 
Knoxville,TN 37915 

Jacquelyn C Thompson 
1275 Old Bay Front Dr. 
Mobile, AL 36615 

Jeffrey L Thompson 
12034 Gertrude Drive 
Lynwood, CA 90262 

Jerrell D Thompson 
1116 Trenton Drive SW 
Decatur, AL 35603 

Jonathan P Thompson 
9923 Linden Hill Road 
Baltimore, MD 21117 

Joseph R Thompson 
1275 Old Bay Front Dr. 
Mobile, AL 36615 

Paula L Thompson 
9923 Lindon Hill Road 
Owings Mills, MD 21117 

Sean A Thompson 
RR 9, Box 2309 
Lake City, FL 32024 

Shelley L Thompson 

10 Forest Hill Drive 

P.O. Box 429 

Warwick WK08 Bermuda 

Tammy T Thompson 
385 North Lind 
Fresno, CA 93727 

Lisa R Thorne 
231-13 131st. Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Jarren R Thurman 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Jerrica E Thurman 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Kenyatte Gaika Tidwell 
433 Oakland Rd. 
Madison, AL 35758 

Nadine N Tillmuth 
3179 Barwell Road 
Mississauga, Ontario L5L3Z6 Can 

Jovon Kendrick Times 
365 Nw 4th Court 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Joy S Times 

365 Nw 4th Court 

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Valerie D Timmons 
2225-B Jonathan Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

James A Timpson 
9811 SouthallRoad 
Baltimore, MD 21133 

Teayann Tinsley 

4494 Macon County Rd. #37 

Notasulga, AL 36866 

LaToya M Tittle 
1425 Ascent Tr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Brian C Titus 

30 Aurora Court, Apt. 705 

Scarborough, OntarioMlNlM3 Ca; 

Dustin Lee Toney 
P.O. Box 1032 
Orange, CA 92668 

Michael A Toombs 
3607 N. Crestview Dr. #5 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Taney Toombs 


Hector Torres 
5242 E. Buroson Pike 

Nashville, TN 32711 

La'tasser E Townsend 
3160 Ash Street 
Inkster,MI 48141 

Delia I Tracey 
3510 Avenue D 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Richard T Tramel 
101 Tramel Lane 
Thomasville, GA 31792 

Travis Dwayne Tramel 
101 Tramel Ln. 
Thomasville, GA 31792 

Molina M Treasure 
246-12 139th Avenue 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Susan Marie Treasure 
246-12 139 Avenue 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

David Trofort 
P.O. Box 11011 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Jose Lamont Tross 

119 Delaware South East 

Grand Rapids, MI 49507 

Kim G Trott 

6646 Willowpointe A 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Tanya K Trott 

#2 Devon Spring Rd. 

Devonshire, FL01 Bermuda 

Heather Trotter 

5099 Seven Pines Circle 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

April D Troutman 

P.O. Box 368 

Ft. Campbell, KY 42223 

Andrea L Trusty 

2617 Sweet Oaks Circle 

Germantown, TN 38138 

John A Trusty Jr. 
7103 Megan Lane 
Greenbelt, MD 20770 

Thomas D Tubbs 
10315 Autumn Chase 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Marcus C Tucker 

44 South Court Avenue 

Paget PG06 Bermuda 

Michael E Tucker Jr. 
|910 Cotton Row Apt. C 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Nerissa C Tucker 
2538 Milton Road 
Charlotte, NC 28215 

Nicole A Tucker 

44 South Court Avenue 

Paget PG06 Bermuda 

Carl D Tuitt 

3572 Palmer Avenue 

3ronx, NY 10466 

anice L Tuitt 

3572 Palmer Avenue 

3ronx,NY 10466 

Reginald J Tull 

101 1/2 Beverly Street 

[bronto, Ontario M5T1Y9 Canada 

ramari N Turnbull 
.7 Valley Drive 
slanuet, NY 10954 

Hasaun A Turner 
752 S. Granby St. 
Aurora, CO 80012 

)ana L Turner 
:815 Simpson Dr. 
.ouisville, KY 40218 

)ennis F Turner 
!006-a Peaches Place 
iuntsville, AL 35802 

'eressa M Turner 
74 Douglas Drive 
'ine Forge, PA 19548 

Cybra X Tutt 

139 Limecrest Drive 

'Jverside, CA 92508 



Orishemugbemi T. Ukudojor 
17611 Nw 11th Avenue 
Miami, FL 33169 

Chinwe O Umez 
13531 La Concha 
Houston, TX 77083 

Corzetta A Underwood 
302 B Gale Avenue Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Milaine Univers 

Carter Hall 303 Oakwood College 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Tuwan M Ussery 
228 Miller Ct. 
Montgomery, AL 36117 

Rachelle D Valcin 
173 Nw 108th Street 
Miami, FL 33168 

Valerie C Valcourt 
445 Ne. 111st Street 
Miami, FL 33161 

Dieu Donne Vallon 

4031 N.E. 5th Avenue, Apt. 1 

Pompano Beach, FL 33064 

Conwin Kodel Vanterpool 
119 Vasser Circle 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Conrad Sean Vassell 

94 Torrance Woods 

Brampton, Ontario L674L7 Canada 

Tamara N Vaughan 
12916 Mccubbin Lane 
Germantown, MD 20874 

Woodrow Vaughn Jr. 
6403 Court F 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Seneca D Vaught 
134 N. Arbor Trails 
Park Forest, IL 60466 

Richard Robert Allan Vear 

5 Osterhout Place 

Scarborough, Ontario M1B358 Can 

Faith T. Victor 

2101 Central Avenue 

Schenactady, NY 12304 

John A Victor 

2101 Central Avenue 

Schenectady, NY 12304 

Valerie M Von Stitt 
1904 Brewton Steet 
District Heights, MD 20747 

Erica D Wade 
2112 Cedar Way 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Roger R Wade 
1508-C Medland Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jessica R Wagner 
8040 Concord Blvd W. 
Jackson, FL 32208 

Lonika K Wagner 
4906 Oakwood Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Anthony A Walker 

148 Torrance Woods 
Brampton, Ontario L644L3 Canada 

Contessa T Walker 

7900 Old Madison Pike 3003 

Madison, AL 35758 

Cory I Walker 
57 Maple Drive 
Amity ville, NY 11701 

Daniel P Walker 
838 Maple Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Jesse Walker Jr. 

4821 NW 175th Terrace 

Miami, FL 33055 

Lettica N Walker 
88 Elton Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11208 

Pauline M Walker 
2995 Willowwood Drive 
Erie, PA 16506 

Preston Shadell Walker III 

149 Wilkins Street 
Rochester, NY 14621 

Bridgett D Wallace 
1812-32nd St.w. 
Birmingham, AL 35208 

Clinton Wallace 

3421 Tall Timber Circle, NW. 

Huntsville, Al 35810 

Dennis Leroy Wallace Jr. 
23604 Coachhouse Ct. 
Southfield, MI 48075 

Kalah K Wallace 

1072 Timber Trace Road 

Powhatan, VA 23139 

Sharone E Wallace 
23604 Coach House Court 
Southfield, MI 28305 

Shorna Marie Wallace 

40 Fairglen Ave. 

Scarborough, Ontario M1T1G7 Can 

Andre C Waller 
985 McKnight Circle 
Rockford, IL 61107 

Ferrald Fred Waller 
7800 North Victor 
Sperry, OK 74073 

Curtney A Walters 

P. O. Box 502782 

St. Thomas 00805 U.S.V.I. 

Cherrie D Walton 

2185 College Ave. Apt. 3122 

San Bernardino, CA 92407 

Leasa Juanita Walton 
Stake Bay, P.O. Box 49 
Cayman Brae, Cayman Islands 

Kenric A Walwyn 
12103 Apison Pike 
Apison, TN 37302 

Chidinma Elaine Ward N-3468 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Ericka Jeanne Ward 
27395 Cottonwood Avenue 
Monreno Valley, CA 92555 

Gwendolyn M Ward 
3104 McDow Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Angela J Warden 
1722 Via Alegre 
SanDimas, CA 91773 

Anjanene D Ware 
3208 Horseshoe Trail 
Tallahassee, FL 32312 

Jasmine M Ware 
4530 Capri Wy. 
Sacramento, CA 95822 

Kevin James Ware 
427 Oakland Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Brenda Darlene Warfield 
219 Grubb Road 
Newfield, NJ 08344 

Melvyn Warren Warfield Jr. 
903 Valley View Avenue 
Red Oak, TX 75154 

Tia J Warner 

20 Quarry Hill Road 

Warwick, WK10 Bermuda 

Anthea L Warren 
249 Danzig Street 
Scarborough, Ontario M1E2L5 Can 

Camille Renee Warren 

508 North Bluff 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Charmaine Ann Marie Warren 
1406 B Artie Street 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Clinton F Warren III 
10801 Lemon Ave. #2425 
AltaLoma,CA 91737 

Joseph W Warren 

508 N. Bluff 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Meredith R Warren 
2242 W. 67th Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Beverly W Washington 
P.o Box 22343 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Chika K Washington 
23441 Avon Rd. 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Collas Eugene Washington Jr. 
2830 Nw 172nd Terrace 
Miami, FL 33056 

Donovan Antonio Washington 
681 Mystic Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Khari H Washington 
579 Martha Drive 
Newbury Park, C A 91320 

Natalia L Washington 

3185 Clopton Street Apt. # 186 

Huntsville, AL 35808 

Shenika Latoye Washington 
411 Nw 164th Avenue 
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028 

Vivian J Washington 
4211 Fortson Lane, N.W. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Adrienne N Waters 
P.O. Box 1012 
Gresham, OR 97030 

Andrea A Waters 
P.O. Box 1012 
Gresham, OR 97080 

Amy C Watkins 
2631 Sarrington Circle 
Baltimore, MD 21244 

Jennifer A Watkins 
2028 Rosewood Cirle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kawanna N Watkins 
1635 Janquil Street, N.w. 
Washington, DC 20012 

Sherbrina C Watkins 
P.O. Box 17405 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

April D Watlington 

1401 Sherrod-Watlington Cir. 

Greensboro, NC 27406 

Tommy S Watson 
2109 North 57th Terrace 
Kansas, KS 66104 

Vivian M Watson 

1503 Sparkman Drive Apt. E-34 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Willie F Watson 
192 Fox Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Anita D Watts 

4306-D Myrtlewood Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Vanburen Watts III 
6529 Via Del Prado 
Chino Hills, CA 91709 

Khandie Y Waugh 
5433 Passero Way 
Stockton, CA 95207 

Joy L Weatherford 

19 Wesley Court 

South Orange, NJ 07079 

Deon Weathers 
3927 Neptune Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kycheia N Webb 

60 Carroll Street Apt. D-2 

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 

T Rondolphus R Weegar 
5405 Chester Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Jhamillia E Weekes 

853 Laguna Dr. 

Simi Valley, CA 93065 

Natalie N Weekes 
912 Hamilton Place Dr. 
Lakeland, FL 33813 

Shawna N Weir 

1200 Julia Street Nw #5 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Duane Lincoln Wellington 
33 Falby Court, Unit-602 
Ajax, Ontario L1S3R3 Canada 

Byron Joseph Wells 
4309 Boxwood Ct. Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Robert E Wells II 
111 N.W. 1 Lave 
Delray Beach, FL 33444 

Erica L Wesley 

9766 Rosehill Road, M-3 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Patrick Leon Wesley 
11131 Oriole Drive 
Riverside, CA 92505 

Talitha N Wesson 
177 Knott Road 
Niles, MI 49120 

Daniel E West 
2168 Willard Street 
Fort Myers, FL 33916 

Kushatha Y West 
715 Laurel Drive, S.w. 
Aiken, SC 29803 

Shamica Shante' West 
6323 Deramus Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Ricardo L Wheatley 

P.O. Box 355 

Roadtown, Tortola, British V. I. 

Esther L Wheeler 

3121 Bethania Ridge Road 

Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Stephanie M Whemys 
#18 Orleander Ave 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Rudy S Whitaker 
191 Greenlawn Drive 
Meridianville, AL 35759 

Anissa C White 
1337W. Magill 
Fresno, C A 93711 

James White III 
12727 Overhill Road 
Grandview, MO 64030 

O. C. White III 
1337 West Magill 
Fresno, C A 93711 

Samuel White 

3784 University Drive Nw #1825 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Sharon A White 
203 Popular Place 
Neptune, NJ 07753 

Trina D White 

20666 Mesa Oak Drive 

Riverside, CA 92508 

Christopher R Whiteside 
8426 Carlin Ave. 
Sacramento, CA 95823 

Tricia A Whitter 
10751 Shedden Drive 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Brandon Whittle 
4904 Roebuck Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lesep L Whyte 

25 Bruce Wood Crest 

North York, Ontario, Canada 

Lajuan Andre Wideman 
3684 Middlebelt 
Detroit, MI 48141 

David L Wilcher 
15864 Gilchrist 
Detroit, MI 48227 

Donald Jeffery Wilder 
240 Martin Road #705 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Aaron M Wildman 
High Street, Sauteurs 
St. Patricks, Grenada 

Cathy- Ann Y Wildman 
High Street, Sauteurs 
St. Patricks, Grenada 

Angelette M Wiley 
1116 East Upsal Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19150 

Yalonda M Wiley 
1116 East Upsal Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19150 

Renee' Angela Wilkerson 
39 S. Third Ave. #6 
Mount Vernon, NY 10550 

Courtney L Wilks 
4621 Delores Dr. 
Union City, CA 94587 

Alicia L Williams 
4603 Wellington Point 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Anifa Williams 

10935 Terra Vista Park #188 

Rancho Cucamauga, CA 91730 

Audley V Williams 

45 Millstone Drive 

Brampton, Ontario L6Y2P4 Canada 

Bernell E Williams 
16 Fr is well's Road 
Pembroke HM15 Bermuda 

Carlton G Williams 
16 Friswell's Hill 
Pembroke, HM15 Bermuda 

Chester A Williams III 
8236 Hemingway Drive 
Sacramento, CA 95828 

Christopher M Williams 
5245 Tasman Trail 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Daniel A Williams 

1504 Robert Lewis Avenue 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 


Daniel L Williams Jr. 
3681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise, FL 33322 

Donna Patrice Williams 
3681 Sunset Strip 
sunrise, FL 33322 

Donny Williams Jr. 
1736 Virginia Lee Drive 
Vlarrero,LA 70072 

eanetta Williams 
1504 Sparkman Drive 
iuntsville, AL 35810 

oanne Marie Williams 
>519 Elton Road 
-Iuntsville, AL 35810 

<Camaria S Williams 
130 North Shore Road 
'embroke, HM14 Bermuda 

Cwame L Williams 
i980 Cabral Street 
'ensacola, FL 32503 

.aNina S Williams 
235 Pine Lane 
Ihester, PA 19013 

.atoya S Williams 

.1 Rocco Drive 

.ittle Rock, AR 72209 

vlark H Williams 
•376 Gracelake Dr 
Douglasville, GA 30135 

vlarlon V Williams 

14 Graham Court 

Jrampton, Ontario L6S5J5 Canada 

vlyisha M Williams 
•05 Gale Circle 
Jirmingham, AL 35228 

'recious Lorrell Williams 
1515 Bonnell Drive #17-E 
iuntsville, AL 35816 

^uincy J Williams 
i739 Lakefield Court 
Drlando, FL 32810 

lamses T Williams 
'607 Summer Glen Lane 
iouston,TX 77072 

iashida N Williams 
'89 Plummer Road, #c 
iuntsville, AL 35806 

lashonda T Williams 
564 East Street 
Srockton, MA 02402 

(ogis R Williams 
W5-08 105th Avenue 
amaica, NY 11435 

Roland P Williams 
234 Pineridge Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Stephanie J Williams 
7078 Wheeler Drvie 
Clio, MI 48420 

Tahani Laila Williams 

4105 North Clubhouse Drive 

Somis, CA 93066 

Tarkyshia A Williams 
3918 Clarendon Road 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Tiffany L Williams 
1690 164th Avenue, #9 
San Leandro, CA 94578 

Tomika S Williams 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood, MS 38930 

Toussaint T Williams 
7607 Summer Glen Lane 
Houston, TX 77072 

Vashon Lee Williams 
10972 Trottingridge Way 
Columbia, MD 21044 

Nicole Marie Williamson 
17820 SW 109 Place 
Miami, FL 33157 

Ernestine B Willis 
2227 Gala Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Rebekah Helene Willis 
22195 Westhampton 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Abraham S Wilson 
60 Quail Hollow 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Alonzo D Wilson III 
17410 N. 15th St. Apt. 2001 
Phoenix, AZ 85022 

Dana D Wilson 

130 Waterbury Drive 

Harvest, AL 35749 

Fran Michelle Wilson 

8 Woodlot Crescent 

Rexdale, Ontario M9W6T2 Canada 

Greg J Wilson 

2411 9th Avenue Southwest 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

James Sean Wilson 
130 Waterbury Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Karis J Wilson 
16169 Harrison 
Romulus, MI 48174 

Lloyd W Wilson 

35 Sewells Road Apt. #303 

Scarborough, Ontario M1B4Z2 Can 

Luisa A Wilson 
1342 S. Paxton Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Micheal J Wilson 

3344 N.W. 36th Avenue 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 

Norma Jean Wilson 
6205 Rime Village #203 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Robert E Wilson 
P.O. Box 17342 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Roger Lloyd Wilson 
3275 Sheppard Avenue 
Scarborough, Ontario L1S2J6 Can 

Rose S Wilson 

73 Gatesgill Street 

Brampton, Ontario L6X 3TI Canada 

Stephan R Wilson 

10121 Samoa Avenue, Apt. 30 

Tujunga, CA 91042 

Brennan Jevon Wimbish 
3438 Cherry Hill Ct. 
Beltsville, MD 20705 

Johnny Wimbley 
P.O. Box 5854 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Sharifa Hasin Winbush 
100 Deer Meadow Circle 
Toney, AL 35773 

Brandi N Wingate 
1550 Monte Vista Drive 
Riverside, CA 92507 

Dana A Winston 
879 E. 100th Street 
Chicago, IL 60628 

Jeremy Scott Winston 
1735 Dorham Ct 
Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Tomeka Lashone Witherspoon 

109 Magnolia 

Hot Springs, AR 71901 

Kidisty Woldemariam 
95 Indian Creek # 92 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Teresita B Wolverton 
2113 Magna Carta Place 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Shiann S Wood 
P.O. Box N. 8006 
Cow Pen Rd. 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Fernon Dwight Woodbine 
1010 Henderson Rd. #5E 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Beulah Woods 

2802 Greenside Drive NW 

Huntsville, AL 358161622 

Trishonda Denise Woods 
9008 Meadow Lane 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Walidah Joyce Woods 
2612 Grant Street 
Berkeley, CA 94703 

Joy A Woolcock 
P.O. Box 1403 
Huntsville, AL 35807 

Ricardo A Woolcock 
P.O. Box 1403 
Huntsville, AL 35807 

Bennette Wooley 
19 Elise Drive 
Nanuet,NY 10954 

Janika M Word 

1532 Golfside Avenue 

Roanoke, VA 24017 

Jose R Word 

1967 Wynhurst Crossing 

Stone Mountain, GA 30083 

Deborah Works 
6027 Lincoya 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Andrew Monroe Wortham 

1055 S. Hudson 

Los Angeles, CA 90019 

Daryl Anthony Wout 
9644 Cold Star Court 
Columbia, MD 21046 

Shawn Anthony Wray 
1713 Ward Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Bertram Patrick Wright 
4405 Oakwood Road, N.w. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Craig S Wright 

614 Little Wekiva Road 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Juannette M Wright 
6490 Saddleback Circle 
Memphis, TN 38141 

Leah J Wright 
1 Boxwood Court 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 

Stephen D Wright 
614 Little Wekiva Road 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 


Denise Y Yates 

2614 Landsdale Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Melody Patience Yates 
3601 Dawnwood Drive NW 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Thomas Anton Doyle Yates 
5346 Hickman Street 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Paul K Yeboah Jr 
20324 Ithaca Rd. 
Olympic Fields, IL 60461 

Megan F Yelorda 

900 West 114th Terrace 

Kansas City, MO 64114 

Andrew Benjamin Young 
622 West Tichenor Street 
Compton, CA 90220 

Karen L (UAH) Young 
120 Prince George #309 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Tamara Trina Young 
412 D Chateau Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Vivian L Young 
4004 Grimsby Lane 
Riverside, CA 92505 

Desiree N Young-Hurst 
5420 Lincoln Street 
Hollywood, FL 33021 


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